Benidorm´s Moors and Christians Fiesta


Benidorm´s Moors and Christians Fiesta – 28th September to 2nd October 2022 

This Fiesta generally takes place at the end of September to Early October 

Streets decked out like the Middle Ages, magnificent processions, exciting mock battles…This is the festival of Moors and Christians: days filled with magic, legend and spectacle. this festival recreates the historic clash between two cultures.

Moors and Christians Fiesta Benidorm 2022

The festival of Moors and Christians is a very old tradition that dates back to the 16th century. It commemorates the confrontation that took place between Moorish and Christian soldiers in the 13th century over the rule of Spain. The events are held in honour of the city's patron saint who also played a decisive role in the battle. Thanks to the saint's sudden and unexpected intervention, victory went to the Christians in spite of their being outnumbered by the Moors.

Benidorm´s Moors and Christians Fiesta

The attraction, grandeur and popular nature of these festivities have caused them to spread to many parts of Spain, although they are especially popular in Valencia and Alicante. There are many variations on these festivities, as each place has its own history and unique elements that set it apart from the rest.

The start of the festivities is truly spectacular and well worth seeing: the arrival of both armies in the city. Beginning in the early hours of the morning, the streets, balconies and windows fill with people intent on not missing a single thing. To the accompaniment of music and with all the pomp and majesty you could hope for, the various groups that make up the Moorish and Christian factions march in procession, desperately trying to outshine each others sumptuous costumes. It tends to be one of the most popular and impressive events and in certain cases.

Another part of the festivities are the religious ceremonies held in honour of the city's patron saint. During the festivities, a floral offering takes place in honour of the Apostle Saint James, followed by a High Mass in the Church of Saint James and Saint Ana.

The spectacular final battle. It follows the so-called "embajadas" (meeting of envoys) in which each side reads a text in an attempt to persuade the other side to surrender. Once negotiations have failed, a mock battle ensues in which thousands of kilos of gunpowder is used, ending in victory for the Christians.

The final battle also marks the end of the festival.


Moors and Christians Benidorm 2022

Moors and Christians Schedule for 2022

The above is the official schedule of events available at the moment, if any more details become available it will be updated, all events take place in the Old Town

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