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 Woman almost lost her leg after being bitten by unknown bug in Benidorm

 Woman almost lost her leg after being bitten by unknown bug in Benidorm

Woman almost lost her leg after being bitten by unknown bug whilst on holiday in Benidorm

Faye Wilkes, 41, from Dartford was sunbathing by the pool when she felt a sharp nip and she swiped a bug off her left foot.

A red mark instantly appeared, but the personal assistant thought nothing of it and spritzed herself with insect repellent to prevent further bites.

As reported in newsshopper.co.uk

It was only when Faye was left unable to walk four days into her girls’ trip that she started to worry.

Faye’s whole leg swelled up and she claims she got turned away from a hospital in Spain as medics thought she was a ‘typical drunk Brit’.

Where to go if you need medical assistance.

She was rushed from Gatwick Airport to East Surrey Hospital, where doctors told her she had contracted a flesh-eating infection, likely to be necrotising fasciitis, this happens when bacteria enters a wound, causing sepsis, and doctors warned she might need to have her leg amputated.

After being pumped with seven different antibiotics and spending more than four months in intensive care, the infection cleared up.

But Faye is still traumatised by the ordeal and is recovering from the holiday nightmare at home. “I think it was either a dirty spider or mosquito that brought this pain and distress upon me – but I will never know.” Read the full story here, (this page contains graphic images)

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