Easy Spanish Apple Tart Recipe

Try this wonderful Spanish Apple Tart Recipe (Tarta Tatin de manzana) made with a puff pastry base, serve it with fresh cream or your favourite ice cream, perfect as a dessert or as a afternoon treat with a cup of Spanish Coffee

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6 Golden Apples

Juice of ½ lemon

Fresh puff pastry (Look for Masa fresca de Hojaldre in a Spanish Supermarket)

100 g of white sugar

50 g of unsalted butter

Mint leaves for decoration

Spanish Apple Tart Recipe 

Spanish Apple Tart Recipe


Preheat oven to 180º

For the caramel, slowly heat 100 g of sugar. When is golden, add the butter and beat vigorously. remove and pour the mixture into a round mould.

Peel and cut the apples into large wedges and Soak them in the juice of half a lemon so they don't brown.

Arrange the segments in the mould, on top of the caramel, with the thickest part facing down, try and make sure there are no empty spaces. 

Roll out a sheet of puff pastry large enough to cover all the apples. Cut off the excess dough.

Cook in the preheated oven for 30 minutes

Take the tart out of the mould, leaving it upside down so the puff pastry is below and apple with caramel on top.

Serve in portions with one or two mint leaves to decorate. It can be served hot or cold.

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