TIE card information


 Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero

If you live here, but don’t already have a green residency certificate, you must apply for the new TIE card as soon as possible.

If you require assistance applying for your TIE card Contact -


4th June - ALL TIE appointments in Benidorm have been cancelled and moved to Alicante. The reason given is that the staff in Alicante are twiddling their thumbs as people prefer to use local offices.

TIE appointments are now available in Benidorm - Address, Callosa D´Ensarria 2

27th MayAn important message from Her Majesty's Ambassador, Hugh Elliott:

“I’m aware of some rumours about a false deadline to apply for residency in Spain. I want to clarify that here, unlike some other EU countries, there is no 30 June deadline to apply for residency under the Withdrawal Agreement or to exchange a green residency certificate for the new TIE. The important question is whether you were legally living here by 31 December 2020. If you haven’t yet applied for residency or exchanged your green certificate for the TIE, I strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

It wasn’t mentioned in the gov.uk info nor in the video from the British Ambassador, but do check if your police station (comisaría) requires a padrón (updated within the last 3 months) if your address has changed or just insist on it anyway. Forewarned is forearmed and we don’t want any of you wasting a journey and an appointment.

28th April - TIE Appointments: Alicante Province

We are aware that some of you have been having difficulties getting TIE appointments in Alicante province. The Spanish authorities have confirmed that they have opened up TIE appointments for UK nationals in the following areas:

Alicante Campo de Mirra (as well as continuing in the Ebanistaria office)
You can request an appointment to apply for the TIE through the following link: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/.../index.html
After you click on PROVINCIAS DISPONIBLES, select ALICANTE and then ENTRAR. On the next page, there is a drop down menu under the heading of CUALQUIER OFICINA.

If you are bed ridden or suffer with bad health, there is a Mobile Fingerprint Unit who can visit you at home to take your fingerprints for your TIE card. Your TIE can then be collected by a designated family member. More information to follow when available.

24th October, updates re TIE cards with incorrect wording 

Many of you who were issued with TIEs which wrongly state that you are an EU family member, have been asking us how to exchange them for a card with the correct wording. The correct wording is on the card in the image. As you know, the Spanish authorities confirmed that these cards are and will remain valid, but they have now also provided instructions on the process for exchanging them if you wish to.

You can go to any National Police station (Policia Nacional) in your province, (Please note that Benidorm National Police are NOT exchanging incorrect TIE cards). together with your passport and the incorrect TIE and they will process the new card free of charge. You should not need an appointment, but you may wish to check with the relevant police station in advance to ensure they have availability.

23rd September important information for anyone who has recently received a TIE card

TIE cards if you haver recently received your TIE card please check it.

Some have been issued incorrectly with TIEs which state that you are the ‘family member of a Union citizen’, rather than having the card in your own right. The wording at the bottom of the card should read ‘Residence Permit/Titre de Sejour’

Don´t panic! If your card has been issued incorrectly it is still valid and legal.

This issue has now been corrected, cards with the incorrect wording may still arrive at police stations in the next few days. The Spanish authorities have also confirmed that, despite the inscription, these TIEs remain valid.

Instructions on how you should exchange this card for the correct one will be posted as soon as its available

TIE Cards Spain

What is the TIE card IN Spain?

The TIE is the Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (Foreigner Identity Card). It is the document which is issued to non-EU citizens resident in Spain. EU citizens resident in Spain do not get a TIE – they get the green document which says ‘Certificado de registro de ciudadano de la Unión’.

The TIE is a different format from the current green document. It is a hard card which includes a photo of the person and a fingerprint. It can also be used as ID in Spain so there is no need to carry around your passport.

Tie Cards Spain Updates July 2020 

The green residency certificate (whether A4 or credit card-sized) remains valid proof of residency status and rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, even after the end of the transition period.

Speaking about the introduction of the Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero, Secretaría de Estado Hana Jalloul said: “If you already have a green residency certificate, you don’t have to apply for a new status as a resident in Spain, and the documents you already have as an EU resident in Spain remain valid. And most importantly, as long as you are legally resident in Spain before 31 December your rights are guaranteed… I encourage anyone who does not yet have your residency certificate to apply to the immigration authorities as soon as you can.”

The new TIE CARD  The former Certificate EU (Green Card) system can no longer be applied for by UK passport holders.

There are different procedures for applying for the TIE card depending upon your circumstances.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, Document in English

TIE Cards Spain


1.Those who had applied for residency before the 1st July 2020 and are already in receipt of a green residency card or A4 Green residency document. For people in this category you will require a single appointment at the police station to obtain your TIE CARD.

2.) For customers starting from scratch with no residency documents you will require two appointments. Firstly at the foreigners office (Extranjeros) to obtain a residency certificate, which is your right to apply for a TIE CARD under the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Applying for TIE Cards Spain

If you are already a Green Spanish Residency card holder and are upgrading your residency to a TIE finger print biometric card you will need:

1.) Your residency card or A4 residency document in your hand, or a police report showing it is lost or stolen. Unless you actually have it in your possession or a police report.

2.) A Padron Certificate from the town hall dated within the last 3 month

3.) Two passport photos

4.) Tenancy agreement or deeds to property

5.) If you card is over 5 years old the police might want to see evidence that you have maintained residency in Spain for this period. Documents such as old Padron certificates, bank statements, electricity bills, proof of self employment, employment etc will suffice if you are asked. (you will only be asked if the police raise questions on the legitimacy of your continued residency over a long period.

If you have never held a Residency card in Spain or you no longer have it or a police report showing it lost or stolen you will need the following:

All applicants must have a fixed address in Spain with either a tenancy agreement, property deeds and if possible a Padron certificate from the town-hall. (click here to read what a padron certificate is)

If your over 65 and claiming a state pension you will require a S1 form from the UK NHS (What is a S1 form and how do I get one)

If your a Student attending a recognised university or school in Spain you must have proof of your enrolment. Please note many language school placements do not offer you the right to obtain a TIE using the documents they provide. Check with your facility if they are recognised under the TIE CARD scheme.

If you are working in Spain, your work contract or pre contract if you have not started yet. (This document must be written in Spanish) This contract must be for a minimum of 20 hrs a week. You need to show your payslips for the last 3 months if possible.

If your self employed in Spain (Autonomo) you need to show your Modelo 36 and 37, plus 3 months bank statements, plus you need to visit your local social security office and obtain a copy of your vida Laborial (work history certificate) to show you have been paying your social security payments. Please note: Working remotely for a company oversea’s or off shore does not cover you for Spanish residency.


If you are not covered under the above you will need to have private health insurance in place. This must be fully comprehensive and paid one year up front. Co-payment policy will not be accepted.


Children must also be registered as a resident. Even if your child was born and raised in Spain, they are not automatically Spanish citizens. As a general rule, a child born in Spain takes the nationality of his/her parents. Therefore, if you have not done so already, you should take steps as soon as possible to register them on the Spanish systems – both on the central register of foreign nationals (registro central de extranjeros) and with your local town hall (padrón municipal). It’s that back-to-school time of year, so do make sure all your family’s paperwork is in order and make sure your friends know what they need to do too.

Information above provided by TIE CARD SPAIN.COM

If you require assistance applying for your TIE card Contact -

TIE CARD SPAIN.COM who are now also providing this service


Have you applied for your TIE card? share your experience in comments below.

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Changed my Residencia for TIE yesterday in Alicante, very easy.
Appointment made. Brexit option.
Form 790 (cert de registries de residents comunitario tarjetas de Residencia de familiar de un ciudarno de la union) paid in bank 12e.

Take with...

Changed my Residencia for TIE yesterday in Alicante, very easy.
Appointment made. Brexit option.
Form 790 (cert de registries de residents comunitario tarjetas de Residencia de familiar de un ciudarno de la union) paid in bank 12e.

Take with you original passport and Residencia and a copy of both.
1 picture 30x26
Completed form Ex23.

Take a ticket on arrival wait to be called they process the paperwork take your fingerprints and give you a paper receipt and original docs back. TIE card ready for collection in 3 weeks time in another office.

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Jillian D Shail
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