Spanish words for in the kitchen

Spanish words for in the Kitchen and Supermarket

Below you will find a A - Z of Spanish words that will help you in the kitchen and round the supermarket (Supermercado).

Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts in Spanish
Almond – Almendra
Artichokes – Alcachofas
Asparagus – Esparragos
Aubergine – Berenjena
Avocado – Aguacate
Banana – Platano
Basil – Albahaca
Bay leaves – Laurel
Cabbage – Col
Carrots – Zanahorias
Cauliflower – Coliflor
Cherries – Cerezas
Chickpeas – Garbanzas
Courgette – Calabacin
Cucumber – Pepino
Garlic – Ajo
Grape – Uva
Grapefruit – Pomelo
Leeks – Puerros
Lentils – Lentejas
Lettuce – Lechuga
Nuts – Nueces
Olives – Aceitunas

Onion – Cebolla, Spring Onions/chives Cebolletas
Orange – Naranja
Pear – Pera
Peas – Guisantes
Pineapple – Piña
Raspberries – Frambuesas
Spinach – Espinaca
Strawberries – Fresas
Turnips – Nabos

Spanish words for herbs and spices
Cinnamon – Canela
Coriander – Cilantro
Cumin – Comino

Fine mixed herbs – Finas hierbas
Garlic – Ajo
Mint – Menta
Nutmeg – Moscada
Oregano – Orégano
Parsley – Perejil
Pepper – Pimenton
Rosemary – Romero
Sage – Salvia
Tarragon – Estragón
Thyme – Tomillo

Spanish words for fish & seafood
Anchovies – Anchoas
Baby Eels – Angulas
Clams – Almejas
Cockles – Berberechos
Cod – Bacalao
Crayfish (see Langoustine)
Cuttlefish Jibia
Eel – Anguila
Haddock – Róbalo
Hake – Merluza
Herring – Arenque
Lobster – Bogavante
Langoustine – Langosta / Langostino
Mackerel Caballa / Makerela
Monkfish – Rape
Mussels – Mejillones
Octopus – Pulpo
Oysters – Ostras / Ostiones
Perch – Perca
Prawns – Gambas
Red Mullet – Salmonete
Red snapper Huachinango
Salmon – Salmón
Sardines – Sardinas
Scallops – Vieiras
Sea Bass /Grouper – Mero
Sea Bream – Besugo, Dorada, Pargo
Sea Bream (white) – Sargo
Seafood Stew (a favourite of mine!) – Zarzuela
Shrimps Camarones
Sole – Lenguado
Squid – Calamar / calamares
Trout – Trucha
Tuna – Atún
Whitebait – Pescaditos
Whiting – Pescadilla

Spanish words for meat and poultry
Brains – Sesos
Beef – Carne de vaca
Chicken – Pollo
Chicken breast – Pechuga de pollo
Chops – Chuletas
Duck – Pato
Goose – Oca
Lamb – Cordero
Meatballs – Albondigas
Pigeon / Dove – Paloma
Pork – Cerdo
Pork Loin – Lomo
Potatoes – Patata
Pumpkin – Calabaza
Rabbit – Conejo
Sausage – Salchicha / Chorizo
Tripe – Callos
Turkey – Pavo
Veal – Carne De Ternera
Venison – Venado

Spanish words for dairy produce
Butter – mantequilla
Eggs – Huevos
Egg Yolks – Yemas
Milk – Leche

Spanish words for drinks and alcohol
Apple Juice – Zumo de manzana
Beer – Cerveza (In the Canary Islands a “Jarra” is a large glass, and a “Caña” is a small one)
Bottle – Botella
Cider – Sidra
Coca Cola  – Coca Cola
Fresh – Fresca
Ice – Hielo
Lemonade – Limonada
Orange Juice – Zumo de naranja
Pale Dry Sherry – Manzanilla
Red Wine – Vino tinto
Rosé wine – Vino rosado
Rum – Ron
Summer wine (mix of red wine & lemon/lime fizz – lovely!!) – Tinto verano
Tomato Juice – Zumo de tomate
Vodka – Vodka
Water (fizzy) – Agua con gas
Water (still) – Agua sin gas
Water (tonic) – Agua tónica
White wine – Vino blanco

Spanish words for in the kitchen and supermarket

Miscellaneous Spanish Words in the Kitchen
Bottle – Botella
Baked – Al Horno
Bread – Pan
Breakfast – Desayuno
Broth – Caldo
Dining Room – Comedor
Dinner – Cena
Flour (plain) – harina
Flour (self-raising) – harina con levadora
Fried In Batter – Aceite
Grilled – A La Romana / a la plancha
Honey – Miel
In garlic – Al Ajillo
Menu – Carta
Olive oil – Aceite de oliva
Rice – Arroz
Rice Pudding – Arroz Con Leche
Roast – Asado
Smoked – Ahumado
Snail – Caracoles
Water – Agua
Yeast – levadora



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