Tallest buildings, Benidorm

Benidorm´s Tallest Buildings

Benidorms Tallest Buildings - Benidorm is famous for its tall buildings but - Did you know?

Benidorm has the most high-rise buildings per capita in the world?

Benidorm is the second city in the world with more skyscrapers per square metre? beaten only by New York!

Benidorm is the 2nd Spanish city with constructions of more than 150 meter? Madrid is the first and we even beat Barcelona.

Benidorm is the 3rd city in Europe with the highest concentration of tall buildings? 1st place goes to London and  2nd Milan.

And the top 10 of Benidorms Tallest Buildings are - 

1 - Intempo - 192m, (height to tip 200m) - 52 floors 

This is the tallest building in Benidorm and the tallest in Spain outside Madrid it is also one of the tallest in the world for a city of less than 100,000 inhabitants, and the tallest residential structure in Spain and is visible from six miles away and now dwarfs everything else in the area

Love it or hate it this is probably Benidorm´s most famous building but not necessarily for the right reasons - In 2005, a year before the start of building, developer Olga Urbana secured a €92m loan from the now-defunct savings bank Caixa Galicia. The company said In Tempo was “an unquestionable banner for the future”. It certainly was, but not in the way that the company or its lenders had hoped.

Work began on the Intempo building back in 2006 and has been hampered with lots of problems including the economic crisis back in 2008, there was also a publicity stunt that went horribly wrong when it was stated that the lifts did not go to the top floors as no lift shafts were installed this was totally incorrect information, but people still state this today.  The developer behind Europe's tallest residential building attacked this "fake and insidious" press coverage of the project, that claimed the building had been built without elevators which went viral at the time.  Rafael Ballesta, sales manager for the development actually described the media storm as "ridiculous" and said: "We are constructing the highest residential skyscraper in Europe so how is it possible to build without elevators?"

However poor planning did lead to unsafe working conditions for the builders, and a construction elevator collapsed hurting 13 construction workers, their injuries were made worse when ambulances were unable to gain access to the site because a proper road entrance had been overlooked in an attempt to save money.

Benidorms Tallest Buildings, Intempo

The building consists of two parallel towers separated by a gap of 20 metres (66 ft) and connected by a cone-shaped structure between floors 38 and 44. Its frontal view, vaguely resembling the number 11 and the letter M, and is widely rumoured to commemorate the terrorist attacks of 11 March 2004 which took place in Madrid.

The Intempo building houses 256 apartments, distributed over the 45 floors, within the central cone are four two floor duplexes connected by an internal lift and one even has a jacuzzi on the balcony there are also 398 parking spaces and 133 storerooms.

Intempo was acquired at the end of last year (2017) by an affiliate of an SVP Global fund, the property developer behind the tower block, the company Olga Urbana now ceases to exist  following its bankruptcy.

June 2021 - All major building work is now completed and the occupation licence should be granted by Benidorm Council some time in July, meaning the first apartments will be delivered in August.

40% of the properties have already been sold and are priced from 250,000 euros to more than one million. The pilot floors are located on the second, 22nd and 35th floors.

Benidorms tallest buildings

2 - Gran Bali Hotel - 186m 52 floors.

Previously number 1 until the construction of the Intempo.  The Gran Bali is situated in the area of Cala de Benidorm.

The 4 star hotel, is actually a set of four buildings and was designed by architect Antonio Escario  has 776 rooms (with capacity for up to 2,000 guests), 18 lifts, gardens and swimming pools.

Benidorms Tallest Buildings, Gran Bali Hotel

This is Europe’s tallest hotel and was built between 1987-2002 the hotel opened in May 2002, there is a viewing platform that is open to residents and non residents for a small fee, once on the viewing platform you will have spectacular views right across to Calpe, the whole of Benidorm, La Cala and the surrounding area.

Benidorms Tallest Buildings

3 - Torre Lugano - 158m, 43 Floors 

This is a residential building located in the Rincon de Loix area and until the construction of the Intempo was the tallest residential building in Benidorm, construction started in 2006 and was completed in 2008 and was designed by A. Rodriguez.

Benidorms Tallest Buildings Torre Lugano

The building is the shape of an arrowhead and can withstand winds of up to 40mph the building is a total of 59.901 square meters spread over 43 floors, it also has gardens, swimming pool, paddle tennis court, social club, gym, and children's areas.

4 - Neguri Gane - 145m, 39 floors

The construction of this residential building started in 1997 and was completed in 2002 and at that time was the tallest skyscraper in Benidorm, it only held this position for a short time until the Gran Bali was completed.

Neguri Gane, Benidorms tallest buildings

The building was completed in the brutalist style. It is named after the Neguri neighborhood of Getxo, in the Basque Country of Spain and the and name means Height of the winter city. There is a swimming pool situated on floor 26.

5 - Edificio Kronos - 140m, 41 floors  

The Kronos Building, is again a residential building situated next to situated next to Neguri Gane This fabulous skyscraper with a height of 140 metres and 41 floors, has multiple communal areas, two swimming-pools, spa, gym and green zones and is one of the first tower blocks you see when entering Benidorm via the AP-7 motorway.

Benidorms tallest buildings, Kronos

The fantastic large glass terraces  make it easily recognizable by its flashes, due to the reflecting  sunlight.

Benidorms tallest buildings

6 - Mirador del Mediterraneo - 135m 38 floors

This residential building is also located in the Rincon de Loix area and constructions started in 2003 and was completed in 2006. Its name Mirador del Mediterráneo emphasizes the spectacular views of Benidorm that can be seen from the building. This building has 35 floors (6 are used as garages and another three used as technical floors, with a total of 42 floors).

The building is made of concrete, although at first sight it does not look like it, and has twin towers joined from the foundations to the seventh floor (garages), from there the two towers are created these are joined by metal walkways. These walkways have a complex system of rollers that allow the rocking of the towers in case of large gusts of wind; the walkways can also be used as an evacuation system from one tower to another in case of fire.

7 - Benidorm Horizon Apartments (ex Edificio Don Jorge) - 124m, 36 floors

The Don Jorge is a very modern looking building and is now used as Tourist Apartments and is linked to the Palm Beach Hotel where holiday makers can use all the hotel facilities.

It is located in the Rincon de Loix area on Calle Oslo, up quite a steep hill which means it has fantastic views from the higher floors.

Benidorms tallest buildings, Don Jorge

The undulating roof of its attic which makes the design very different from the surrounding buildings  is said to simulate a wave in the sea, some say that it is tilde used on the Spanish Ñ.

Benidorms Tallest Buildings

8 - Torre Levante - 120m, 36 floors

Another residential apartment block but also popular with tourists due to its location right on the Levante sea front.

The building was completed in 1985 and was designed by architect Carlos Gilardi and is a modern apartment block with plenty of garden space and common areas. Torre actually means tower in English.

Built in 1985, this was the tallest building until 2002.

9 - Residential Costa Blanca (formerly Torres Soinsa) - 116m 36 floors

A residential apartment block built in 1993.  Comprising of two skyscrapers, called Costa Blanca 1 and Costa Blanca 2. The first is the highest with 116 meters of height, located in the area of Los Juzgados. It is characterized by a wide front and a very narrow side

Benidorms tallest Buildings

10 - Miragolf Playa 2 - 115m 33 floors

Residential apartments built in 2005.  The residential complex which consists of the Miragolf Playa 2 towers of 115 meters and 33 floors and the Miragolf Playa 1 and Torre Pinar towers of 105 meters and 30 floors high 

Other buildings that exceed 100m include - Gemelos 26, Torre de Obo, Sol de Poniente, Beni Beach, Playa Azul, Torre Pinar, Residencial Islamar and Las Terrazas de Benidorm, and just hitting the 100m is Gemelos 22.

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