Benidorm Mobility Scooter Rules 

Mobility Scooter Rules - Benidorm, July 2022  We all know how popular mobility scooters are here in Benidorm but these can cause problems for other pedestrians and motorists, and after numerous complaints from drivers and pedestrians in Benidorm, the town hall has announced tighter controls in the face of multiple breaches on public roads.

Municipal sources calculate that in the city more than 500 motorized chairs are marketed daily.

The Department of Mobility of Benidorm City Council, hand in hand with the Local Police, have intensified control over the rental and use of personal mobility vehicles and a campaign has been put into operation to cover two problems: To inform the establishments that are responsible for the rental of these vehicles and to do the same with users, making sure they know the rules in place.

The mayor recalled that Benidorm was "one of the first municipalities in Spain" to regulate the rental and circulation of this type of vehicle and translate it into a municipal ordinance, to insure "the greatest guarantees of safety for all road users, mainly pedestrians".

Benidorm Mobility Scooter Rules 

Rental of Mobility Scooters

The ordinance establishes that the rental of these self-propelled wheelchairs (mobility scooters) is limited to people with accredited mobility problems and with disabilities, you should be asked to show either a blue badge or a letter of need from your GP or those who are over 55 years old.   Failure to comply with the regulations could result in a fine of up to 500 euros.

Users -  Mobility and Scooter users.

The misuse of these vehicles, which circulate at speeds higher than allowed or on footpaths where they are prohibited (scooters), causes numerous complaints from drivers and users and damage to pavements etc

The ordinance generally prohibits these vehicles from circulating on the sidewalks, except in the cases of people with reduced mobility or functional diversity who may do so at a maximum speed of 4 kilometres per hour, the average speed of pedestrians.

The Local Police are in charge of informing and reminding users of the content of the ordinance, emphasizing where these vehicles can circulate and the speeds at which they can do so, and serious infractions can once again lead to fines of up to 500 euros.

Benidorm Mobility Scooter Rules

These personal mobility vehicles cannot circulate on the bike lanes located on the sidewalks, but they can circulate on the road, on single-platform streets where the passage of vehicles is authorized, they may circulate at a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour, as well as on the road respecting that same speed; while only the smallest skates will be able to travel through the parks.

Scooter Users (Not Mobility) -  All users of this type of vehicle are obliged to drive with a helmet and with civil liability insurance these must not be ridden on footpaths.

Remember - The municipal laws that cover their use, allow for fines of 500€ for misuse of the vehicles.

In Summary: Our Understanding of the law is

Neither Mobility Scooters nor Stand Up Scooters may be used in Bike Lanes

Stand Up Scooters are restricted to the Road only.  A helmet must be worn and there is a maximum speed of 20km per hour

Benidorm Scooter rules

Mobility Scooters may be used on Footpaths but with a maximum speed of 4km per hour.  They may be used on Roads with a maximum speed of 20km per hour.  The exception to this is if the bike lane is on the footpath, then they may only be used on the road.

You MUST be disabled or over 55 years of age to be permitted to rent a mobility scooter.

Road signs (stop, give way, speed limits, traffic lights, one way traffic etc) are applicable to all road users, including those using Mobility Scooters or stand up scooters

Again please note this is our understanding of the law.  Please inform admin if you believe we are incorrect.

Note - This article has been translated from Spanish to English so some details may be lost in translation, read the original article here.

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