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V-16 lights to replace emergency triangles - The DGT clarifies when the V-16 lights, which will replace the emergency triangles. After months of debate, from 1st July the V-16 lights will begin to replace the emergency triangles. This new signal is a device with an orange flashing light that must be placed on top of the vehicle to signal that you stopped on the road.

These  V-16 lights will be able to be used instead of the triangles from July, but they will not become mandatory until 2026. From then, the only thing allowed to signal incidents will be these light signal that contain your geolocation.

 V-16 lights

The deputy deputy director of circulation of the DGT, Ana Blanco, already spoke about these a few months ago: "people become vulnerable" when they have to leave the vehicle to place the triangles, Jorge Ordás, deputy director general of Mobility Management and Technology of the DGT, also pointed to the high number of fatal accidents that occurred when drivers left their vehicles to place or pick up the triangles.

The new signage may be placed without leaving the vehicle. When we suffer a breakdown, it will be enough to lower the window and put the device on the roof, where it will be anchored with a magnetic anchor. In addition, the device will have a parabolic reflector with which the light will be visible within a radius of one kilometre, even in conditions of low visibility. You will not need cables as it works with battery and you can send a request for assistance when you have a connection with the drivers' mobiles.


The DGT has recalled that, in case of breakdown or accident, the new regulations dictate "as a general rule" that we will only leave the vehicle if there is a safe place outside the roadway, and always on the opposite side to the flow of traffic. If we are unable to exit safely, we will wait for assistance inside the vehicle with the seat belt on.

As translated from Spanish

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