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Centro Mecaloix Perfume Bodega Local 108 and 91, Aisle 4, Ametlla de Mar 09 Benidorm Alicante 03503, Benidorm 03503, Alicante
Perfume Bodega https://www.benidormseriously.com/media/com_jbusinessdirectory/pictures/companies/619/cropped-1582642157.jpeg Centro Mecaloix Perfume Bodega Local 108 and 91, Aisle 4, Ametlla de Mar 09 Benidorm Alicante 03503, Benidorm 03503, Alicante 4.5 05 11


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Quality designer inspired fragrances direct from the laboratory saving up to 80% off high Street prices. Situated in the Indoor Market, Aisle 4.

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  • Perfume Bodega - FB group members reviews October 2022


    Lesley Gilmour
    They are fantastic. Smell so much like the originals and so cheap. I get compliments all the time

    Janet Evans
    They are fab and last much longer than the originals

    Rochelle Douglas Baxter
    Brilliant, smell like the real deal, just come in a different bottle

    Steph Penny
    Loved mine, will be ordering from their website now I'm back in the UK

    Pauline Powell
    Fantastic from Perfume Bodega. Last longer and smell exactly the same. Had loads of compliments. You won't be disappointed and save yourself a fortune.

    Paula Annett
    Perfume bodega Love them bought loads in august back over in November & will be stacking up, they smell as good as the originals & last long

    Tracey Rose'jones
    I live here, we buy them all time, and Spanish ladies love them, fab

    Chris Shirkie
    They're great last longer than real stuff

    Carol Ardle
    Fabulous. I bought 2 back. Thats all i use now. I got 2 of Jo Malones beautiful

    Noeline D Sharp
    Absolutely fantastic, identical to named ones & super strong so they don't fade

    Deborah Doherty
    I got a bottle of black opium last month and you wouldn't know it was the real one

    Jean Bell
    Great value for money and can’t tell difference except the price

    Bev Godwin
    Brilliant & the ladies are very helpful & friendly, highly recommend

    Michele Redhead
    Absolutely fantastic and smell just like the originals. Also, the staff are friendly and never rush you.

    Liz Quinn
    Perfume Bodega. their perfumes are fantastic. If you can't get to Benidorm order online. Very quick delivery.

    Francesca Moss
    I love them. I always get compliments when wearing them

    CJ Jarrett
    I've been using this shop for years and everyone always ask me what I've got in, and the next day you can still smell them on your clothes, best I've ever had, can't tell the difference between original and this, well worth a try.

    Donna Mcdowell
    PERFUME BODEGA are great, I tried them last year for the first time and now use them all the time.

    Andrea AK Coulter
    Bodega ...are fantastic perfumes. Highly recommend. Bought various one's home few weeks back and no one can tell difference between them and originals.
  • Brilliant Customer Service


    Sara Barrass
    Definitely perfume bodega ,there is a stall just across that aren’t as good ! I get mine from there all time brilliant customer service too
  • Perfume Bodega - FB group members reviews August 2022


    Julia Williams
    I bought Christain Diors Dolce Vita copy from here in the indoor market...the only perfume I use and this is a great copy and prices are fantastic...Will defo be buying more of this next year when we return.. Lovely lady also and so helpful

    Lucy Capps
    Love their perfumes always stock up when we go to Benidorm

    Natalie Stone
    Me and my friend bought 3 perfumes each, all smell amazing! I got jpg scandal, Tom ford black orchid and Tom ford portofino and my friend got 3 gucci ones. very pleased and the lady who served us was brilliant and so friendly. thank you!
  • Perfume Bodega - FB group members reviews June 2022


    CJ Jarrett
    Best place ever, the smell lasts for hours, every time I wear mine people ask what I have on, well worth a visit.

    Annette Miree
    Just made a couple of purchases and not only good quality perfume but the staff are extremely friendly and courteous

    Julie Handley
    Love this place! Great value for top quality perfume. Scent lasts as long if not longer than the originals

    Sandra Boyde
    Got my supplies in last week, great shop, good perfumes

    Ann Holt
    Brilliant stuff. Had 6 bottles of different perfumes refilled 3 week ago.

    Debbie Bennett
    Fabulous perfume, and the lady we buy off is so lovely too.
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to review our products. The Perfume Bodega team really appreciate it.

  • Perfume


    I bought black opium for a friend. Was exactly like the real thing. Lasts ages and she loved it..
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    Thank you so much for your kind review.

  • Review by Jillian Leckey


    These perfumes are fantastic we where over in August and every one bought some to try and we all loved them so much my friends have become distributors for the company so every one back home can get them as well. I wear Alien and to me these perfumes last a whole lot longer fragrance wise than my shop bought ones x

    Review response


    What a wonderful review that you have given us. It brightens our day when we hear such encouragement and its great to have your friend as part of our team x

  • Review by Sue Errington


    Bought lots of perfumes from bodega in the indoor market coco channel gucci rush jimmy shoo and you really can't tell the difference smell lasts forever wouldn't go anywhere else the men's kouros is fab too ??

    Review response


    Thank you so much for visiting us and we are really happy you like our fragrances.

  • Fab


    Going home with 13 bottles again .Really need more luggage allowance lol x

    Review response


    LOL thank you so much for your support. We offer a delivery service to the UK so if you visit us again please ask us about this. It will save you carrying it home.

  • Love this shop


    Love this shop. Buy all my perfumes here they're quality ❤❤❤❤

    Review response


    What a lovely thing to say. Thank you very much.

Centro Mecaloix Perfume Bodega Local 108 and 91, Aisle 4, Ametlla de Mar 09 Benidorm Alicante 03503, Benidorm 03503, Alicante

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