Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March




This fiesta goes back to Pagan times and comes from the Latin word Facla which means Torch.  This is one of the biggest most popular and unique of all the fiestas held through out the year, it is colourful and very very noisy with lots of firecrackers from the early hours until late at night. This fiesta always end on 19th March which is another very important day here in Spain, Fathers Day.

Today the Pagan side of it is forgotten and San José (Saint Joseph), the patron saint of carpenters, is the official focus for the festival. Carpenters used to hang up planks of wood called ‘parots’ in the winter to support their candles when they were working. At the beginning of spring these pieces of wood would be burned as a way of celebrating the end of dark, winter working days. After a while they began to put clothing on the ‘parot’ and then started to try to make it identifiable with a well-known local personality giving the people the opportunity to publicly mock and/or criticise unpopular events or people. These are what are today called the  ‘ninots’, the enormous cardboard, wooden, polyurethane, Styrofoam, cork, plaster and papier maché figures of today. The authorities later decided to link the burning of the ‘parots’ with Saint Joseph’s Day to try to stop it getting out of control!.  So basically this fiesta marks the beginning of SPRING and fresh beginnings.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March

Each district and in Benidorm there are three, Es Tolls, Benidorm Centro and the Rincon de Loix will spend the entire preceding year constructing these elaborate giant Ninots.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March

These Ninots are displayed for 4 days to give people time to inspect and admire them, they are placed in each of the 3 districts one can be found at the end of Levante beach, near Burger King, the 2nd  in the Old Town in the Plaza Triangular in front of Mc Donalds, the 3rd again in the Old Town on Calle Tomas Ortuno. 

These are burnt (the Crema) in that order from midnight on the 19th starting around midnight then every 30 minutes.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March

And please don’t think you can rest up during the day to prepare yourself for the evening’s bombardments. After you’ve been unceremoniously startled awake at 8 o’clock.

Falla - Although this fiesta is called THE Fallas, the falla is the name of the effigy/statue.

Plantà - This is the name given to the act of assembling and placing of the statues.

Ninot - This is the name given to the figures 

Cridà -  This is a call made by the authorities and the falleros / to the citizens and visitors, encouraging them go out to celebrate.

Mascletà - Not to be confused with normal fireworks, the mascletà is one of the most important acts of Fallas. The word comes from masclets, which are a type of firecrackers the sound can reach over 130 decibels. However loud you think this is going to be you’ll be wrong. There is no way of beginning to describe the amount of noise generated. Pregnant women are forbidden from attending, keep your mouth open to allow the sound to escape and not echo around your head – so they say – but be prepared to feel the ground shake beneath your feet.

Despertà -  The falleros (men) and falleras  (women) walk through the streets of the town at 8 in the morning, accompanied by a band, while throwing firecrackers and wake up the neighbours so that they take to the streets for the celebrations.

Ofrena: This is the flower offering  where the falleros and citizens dressed in typical traditional costumes will give gifts to their patron saint.

Nit del Foc -  Thisis the night in which the longest fireworks display of all the Fallas will be held, it  always takes place in the evening/night before San José (Saint Joseph’s day)

Cremà - The main event of the Fallas, this is held late at night/early hours of the morning of the 19th, this is when the beautiful monuments are burned.

Cheltenham Festival - Four Days of Extraordinary racing and a popular time for holiday makers to visit Benidorm 

17th March - St Patricks Day, obviously not a Spanish Fiesta but a busy day here in Benidorm

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March


MARCH 16 Awards

The big days of Our party!

Concentration of the three commissions falleras, Local Board and authorities in order to address the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana to do the offering in honor of our patron of the Mare de Deu del Sofratge Route: Avda. Europa, Avda. Alcoy, Avda. Martínez Alejos, C / Alameda and Plaza San Jaime.

18’30h: Multicolor parade of floats Departure from C / Marqués de Comillas, Avda. De los Almendros, C / Marte, C / Venus, Avda. De Ruzafa, Avda. Martínez Alejos, Avda. De Alcoy.
23’00h: All the monuments children's
00’00h: Rincon de Loix fails. Major Monument
00’30h Falla Benidorm District Center. Major Monument
01’00h Els Tols fails. Monument Higher.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March



8: 00h Wake up in honor of our Fallera Mayor Infant Nadia Leó n Soler. After throwing some How many firecrackers invites us to breakfast.
12:00 pm it's time to make the first Pasacalle through the Barrio.
All those who want to accompany our Falleras Mayores, Selena and Nadia, and, of course, to our Children's President and President, Angel and Mati, you will be welcome. See you in Fallero monument to start the tour.
Once the Pasacalle is finished, we will receive our brothers of fire, Falla Centro and Falla Rincon de Loix, at the foot of Falla.
14: 00h food in the tent offered by our Honorary President, Mª Cruz Gotor.
5:00 pm we have to return the visit to the Falla Centro and Rincon de Loix. See you at the house to head towards the different False Commissions.
21: 30h let's be on time for dinner later we have to walk the streets with our Band of music.
11:00 p.m. Informal Pasacalle with our Xaranga The Nardo They are very good, they sure make us Move the body for a while. Afterwards, we continue with the Party in the tent.


8: 00h Wake up in honor of our Fallera Mayor, Selena Cortés Dominguez. After some how many freckles and firecrackers invites us to a succulent breakfast.
12: 00h we are next to the monuments falleros to make a Pasacalle through the Neighborhood to show off our Falleras Mayor, President and President and, of course, all those falleros who want to join them.
2:00 pm lunch in the tent all together. There is not on-table because we have to put on mantillas to attend the Offering of our Patroness.
16: 30h all ready to go on a parade towards Av. Europa where we will meet our brothers of fire, Falla Centro and Falla Rincon de Loix, for all together offer to the Patron of Benidorm, Verge del Sofratge.
9:30 p.m. to dinner! Penultimate party night, you have to Give it all until the music stops.
2: 30h remember you have to climb to ride the fences for the Mascletà 


10: 15h all of us who want to go to Mass see each other next to the fallero monument to head towards the Buen Pastor church where a mass will be celebratedin honor of San José, our Patron.
14: 00h traditional and exciting Mascletà de la Commission. The Falleras will light the wick Older, Selena and Nadia.
14: 30h food in the tent. We have little left, this It's over, enjoy it to the fullest.
18: 00h boys, girls, girls, let's go to the floats All dressed as falleros. We leave from the street Marquis of Comillas.
9:30 p.m. while Cremaores are preparing the monuments for Cremà, the rest we had dinner quietly. Then we have to pick up All the tent among all.
11:00 pm Nadia, Fallera Mayor Infantil, and Ángel, Children's President, they will light the fuse of their Fallero monument accompanied by all the Commission.
00: 30h - 1: 00h Selena, Fallera Mayor, accompanied by his Presi, Mati, they will light the fuse of major monument. From here we wish all the Cremaores that everything goes well and the monuments burn great how safe it is!

F11:00 hours: La fallera mayor y commission We will pardon the ninots who by "daring and Satirical "will be saved from the flames."
11:30: hours: In the Fallero Campus we will receive to the Bonfires Sisters of Fire of Alicante. Finished this act, and in union of authorities and neighbors in general, parade to the Church Ntra.
Mrs. del Mar, where we will listen to the Mass in honor to San José.
1:45 p.m.: Great GLOBOTÀ on the premises fallero
2:00 p.m.: Great MASCLETÁ on Avd. Mediterranean.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March



10:30 am: Music band entrance “L´Illa de Benidorm”, which together with the commission will be witnesses of the imposition of the fault logo Rincon de Loix to our Fallera Mayor and delivery
of rewards from the Fallera Central Board. Verónica Fallera Mayor of the commission, will impose to his banner a bow tie as a witness of his reign. Next we will visit our brothers of fire, the Falla Benidorm and the Falla Els Tolls.
5:30 p.m.: Pasacalle through the neighborhood and we will receive the Els Tolls fault and Benidorm failure.
23:00 hours: Costume party.

11:30 p.m.: Party night organized by the youth of the commission

8:00 a.m.: WAKE UP accompanied by Our music band. .
12:00 hours: We will perform a parade through our neighborhood.
5:30 p.m.: Pasacalle to meet with the Benidorm fails, Els Tolls fails and the local Board fails and proceed all together to make the OFFER OF FLOWERS to our employers. Itinerary: Avda.´Ametlla de Mar, Mediterranean, Europe, Alcoy, Martínez Alejos, Alameda and Mayor.
10:30 pm: Party night in the tent of the commission


At 8:00 AM: We will proceed to do the GREAT AWAKEN in honor of San José and our Fallera Mayor VERÓNICA PERULERO TOMÁS, accompanied by our music band that as usual, they will make a lot of noise based on Hype. Lunch will be set by Ulpi andMarian

 6:30 pm: GREAT MULTICOLOR PARADE DE CARROZAS, where our women, girls, men and boys, and how not our Fallera Mayor Veronica, wearing her best clothes, will give color and joy to that afternoon in San José, delivering candies, in union of the failures "Benidorm" and "Els tolls “, accompanied by the local Fallera Board. Itinerary: C / Marques de Comillas, Almendros, Mars, Venus, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos, Alcoy.
23:00 hours: Fantastic Time of CREMÁ CHILD, tense, difficult, sad moment for Our Children's Commission, it will be who accompany President Pepe to turn on that wick that will carry the fire to that monument childish.
00:00 hours: Music will resonate throughout El Rincon dressed up, and the gunpowder will come, the traca, the deafening and rabid noise of your hands VERÓNICA, which accompanied by
President Cristian and the commission, you will turn him on fire to that wick that will reach the monument promoting "LA CREMÁ". Fire, music, illusions that die and creation of new ideas
of overcoming ... This is the cream, consummation of efforts, delete in the pages of three hundred Sixty-five days of work and love for the party, to score on the 20th the first illusion of the new
year. The people keep singing, dancing, while Fire turns art and party into ash.

Benidorm Fallas Fiesta, March


12: 00H. we will receive our brothers from fire, RINCON DE LOIX fault on foot of monument.
12:30 p.m., Pasacalle and courtesy visit to our brothers of fire fails ELS TOLLS.
14:30 ... Food in our Casal
5:30 p.m. we will receive our brothers from fire ELS TOLLS fails at the foot of the monument.
6:00 p.m., Pasacalle and courtesy visit to our brothers of fire Falla CORNER OF LOIX.
9:30 p.m. ... Dinner at our house. - Senior costume contest
23: 00H. Night Pass: children and adults all dressed up Disco music in our Casal

Breakfast offered by our President of Honor, Mr. Javier Rodrigo and our President, Miss Isabel Albertos.
12:30 pm… Parade through our District
2:30 p.m. ... Lunch in our Casal.
5:15 p.m. ... Concentration in the Tent, we We will go to Avda. Europa for the OFFER FROM FLOWERS to MARE DE DÉU DEL SOFRATGE, Organized by the Fallera Local Board of Benidorm.
22: 30H… PLAY-BACKS: Children and then the Elders, all to sign up and may the best man win.
Music, D.J. Fashionable in Benidorm


08: 30H GREAT AWAKENING OF SAN JOSE. Itinerary: Plaza, SS. MM. from Spain, C / Rioja, C / Ruzafa, C / La Palma, Plaza la Creu, C / Alameda, Plaza Calpi, C / Carmela Martinez, Torrejo Square, C / Mare de Deu Sofrag, Avda Alcoy, C / Bilbao, Triangular Square, C / Puente, Plaza, SS. MM. fromSpain.
09: 30H. BREAKFAST offered by our Falleras Mayores Miss Sonia Ferre and the girl Valeria of Suffrage Sánchez
12: 15H. Concentration in our Casal and Pasacalle towards the church of S. Jaime.
1:00 PM SOLEMNE MASS OF SAN JOSÉ in thE Parish Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana.
2:00 p.m.… MONUMENTAL MASCLETÁ ( Kings Square of Spain)
2:30 p.m. ... Lunch in our house
6:30 p.m.: CARROZAS that we will start in Marquis Street of
9:30 p.m.… Dinner at our house
11:30 p.m. Cream of the Children's Monument
24:30. Cream of the Major Monument
- Disco music in our Casal
The Commission reserves the right to be able to alter the schedules of your scheduled events as well as the cancellation thereof.

Please note all of the above is translated from Spanish. 



Daylight saving time 2019 in Spain will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 31st

Temperature 14°C 57°F

Low Temperature 9°C 48°F

High Temperature 19°C 66°F

Sunshine Hours 9 hrs

Chance of Sunny Day 44 %

Rainfall 23mm

Rainfall days 7 days

Chance of Rain 18 %

Chance of Cloudy Day 18 %

Sea Temperature 15°C 59°F

Chance of Windy Day 18 % 



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its such a shame they burn them, such a lot of work went into them but hey ho thats their custom

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The Department of Mobility has reported the traffic cuts that will be made in the coming days for the celebration of the Fallas party. The first of the cuts will be carried out tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13, in the section of the street Mayor...

The Department of Mobility has reported the traffic cuts that will be made in the coming days for the celebration of the Fallas party. The first of the cuts will be carried out tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13, in the section of the street Mayor Jose Such that runs parallel to San Pedro Street, where the monument and casal of Falla Centro will be located. This court will remain until March 20. While it lasts the vehicles can circulate on San Pedro Street.

In the downtown area, from 23:00 hours on Thursday 14 and until day 20, the section of Tomás Ortuño Street between the streets Marte-Venus and Ondulada (which will remain operative to allow traffic to El Cruce) will be closed to traffic. for the installation of the fair and monument of Falla Els Tolls.

In the Rincon de Loix, the section of the Ametlla del Mar avenue between the Mediterranean and Stockholm will be closed until March 20, in which the monument and casita of the Falla Rincón de Loix is ​​located. Between Madrid and Stockholm avenues, the lane continues in the direction of the latter.

In a second phase, between March 18 and 19, several punctual cuts will be made for the celebration of the main Fallas events. On Monday 18, between 5.30 and 6.30 pm, there will be cuts due to the celebration of the offering of flowers, which will run along the Avenida Mediterráneo, Bilbao Street, Alejos Martinez, Alameda, Calle Mayor and Plaza San Jaime.

On Tuesday, March 19, the central day of the Fallas events will trigger a mascletá in each of the faults at 2:00 pm. For this reason, in the Rincón de Loix, the section between Av. Mediterráneo to Castellón will be cut off to traffic between 07:00 and 15:00. La Falla Centro will do the same on Avenida Jaime I, so between 09.00 and 15.00 hours the section between the roundabout on Nicaragua Avenue and Paseo de Poniente will be without circulation. Finally Falla Els Tolls will perform its mascletá in the upper part of Tomás Ortuño between El Cruce and the streets Ondulada and Maravall, section that will be cut between 05.00 and 15.00 hours. While this cut lasts, the vehicles that circulate through Maravall should be diverted through the streets Estornino, Mercurio,

In the afternoon, at 6.30 pm there will be a parade of floats, which will leave the Marqués de Comillas street and will go through Almendros, Mars, Venus and Ruzafa to end up in Via Emilio Ortuño.

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