When it rains, it RAINS

Benidorm collects in three days 177 liters per square meter.

The rains of Holy Week (Easter, Semana Santa) represent the highest precipitation record since October 2007, when 247.6 liters were collected.

Article originally in Spanish and translated to English so some information may be slightly lost in translation.  Original article can be read - https://www.diarioinformacion.com/

The city of Benidorm survived without any major incidents the largest episode of rainfall recorded in more than a decade. This has been assured by the Consistory on Tuesday through a statement, which also notes that between 19th April and the morning of April 22 the rainfall has left 176.9 liters per square meter , the most important data since October of 2007, when records marked 247.6 liters per square meter.

Tourists observe the action of heavy rains on the Levante sand.DAVID REVENGA

The councilman of the Cycle of Water and Urban Scene, José Ramón González de Zárate, stressed that "the fact that it has rained uniformly and without occasional floods, together with the updating and expansion of the rainwater network made in recent years in the subsoil of some of the main streets of Benidorm have facilitated the city respond very well to this episode of rain and that the incidents have been punctual, very localized and mild.

The mayor has indicated that "most of the incidents could be attended at the time, as it had been" an emergency check 24 hours formed by municipal technical services, Local Police, Fire, Civil Protection and concessionaires " .

According to De Zárate, the rains and strong winds recorded during the weekend have caused several holes in the roadway - ensuring that between Tuesday and Wednesday  these will be resolved by the municipal technical services - the timely closure of traffic in some street due to the accumulation of water, the fall of some trees -mostly on private property-, and damage to one of the perimeter fences of the Antonio López football fields -which covers the insurance of the sporting event that was developed Saturday on the premises-.

The accumulations of water on streets and avenues such as Jaime I, Ametlla del Mar, Aigües or Murtal, the councilor has specified that "they are routes in which incidents traditionally occur, which are being corrected with the works that are underway or that will be corrected shortly because we know the problem and how to solve it. " Something that has already been done in points that until now were problematic as the one known as 'Number One curve'.

On the other hand, the mayor has said that the company that is running a private work on Luarca Street will be responsible in turn for the damage that has occurred in this road, which yesterday was closed to traffic; while throughout the day on Wednesday are still conducting tests to check the operation of the entire street lighting network.


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