It can be a little confusing to most newcomers to Spain, that there are three separate Police Forces that operate, with varying responsibilities, all of whom are armed.

The Guardia Civil - Wear green uniforms and were generally feared during Franco's era due to their far reaching influence and control. These days they are responsible for national security, customs and for crowd control at large events. Their traffic department vehicles patrol the main highways with green and white coloured cars and motorbikes and organise radar speeding checks. They are very pro-active in setting up roadside checkpoints to check various documentation, so don't be alarmed if you are stopped at any time of the day or night - But remember that this is all the more reason to have your paperwork in order and kept in your glove compartment.


The National Police - Wear a black uniform and blue or white shirts, some officers may wear a blue military uniform and some are armed as their duties include guarding public building and personnel.

They are responsible for most day to day crime investigation and it is to them that you should go to make a denuncia for any crime that you may be a victim ie stolen credit cards, passport etc. They will provide you with the necessary documentation to supply to your bank/insurance company etc.  The SATE office can help you with this process.

The Local Municipal Police - Wear blue and white uniforms  and are basically Town Hall Officials. Their main responsibilities include Parking violations, guarding

the street crossings at School times and upholding the local Bye Laws (Like Building & Safety regulations) in the Municipal area. Although they too are armed, they are very approachable by residents and Tourists alike as they are essentially working in the Interests of the local community.

GEO - Spain also has an elite special operations group ( Grupo Especial de Operaciones/GEO) responsible for combating terrorism and dealing with other extreme situations, in addition to guarding Spanish ambassadors and embassies abroad. Other ’police’ forces include the port police ( policia de puerto) in sea ports, whose jurisdiction is limited to the property of the local junta del puerto, and armed guards (vigilantes jurados) employed by banks and security companies.

Telephone Numbers
091 for the national
092 for the civil guard.

You must usually dial a local number for the municipal police, although dialing 092 will get you connected to the local police station or get your message relayed.

For a full list of ALL Emergency telephone numbers click HERE


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and in English x

Arrested after stealing a car in Altea and commit robbery with violence
The Benidorm Local Police has intercepted the vehicle while trying to escape after shooting at the wheels

The local police in Benidorm this morning arrested a man who, at dawn, had stolen a vehicle from the Altea car depot with which he later committed a violent robbery in that municipality.

Apparently, the now arrested would have stolen the car at night and then commit a violent robbery in Altea with that same vehicle and with which he ran over the victim, according to sources consulted by this newspaper.

The Local Police received the notice that they were trying to locate the stolen car that, due to the incident, was circulating with a broken mirror. The agents intercepted this morning finally in the Rincón de Loix to the car after a persecution in which the presumed thief has tried to assault several police bikers until one of them has fallen.

Finally, the police had to stop it by firing four times at the wheels of the vehicle to stop, without having to mourn any damage. A local police car has also been damaged, according to the same sources.

The man has been arrested and, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, would have antecedents for several crimes.

After knowing what happened, Benidorm Security Councilman, Lorenzo Martínez, highlighted the work done by the agents of the city to stop this man in such a short time. He added that "it is time to make changes in the municipal budgets so that our agents can continue working" and that they do so in the best conditions to guarantee the safety of neighbors and tourists.

The SPPLB union also highlighted "the great police work carried out by the Local Police of Benidorm" in these events and stressed that "they are even performing citizen security functions despite the means they have". The entity requests a distinction for the "three agents and the officer who intervened" in this event, something that, from the Department of Security, will value this Monday to carry it out.
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The national police surprise a dealer in Benidorm with a belt full of cocaine doses

The operation has been carried out in the framework of crime prevention operations in leisure areas

The National Police Prevention and reaction unit in city of benidorm surprised, during a security device to prevent drug trafficking in the city, the detainee offering cocaine to a tourist

He had devised a system through a double fold in the belt to hide the drug he was distributing for the different leisure areas of benidorm

08-July-2018.- the national police have arrested a 28-Year-old Moroccan youth who was dedicated to distributing cocaine among tourists in the leisure areas of the city of Benidorm.

The Detention was carried out by several officers of the citizen security brigade of the benidorm police station, specifically members of the prevention and reaction unit.

Agents were developing a crime prevention device in the leisure area of the city of Benidorm when they surprised the alleged drug dealer possession of the drug. From The Directorate-General of the police, it is promoted through preventive police activity in places dedicated to night leisure, with the intention of preventing possible violent, sexual or related crimes of drug trafficking.

Surprised when he offered drugs to a tourist

The cops when he was patrolling the area observed how the guy offered dope to a tourist. It was then when they identified him finding initially, and hidden between his clothes, four doses of cocaine. While the agents of the u.p.r. of benidorm continued with the search and found in the belt that wore a double fold where he hid 19 more doses of cocaine.

The unit took part in the drug and carried out the arrest of the subject accused of a drug trafficking offence, which was made available to the investigating magistrate's court in Benidorm.
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