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Work on the Cultural Center set to continue as companies bid for the work

Work on the Cultural Center set to continue as companies bid for the work

Work on the Cultural Center set to continue as companies bid for the work

Fourteen companies fight for the work to finish the first phase of the Cultural Center of Benidorm, whose building work has been paralyzed since 2010 and has become a blot on the landscape.

This was advanced on Friday by the Thematic Parks of the Valencian Community (SPTCV), which is putting the work out to tender with a budget of 12 million euros and a deadline of 14 months.

Story Source www.diarioinformacion.com – Original article in Spanish, Translated into English so some details may be lost in translation.  The orginal story can be read HERE

After carrying out the cleaning work to make the structure ready for further ongoing work, a tarpaulin has been put into place to cover the part of the building corresponding to the second phase, the public company will award the works in the coming weeks.

After the deadline for submission of bids, SPTCV will continue with procedures and make the appropriate assessments based on the tenders, to finally award the project to the winning company.  This process is expected to last around two months, at which time the results will be publicly known and SPTCV will carry out the necessary documentation to start the works “as soon as possible”.

The winning company will be responsible for carrying out the construction of the first part of the project which includes the facilities for music and dance conservatories, a smaller conference room with 546 seats and a cafeteria.

After the execution of this first phase, the works will allow the academic and cultural activity of the city to be carried out, these facilities aim to cover the cultural activity that Benidorm hosts. As SPTCV has indicated, in this way, the cultural center of Benidorm “will become a benchmark for this matter at the county and provincial levels”.

The general director of Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos (SPTCV), Antonio Rodes, has insisted on “the amount of efforts that have been carried out to reach this phase will give life to a building that, located in a strategic place in the city will be a great cultural epicenter. ” He explained that “there are many procedures we have done and many problems we have solved so that the next phase of work is finally a reality.”

In addition, he underlined “the incessant work done since the new new Consell chaired by Ximo Puig took office in 2015, shows a high level of commitment on the part of the Government to put this great project back on track”. Finally, he said: “We can assure you that we have not stopped and we hope to continue working so that this project, entrenched for nine years, comes to an end”.






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