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Exchange rates in Benidorm can change on a daily basis.  The rate quoted below is the average rate around town - Always use a reputable exchange bureau, see below, rates may vary.

See this page for exchange places to avoid.

For details about the weather, today, next week and monthly averages

Today´s Average Exchange Rate in Benidorm - DOWN slightly to 1,14

Friday 9th December- 1,14

Thursday 8th December - 1,145

Wednesday 7th November - 1,145

Tuesday 6th December - 1,145

Monday 5th December - 1,15

Sunday 4th December - 1,145*

Saturday 3rd December - 1,145

*Please note the rate never changes on a Sunday*

Please Note - From 30th September the Bank of England will be withdrawing the old paper £20 and £50 banknotes, after this date these cease to be legal tender and will not be accepted by exchange bureaus, only the newer polymer notes will be acceptable.

GESTALTUR SL - 18 Avenida Cuenca, normal opening hours Monday to Saturday 10.00 - 19.00, Sunday 10.00 - 14.00

TONY´S EXCHANGE, indoor market  

Opening hours - Normal opening hours - Monday to Saturday 09.00 - 14.00 

Please bring your passport for your first visit.  We will then issue you a card for subsequent visits to show you are a customer.

Exchange rates in Benidorm, Tony´s Exchange

You will need to show your passport to change money.   As you can see some will then give you a card for future visits, but others you will always need your passport. If anyone is offering, you a higher rate than stated read the small print first as normally you will only get the higher rate if changing large quantities of money ie 2,000€. See this page for exchange places to avoid.

Read our Money Travel Guide for useful information.
Worried about fake notes and coins, learn how to spot them HERE
ATM Scams - Please Read, always try to use the ATM machines at the main banks and NOT the ones dotted round town.
For today´s detailed weather report please click HERE

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