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Exchange Rates in Benidorm

Exchange Rates in Benidorm Saturday 14th December 2019 This is the average rate around town – Always use a reputable exchange bureau, see below See this page for exchange places to[…]

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Benidorm Weather Forecast

Benidorm Weather Forecast Weather report for – Saturday 14th December. On this page you will find all the information you need about the weather here in Benidorm, a daily weather[…]

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Whats on Guide

Benidorms only Comprehensive Whats on Guide This information is provided by the venues and the acts, and can be subject to last minute changes.While we make every attempt to insure[…]

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Sporting events in Benidorm

Sporting events in Benidorm Any information posted here can be subject to last minute changes. Click on the Venue for more information  and a interactive MAP. BENIDORM CLUB DEPORTIVO   […]

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Danny Tetley – Updates

Danny Tetley – Updates 13th December – Danny Tetley admits child sexual exploitation of seven teenage boys Danny Tetley has this lunchtime (Fri) pleaded guilty to a series of child sexual[…]

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David Bellamy dies at age 86

Naturalist and broadcaster David Bellamy has died aged 86, the Conservation Foundation he formed says. London-born Bellamy, who became a household name as a TV personality, scientist and conservationist, died[…]

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News Headlines

News Headlines Click on the links to read the full stories 11th December – David Bellamy dies aged 86 9th December – Man steals bus then causes damage for over[…]

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Travel Chaos expected due to national strikes in France

Update 11th December – Transport services are once again badly disrupted on Wednesday as workers continue their indefinite strikes over plans to reform the French pension system. There are also[…]

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Ryanair update in Spain

Story provided by Euro Weekly News  FOLLOWING the strikes and flight disruptions when the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair confirmed that it would lay off 432 people in Spain, the union representative informed[…]

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Up and Coming Events

Cabeytu Brothers UK Tour

20th November – 8th December

Take That Tribute UK Tour

21st November – 14th December

Pablo Bloom UK Tour

November 22nd – 1st December

30th November

Direct from Benidorm – Europes Top Tributes 

 Calling all Benidorm Fans in DUBLIN. Fantastic show at the Red Cow Moran´s Hotel.  25€ show only, 55€ show and meal.  Contact the hotel for special room Rates.

Bruno Mars Experience Back Street Boys and Il Divo UK Tour

19th December – 22nd December

Crissy Rock UK Tour 2020

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Benidorm Seriously
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Benidorm Seriously
Benidorm Seriously
The Weather Post, Is it T-Shirt or woolly jumper weather? find out here - https://www.benidormseriously.com/benidorm-weather-forecast/

The page above contains information on the weather today, details for the next 7 days and average monthly temperature and lots of other weather related information.
Benidorm Seriously
Benidorm Seriously
Danny Tetley admits child sexual exploitation of seven teenage boys. Details here https://www.benidormseriously.com/danny-tetley-updates/
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Benidorm Seriously
Benidorm Seriously
Good morning from Benidorm Friday the 13th today, but that's ok if your in Spain as its TUESDAY 13th that is unlucky.

The Weather Post, Is it going to stay dry and sunny or is it not, find out here - https://www.benidormseriously.com/benidorm-weather-forecast/

The page above contains information on the weather today, details for the next 7 days and average monthly temperature and lots of other weather related information. All questions relating to any of the above topics will be tagged on this post to cut down on repeat questions.

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