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Gata de Gorgos is an old Spanish town situated on the main N332 from Alicante to Valencia. Gata is situated in-between the inland towns of Pedreguer and Teulada. 

Gata de Gorgos takes its name from the Gorgos river, also know as the Jalon river.

Gata de Gorgos is a small, historical town that was occupied by the Moors during the Arab Conquest in the 8th-13th centuries). In around 1220 the town was re-conquered by Jaime I of Aragon. Originally part of Denia, Gata de Gorgos obtained its independence in 1535

It is famous for its basket and cane ware made out of esparto and palm, sold in the local shops.  Gata is also well known for its Moscatel grapes, these are grown and then using traditional methods, dating from Muslin times, made into the famous wine.

Gata de Gorgos is the place to go if you want to go furniture shopping. It is known for its cane furniture, wicker furniture, American style furniture and beautiful Balinese furnishings and accessories can be found in La Cluse.

Places to visit

Church of Saint Michael (Iglesia de San Miguel Arcangel)

Located just off the main street (Av de la Marina Alta/N332), this church has a square clock tower based on three tiers. In front of the church is a carved drinking fountain. The church dates from the 17th century and was constructed by the Count II of Alcudia. 

This church was built between 1562 and 1582.

Located in Plaza de la Iglesia, in the center of the village, the building is made up of a central nave and two lateral ones like eight chapels (four on each side). The baroque facade faces the square.

The bell tower is one of the highlights of the facade, which has a square shape and is divided into three sections, the first built of rough stone, where the clock is located, the second section has four arches and on them are the bells and finally the third part with steeple head.

 Guitar Factory 

JOAN CASHIMIRAAdreça, Calle Estacio,25, 03740, Tel 965 756 320

Monday to Friday: 9 to 13h. and from15h to 18.30h.

For three generations the manufacture and construction of guitars has held a national and international reputation for care and attention to detail. Here it is possible to see how craftsmen make them by hand.  There is also an exhibition in which appear various guitars made in different styles.

GUITARRAS FRANCISCO BROS Telèfon: 965 75 65 03 Guitarras

Artesan shops   The streets are dominated by antiques and craft shops, often the wares are displayed outside on the street making a picturesque sight and giving the town it's nick name of the 'bazaar' The Avenida de la Marins Alta and adjacent streets, house most of the craft shops.

Gata de Gorgos basket making

The Municipal Archaeological Museum

The Municipal Archaeological Museum Penyo 10, 03740 Gata de Gorgos

The Hermitage of El Santisimo Cristo del Calvario

Tossalet del Calvari, 39, Tel 965 756 010

This is a simple church and the location for the celebrations in August. Dating from the 18th century, you can visit on Fridays from 9am and Sundays at 8pm

The hermitage of Calvary is the second most important religious building in Gata de Gorgos

It is dedicated to its patron, the Santísimo Cristo del Calvario. The temple is located on top of a hill on the outskirts of Gata. Small in size, with very simple Baroque details, the hermitage takes on particular importance during the month of August during the celebration of the Santísimo Cristo del Calvario.

Matties Bags - Matías Salva, SL

MATTIES BAGS is a company with a long family tradition founded in 1980, if you love bags, then a visit to Matties is a must.

Plaça Espanya, 21, 03740 Gata de Gorgos, 965 75 60 51

Friday 8AM–1PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–1PM, 3–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–1PM, 3–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–1PM, 3–6PM
Thursday 8AM–1PM, 3–6PM
Market day

Every Friday there is a market in the village from 08:00 to 14:00. All kinds of products are sold: clothes, shoes, lingerie, fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants etc. The market takes place at the Plaza Nueva, here.

Rastro Market

Sunday-  the Rastro market is held in the poligono part of town which is easily accessed off the N332.


Font de la Mata

Along the path that leads to the place known as Font de la Mata, you reach an old ruined farmhouse, where the remains of a stone cistern built in the late 19th century by the family who own the house are preserved. At 11 meters long and 2.8 meters wide, it has two curved arches at each end. Nearby is the recreational area, where the fountain that gives it its name is located. It is a construction of Arab origin that has six dice-shaped stone steps to give access to collect water. In the same space there are also two large specimens of Mata (Pistacialentiscus).

Gata de Gorgos, Font de la Mata

Las Cuevas Rojas, (red caves) 

Here there are three cavities, between 10 and 20 meters high, of an intense red color (hence the name), located in the Canela ravine, next to the valley that forms the Gorgos river.

The panoramic views here  are extraordinarily beautiful, and up to 34 drawings of rock art have been found inside. They are part of the Rock Art of the Mediterranean Arch. Coat I of Les Coves Roges shows four groupings of engravings from different periods, while Coat II shows two panels, with six and five figures respectively. The engravings were made by making scrapings and incisions in the rock using some sharp stone. They were inhabited by those first human groups and also served as an occasional refuge for wild animals in the area.

This art collection is included in the inventory of rock art in Valencia and is part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Gata de Gorgos, Las Cuevas Rojas

Fiestas in Gata de Gorgos

January 17th San Antonio Abad, with the traditional blessing of animals.

February 26th Carnival 

March 5th Burial of the Sardine

June 23-24, San Juan is celebrated with bonfires, in the Font del Riu neighborhood.

August the fiesta is to honour The Christ of the Calvary. Held between July 27 and August 6

At the end of September, the town comes alive during the fiesta of San Miguel, (Saint Michael). It is mainly an artisan fair that draws huge crowds.

Gata de Gorgos, fiestas

Getting to Gata from Benidorm  

By Car -  via the AP- 7 around 40 minutes 38.9 km or 46 minutes via the N332 34.9 km

The main road runs through the middle of Gata de Gorgos and narrow streets lead off each side. Parking is limited and the main road is very busy in summer.

Train -  Line 9,  1 hour 6 minutes, trains every hour. cost between 3 - 5€

Bus - ALSA bus, 1 hour 40 minutes, price 6 - 9€, twice daily

Taxi - Price between 50 - 65€ each way


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