Dog on Holiday Flying with your pets

Flying with your pets

Thinking of flying with your pets? If you're planning a trip with your best friend then you need to know how much it'll cost and that your animal will be transported safely and in comfort.

Prices and details may change so contact the individual airlines for any changes in their prices, rules and regulations. 

General information

Before taking their dog, cat or ferret to the EU for the first time after 1st January 2021, pet owners must complete the following steps. The only new requirement for travel to the EU is the use of a certificate, rather than a pet passport:

  • Ensure their dog, cat or ferret is microchipped.
  • Ensure that their dog, cat or ferret is vaccinated against rabies – pets must be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated.
  • Wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel
  • Dogs must be treated against tapeworm 24-120 hours before landing, if they are travelling to a tapeworm free country.
  • Visit their vet to get an animal health certificate (AHC) for their pet, no more than 10 days before travel to the EU.

Find more detailed information here.

The other option is to use a regulated pet transport company such as Home and Pet Transport  or Transport for the Love of Cats and Dogs

Aer Lingus

Pets must be booked to travel with Aer Lingus Cargo. Animals presented for transport at passenger check-in won’t be accepted under any circumstances.

Air France

Pets must be transported by freight if the animal and its container weigh more than 75kg, or if it is traveling to a country that authorises animal transport only by freight. A dog or cat weighing 8kg-75kg must be transported in the hold. There is a limit of three animals per passenger. With prior approval from Air France's Customer Service department, you may transport in the cabin if your dogs or cat weighing less than 8kg (including the transport bag or container). Guide dogs are authorised regardless of their weight:

Flights within France: 20€

Flights within Europe: 75€

All other flights: 200€

British Airways

British Airways does not allow pets to travel in the cabin, except recognised assistance dogs, which can travel with the owner free of charge in the cabin. All other pets must travel as cargo in the hold - this includes emotional assistance animals. Animals are handled by BA's sister company, IAG World Cargo. Fees and required pet carrier size depends on the animal, so passengers are advised to get in contact with the airline prior to the flight.


The carriage of live animals, including pets, insects, reptiles, or any other form of livestock is forbidden anywhere on any easyJet aircraft. Exceptions are made for guide dogs or assistance dogs..

Holidays for your pets


No live animals are permitted to fly in the cargo hold of a Ryanair aircraft. Similarly, the airline does not generally permit live animals to fly in the cabin. Exceptions are made, however, for guide dogs or assistance animals. The dogs must have a pet passport or an official veterinary health certificate if their country of origin does not provide passports. Due to restrictions, guide/assistant dogs are not allowed on flights to or from Morocco, or flights to/from Israel.


You can ask for your pet to be carried on most Thomson Airways flights. Passengers should complete the booking form at AIA Pets, where fee information is available for your specific animal. If you're travelling to Europe, your pet will just need a pet passport. Pets will be stored in the cargo, and all travel boxes must be fitted with a water container.

Turkish Airlines

Pets are not included in the free baggage allowance and incur a fee. Fees start at $35, and depend on whether the animal is being stored in the hold or cabin.  It is charged per kilo, and based on how many 'zones' travelled through.

Virgin Atlantic

The cost of taking your pet can vary, depending on the length, width, height and weight of your pet, plus its container. Pets are also eligible for air miles with the Flying Paws scheme. Only cats and dogs are allowed onto Virgin Atlantic flights. Call Virgin Atlantic's dedicated team for pricing.


How do we define a pet?

Any animal on the list of animals permitted on board and which can be carried in an approved pet carrier that is not rigid and that is the following size: 45x39x21 cm and no heavier than 8 kg with the pet inside.

Please also bear in mind that travelling with a pet is not the same as travelling with an assistance dog. If you are travelling with the latter, all the information you need is explained in the section on Assistance Dogs.

Animals permitted on board:

Birds (excluding birds of prey)

Animals not allowed: rodents, lagomorphs (e.g. rabbits), mustelids (e.g. ferrets), farm animals, birds of prey and reptiles.

Booking and check-in when flying with Pets

To include your pet in the booking, you must select the Basic Fare and book the service during the purchase in the Customise Your Flight section.

Due to the special conditions of your booking, on the day of your flight you must go to the check-in desks to have a seat allocated that suits your needs and get your boarding pass.

Domestic Flights 40.00

International and Canary Islands 50.00

Security control

The pet carrier must go through the scanner along with its leash and food, while your pet must go through the walk-through metal-detector either in your arms or walking.


You must store the pet carrier with your pet inside on the floor, between your legs or under the seat in front. You must not take your pet out of the pet carrier until you have disembarked.

Animals whose special characteristics (unpleasant smell, poor health, inadequate hygiene or violent behaviour) may cause distress or danger to fellow passengers and crew will not be allowed


Each passenger can travel with one pet and only 2 pets are allowed per flight.

This service is only available for flights operated by Vueling and Iberia.

You can carry food for your pet inside your hand luggage.

You must not take your pet out of the pet carrier until you have disembarked.

Important: This service is not available for flights to/from the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Under no circumstances will animals be carried in the plane's cargo hold.

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