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Benidorm Seriously Apps - We have been asked in the past if we offer any Benidorm Seriously apps.  The short answer to this question is, YES, we do. 

To help those who use small screen devices to access the website, I need to point out that there are over 700 pages of information on the site, not including the Business Directory, the Online Shop and the New social feed called BeeSer.  This means a native app would take up a lot of space on your device to store the data.  We have therefore opted for alternative options.  

Around 90% of the website is fully mobile responsive, however, from time to time, you may find a better experience by turning your phone sideways.  The What's on Guide is a perfect example of this.  Also, on most browsers there is an option to "save to home screen" usually located under options in the top right-hand corner.  This can be different on different devices but will place a shortcut to your favourite pages on the website. 

Progressive Web App

For those who still prefer the app experience, the entire website is available as a Progressive Web App.  PWAs use a lot less space on your device and can cache data that serve users with images, texts, and other content before the whole app loads completely. It cuts down the waiting time for users, so they offer a faster user experience than native apps.  

To install the PWA go to any page of the website using an android device and provided you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, you should see an option on your screen to install the app.  Thats it, one click and it is installed.

For Apple users there is a little extra work needed.  To see the installation option, you need to be using Safari as your browser.  Open (or install) Safari and navigate to the website.  You should now be able to see the option to install the app.

The Social Feed (Q & A)

As the number of members using our own social feed Q & A increases as a faster alternative to the Facebook Group, there is a native app available for this should you prefer it to the PWA.  

To make use of this you will need to have an active registration on the website.  Register today.

Then visit AppleStore or Googleplay and download the app entitled EasySocial.  Once installed you will be asked for the website address, your username and your password.  This information can be saved to avoid needing to do this every time.  (Note use the address there is no need to add http or www).

And thats it!!  You will now have access to the social feed without the restrictions of Facebook


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