Success For Benidorm Town Hall

Benidorm Town Hall have gone to drastic measures and now after years of effort and suggestions they have finally got rid if the Pea Men, the Prostitutes and Pick Pockets.  Even the Stags and Hens have been keeping the noise down to a level where the locals can sleep peacefully every night

The crime rate has dropped drastically in the past few days.  No robberies have been reported at all.


The streets have all been disinfected.  There is no indication that there was ever any urine in the area known as the square.  

The police are now so bored they have declared two in a car as a crime.  Just to have something to do.  

Alcohol sales have also dropped drastically as even the so called English area are learning the Spanish way.  Not the language, that would be a bridge too far, but many British residents are becoming fluent in the Siesta.  Until now, many thought that was a dance

Benidorm, Peace and Tranquillity are three words now used in the same sentence.  That has never happened before in the history of tourism. 

Regards from your on the scene reporter with too much time on his hands.


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