High Wind

High wind warnings - Safety advice. General advice from Generalitat Valenciana 

High wind warnings - These meteorological situations are difficult to predict, and the preventative measures below are recommended by local councils to reduce potential incidents.

Keep up to date with the weather conditions - daily weather page 

21st November - Yellow alerts are in place from midnight tonight until Tuesday at 20.00 for high winds, some of which could reach up to 70 km/h.

Home Safety

Check the houses so that there are no cornices, balconies and facades in poor condition that can cause dangerous items falling

Close doors and windows to avoid drafts that can lead to breakage and falling glass

Secure items such as awnings, blinds and antennas

Remove pots, cages and any object that may fall to the street


What to do on the street or in the countryside

Do not leave if it is not necessary

Stay away from old or shabby houses

Avoid walls and billboards

Trees offer the danger of falling and breaking large branches. Do not transit through parks or tree-lined avenues

Do not pass under scaffolding or buildings under construction

Light poles and high voltage towers are very dangerous. Get away and in case of fall notify 112

Caution on the road during high wind

If possible, avoid driving. Use preferably public transport and if you have to leave, find out about the weather forecast

Reduce speed to safety limits. A wind blow can deviate you from the path

Motorcycles and large vehicles that offer a large area of ​​contact with the wind (trucks, vans, vehicles with trailers or caravans) are in danger of overturning in cross winds

If necessary, stand in a safe area and wait for the wind to subside

Avoid coastal areas

Protect your home against the possible invasion of sea water.

If you are in a campsite stay tuned for the possibility of evacuation

Do not approach promenades, breakwaters or cliffs. The force of water can drag you

Do not drive with vehicles on roads near the beach line

Refrain from practicing any type of water sport. If you have a boat, try to secure your mooring in a sheltered place


Weather warnings explained

Severe weather warnings are generally issued up to 48 hours in advance, if the occurrence of a severe weather event is probable but there are uncertainties about duration, intensity and/or the course of this severe weather event.

Severe weather warnings are released if meteorologists are certain about the occurrence of the severe weather event. The levels are-

Yellow - Moderate. The weather is potentially dangerous, 

Orange - Dangerous. Moderate to severe weather event.

Red - High Alert.  The weather is very dangerous. 

Violet, top warning level for an extremely strong severe weather event in Spain.   


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