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  • Cristal Park - FB group members reviews May 2024


    Kita Wilkinson
    It’s incredible- they have a English bar - with entertainment on
    Definitely book it the food is incredible to.

    Gemma Spendlove
    Stayed there last year and wasn't impressed. There are mich better hotels for the money I must say.
    Location is good, but we had issues with our room and the reception were not helpful at all.

    Thomas Mcgoldrick
    Fantastic roof top terrace and ba,r yes hotel dated but very clean, fantastic staff for a Spanish 3 star it's superb.

    Stephanie Anne Billingsley
    Just back from there..... Food not the greatest, even though you have 2 restaurants to choose from, roof top terrace fabulous, pool not the greatest and karaoke bar till midnight good, rooms nice and clean, but no balcony in most rooms.

    Trev King
    I was there 3 weeks ago and the food was horrendous. I’ve been to quite a few hotels in Benidorm and I would put this hotel’s food near the bottom. it’s not for me, about 80% of the guests were Spanish and were quite elderly.

    The English pub bit downstairs was spot on, but the pool area on the roof was definitely the worst I’ve come across in Benidorm and is less than suitable for children/ teenagers
  • Location is fab


    I loved Cristal park.
    Location is fab, food is pretty good.
    Yes - there are a lot of Spanish stay here, BUT YOU ARE IN SPAIN.
    Lifts can be a bit tricky as the rest of the world don’t queue like we do 🤣🤣
    If you are smokers it is pot luck if you get a balcony room.
    The rooftop pool is always really cold whenever you go.
  • Cristal Park Hotel - FB members reviews July 2023


    Sara Pascoe
    We've stayed at The Magic Crystal 3 times now and love it. Location is perfect and we love the high percentage of Spanish, the food is great.

    Rhonda Elvira
    I have stayed lots of times it's quirky! I like it *but* I have stayed when I lived in Spain,. Had I come from the UK and it was my only holiday I'd have wanted a proper pool (uncovered that you can lounge around) the food is predominantly Spanish which is always fine with me. Food is always tepid temp they have microwaves but still a bit off putting for me.
    There is an unofficial restaurant for Spanish people and unofficially the other one is for Brits and the food reflects this
    Do not go at Christmas!!!! Spanish Christmas is a nightmare there, the Spanish government heavily subsidises holidays for pensioner's during Spanish Christmas and without wanting to generalise in MY experience old Spanish ladies are hard work I was black and blue from being pushed out the way.
    lots of queues for the lift too all year round and no balconies
    However it's in a lovely location and the staff are so welcoming
    If you get a cheap deal (speak Spanish and book direct) it's a good holiday it is what you make it.

    Tracey Norton
    We went in June food was lovely didn't use the entertainment drinks was great rooms had balcony's reviews were crap when we went but it was great, roof top pool was covered but sunbathing area lovely

    Thomas Mcgoldrick
    For a 3 star hotel it is perfect branded drinks with all inclusive yes it's dated but spotless

    Lorraine Handley
    I stayed at the crystal park with my daughter and granddaughter. We had a great week . Food not great but always something you can have . We went downstairs at night for the entertainment and it was alright . We had a room with a balcony

    Shakina Queenie Stewart
    If you like a modern hotel, it won’t be for you. If you’re happy for just a base, it’s fine. Comfy beds, heated pool which is nice out of season.

    Evie Hunt
    Is oldy hotel location old town, rooms clean, food hmm basic not inspiring, full of mainly Spanish and maybe Spanish kids as opposite sporting building … if you're a couple and no kids go elsewhere better hotels to go to in Beni esp re food, noise and chaos. I had booked because of price - if I’d known would paid more for elsewhere without fail.

    Leanne Coulton
    I've stayed there 3 times and will be my 4th time in a couple of weeks great location they is a lot of Spanish they are great, roof terrace is clean they are doing the hotel up. We always found something to eat.

    Denise Fletcher
    Stayed few times not my cup of tea but was cheap at the time, food not good we ate out most nights only 1 on the bar during day, Plus side rooms, are nice and clean staff friendly and central to most things.

    Danielle Roche
    I had a great week. Very clean, nice staff and the food is a mix of English and Spanish. I went all inclusive and never had a problem having a nice meal. Message ahead and ask for a room with a balcony, if they have the space they will accommodate you.

    Colin Stephen
    I have stayed there at least 15 times and going again in a few weeks. Nothing wrong with the Hotel

    Wendy Broad
    I’ve stayed there a couple of times with my granddaughters now 15 & 19 also stayed there numerous times with friends we are 60- 72 we love the place.

    Vicki Childerstone
    Personally I didn't like it, no balconies, pool on the roof is or was covered, so it's a strange set up if you like chilling by the pool, I didn't like being on the roof.
  • Cristal Park - FB group members reviews May 2023


    Garry Marchington
    There are much nicer similarly priced hotels in Beni. Caters more for Spanish guests, most rooms have no balconies, our room actually stank of bleach and had a water leak from the ceiling in bathroom that was never fixed. Small cold covered pool on roof, food and entertainment were poor.
  • Cristal Park - FB group members reviews April 2023


    Adele Davis Hughes
    It could do with an update but its clean, food good, staff friendly and the English restaurant is on bottom floor good choice of food but everyone's personal preferences are different.

    Thomas Mcgoldrick
    For a 3 star hotel I think its perfect yes dated but very clean staff all fantastic always find something to eat drinks in all inclusive are branded Smirnoff etc fantastic roof top terrace with bar plenty tables and chairs and sunbeds.

    Paul Simon
    Situated in the Old Town, I personally love the location. Caters for English & Spanish. Yes a bit dark and dated but you will have a good holiday. How dare a hotel in Spain cater for Spanish guests too! The staff will be speaking Spanish next!
  • Good value for money


    Excellent selection of food basic and clean ..good value for money
  • Cristal Park - FB group members reviews December 2022


    Gillian Ryan
    We stayed here last week with two young kids and we enjoyed it.

    The pool on the roof was still hot enough to swim in.

    They have a kids club that runs from 1600-1900 then 2100-2300 every day, they also have daily entertainment like archery bowls etc with the animation team and a table tennis. They have a gaming place downstairs next to kids club as well but think this is chargeable.

    The night time entertainment was predominantly Spanish but a good atmosphere and mobbed.

    We were on the first floor directly above the bar and was very noisy until midnight but that didn’t bother us.

    Right near the hotel they have a festival with ice rink etc and they have lots of lights and Xmas things throughout the old town.

    Terrie Grant
    My family stayed there with two young teenagers and a six year old, they loved it. Plenty to do for the kids and for adults especially at night.
  • Cristal Park FB group members reviews August 2022


    Sue Lynas
    I think the Cristal Park is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I personally love it. A group of us went and 50% have booked / returned again, and 50% would never step foot inside.

    We all had the same accommodation type, and holiday experience, so it just shows how people's opinions are completely different.

    If you are looking for a typical 'British Themed' hotel, this is not the one for you. But we personally like the AI element, found the food very nice (again some of our party refused to eat there after the first night).

    The location is great for the beach, and we personally found the staff very helpful and accommodating.
  • Cristal Park FB group members reviews June 2022


    Kimberley Anne Bridgett 17th June·
    AVOID - magic crystal park
    We are just about to return home from a week in Benidorm with our 4 children, beautiful weather and beach and we made the best of it however we were and are shocked at how bad Magic crystal park is.. Luckily we booked ultra all inclusive and could visit other hotels as we did just that from 10am - 6pm every day. A family of 2 adults 4 kids all under 13 made to share 2 separate rooms 10 rooms apart but told same floor so deal with it.. despite having some big rooms to accommodate, not given any info on check in about what’s available or about the English bar (in the basement) after asking 3 times if there is any entertainment very unwelcoming .. we have just been made to catch 2 taxies to the airport as the receptionist promised she booked us a minibus and didn’t to top it off.. got to laugh it off.. smiles all round regardless.

    Julie Monaghan
    We had a similar experience tbh. It was a budget holiday and as far as I’m concerned we got what we paid for. Our room was great right enough but the staff were very rude. Our kids were 2,3 and 8 at the time so stayed in the hotel most nights for entertainment and weren’t told about the English bar till a few days in by the only English member of staff who seemed to be there to usher all the Britons into the basement. Felt like the Spanish holiday makers were drawing us dirty looks in the evenings and the English guy kept telling us about the bar downstairs as if he was being told to move us but never actually showed us where it was so didn’t find it till our last couple of nights. Wouldn’t stay there again but loved the magic chain and had an excellent time a few years later in Magic Robin Hood. Would highly recommend for young families.

    Anna-louise Karri Jones 17th June
    We came back yesterday from there, it wasn't the best but it wasn't expensive so you get what you paid for. Food was edible, I did book a junior suite and only got given a standard double. Couldn't be arsed to complain lol, staff all seemed lovely to me. The beer wasn't the greatest but as I say get what you pay for, I probably wouldn't stay there again

    Kira Sedgmore
    Me & my boyfriend was there 2/3 weeks ago we booked double room with 2 double beds they give us singles then the balcony it was covered with a sign & it was tiny as hell & the food is like care home food staff isn’t very good with the English & it’s a bit away from the night clubs but glad it was near the shops honestly the hotel was shocking never will go there again.

    KKirsty Cummings
    We were there last week and was very disappointed with it as well, loved Benidorm but hated that hotel will defo not go bk there

    Edna Hughes
    Not sure what everyone's problem was, yes a bit dated but staff were fabulous, especially Oscar the night man who made sure we had everything when we arrived late, down to milkshake for our granddaughter and a bottle of prosecco for both rooms. We had a great time there and though the weather wasn't brilliant the covered pool and afternoon entertainment made up for it. The night bar below the restaurant was great, lovely singers and the quizzes and karaoke were excellent. Maybe all you complainers need to stop moaning, you get what you pay for.

    Pete Mayhew
    Well I'm going to buck the trend here - we stayed there last October. Apart from not having a balcony, the hotel was good, the staff nice and friendly and the food was superb. There are obviously better hotels but this one isn't as bad as everyone's saying on here !!
    That's my two penn'orth

    Andrew Pritchard
    Have stayed at crystal park a few times it a bit run down but have always found staff very friendly, the evening entertainment was a bit under par but have always enjoyed staying there. The only down side every time is getting the lifts at meal times to English restaurant as the Spanish guests tend to monopolies them, but would stay there again as it cheap and cheerful.

    Margaret Edwards
    Ultra all inclusive gives you international drinks best spirits by far entertainment is good in magic café and the bar staff are brilliant they do have a children's rep artery pool ping pong darts etc also there is a game's experience room for children top of the range games experience machines, there are 2 restaurant's you can chose which one you go in I cant fault this hotel
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