Benidorm Carnival

Benidorm Carnival 

Benidorm Carnival is one of the first biggest events of the year.

Fiesta dates for 2022

The Carnival is an annual celebration, the date is dictated by when Easter falls, the Parades always take place on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday with the main parades on the Saturday there are 2, a children’s one in the morning around 10.00am and a main adult one in the evening about 8.30.

The Carnival finishes on Shrove Tuesday 1st March 2022  with the ritual Burial of the Sardine. This signifies the beginning of Lent. This is a solemn procession which again begins around 9.30 starting at Plaza Mayor, goes through the Old Town and ends up at Poniente Beach where the sardine is buried. (Times are subject to change), don’t forget to take your camera along…you’ll see some fantastic sights!

Schedule of events for 2022 

Benidorm Carnival 2022

Benidorm Carnival, Saturday 26th February 2022

Children's Carnival

10:00 Concentration at the C/ Schools.

10:30 Outing with the next tour: C/Escuelas,Ruzafa, Herreriias, Plaza Doctor Fleming, City Hall Square, Parque de L’Aigüera. Finishing up at the Julio Iglesias Auditorium at around mid-day where there will be a concert with Disney songs.

At the end of the parade, the distribution of snacks to all the participating children and prizes will be handed out. 

Adult Carnival

20:30 Concentration on C/Tomas Ortuño

21:00 Out with the next tour:  C/Venus, Ruzafa, Herrerias, Doctor Fleming Plaza, City Hall Square, Park L’ Aigüera. Ending at the Julio Iglesias Auditorium

At the end of the parade, snacks and soda will be delivered to all participants.

Finally we will have a party with bars at popular prices presented by the 40 PRINCIPLES BENIDORM. During the same time the award will be performed

 Benidorm Carnival

Some roads will be closed for the processions.

Please remember to wear your masks when in crowds.

Benidorm Carnival 

The Burial of the Sardine - 1st March

21:00 Concentration in Plaza Mayor

21:30 Departure with the next route: Plaza Mayor, C/Tomas Ortuño, C/Limones, Ruzafa, Paseo de road. Finishing up in Elche Park.

Finally, at the end of the "cream" burning of the sardine there will be a picnic at the House of Fester

NOTE - The above has been translated from Spanish 

Benidorm Carnival

The burial ceremony came to replace older Spanish customs which were held to mark the end of the winter and is symbolic of the arrival of Spring, it is also seen as a good luck ritual to ensure the fishermen, who can now venture back out to sea without fear of the winter storms, had good hauls.

It’s also a symbolic burial of the past. The ceremony is stripping away the past, in a socially established ritual of chaos, burning out the mayhem of carnival and the long winter months, and ushering in from the ashes a new year, a society reborn and serious once again, ready to face the hardships of the future.

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