VIP Lounge Introduction

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VIP Lounge Introduction

Welcome to the the brand new VIP Lounge from Benidorm Seriously.

Brief Introduction

The VIP lounge is intended for Serious members with a genuine interest in helping other members improve their experience of Benidorm.  We have created the lounge to simulate Facebook to make it easier to understand.  However we have removed the restrictions of Facebook.  Furthermore, members will be rewarded for their assistance.  All helpful activity on the site will be rewarded with points.  Points can be accumulated and converted to coupons for use in the Benidorm Seriously shop or booking centre.  Your points will also count as entries in a monthly draw where we will be offering prizes.  We hope some of our sponsors will offer prizes for the draws from time to time.  Each month Benidorm Seriously will offer a 50€ coupon for the shop to one lucky winner.  Note, you points will remain in place after the draw takes place, continually increasing your chances of winning as time goes by.  Your profile will also show Status Ranks indicating to other members who is really in the know and who might be guessing.

Whats Different?

The VIP lounge will be given priority by our admin team when responding to questions for a start.  Information collected on the site, remains where it can be found quickly and easily by all members.  The News feed will keep you up to date with what is happening on the site.  However every subject on the site has its own chat room, were conversations can be continued for days weeks or even months without getting lost.  Reviews can be found on almost every hotel apartment and restaurant etc.  Members who add their comments in the appropriate sections of the site rather then the general chat feed (this link will give you a sneak preview) will be awarded the points mentioned above.

Members Directory

The members directory will help you find other members (over 4,200 so far) and in time will begin to show members ranks and comments.  You will be able to add members as friends within Benidorm Seriously or simply follow those posts that are of particular interest to you.  The Directory currently shows those members who have already signed up.  To join all you need to do is register on the site.  In fact if you select register with Facebook, Facebook will complete the registration form for you.  Thats it!

Is this the beginning of the end for the Facebook Group?

No, not at all.  The Facebook Group and the Facebook pages will continue to run.  There is no obligation to join the VIP lounge to make use of the services of Benidorm Seriously.

Then why the VIP Lounge?

The admin team have always believed we can offer a much higher level of service without the restrictions of Facebook, and with the help of those members who actually care about their fellow members we want to offer that service.  Hence the priority service and the reward scheme.  We will also have the facility to send special offers and news letters by email to those who want to receive them direct to their inbox.

Note we have 90.000 members in the Facebook group.  However the Web site is now receiving a quarter of a million visits each month.  Your comments and posts on Facebook disappear within hours.  Information on the web site stays indefinitely.  It will only be removed if the information becomes out of date.  Feel free to click on the links above for a sneak preview of how close we are to launch and then register if you want to be included right from the start.

More features will be added over time, such as membership cards offering local discounts.  We are always open to members suggestions for new ideas.




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