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Playing music all over Benidorm

Come and see one of the most talented and gifted pc gamers you'll ever meet!... Also I'm pretty good at music and singing

It all began at the age of 13, locked in a music high school music room for 3 hours, with 20 different instruments to try. Ever since that day I knew I would either become a musician, or a locksmith...

...I chose music!

Now playing in Benidorm! I've been here since 2009, working my way through the ranks, and I can finally say I'm happy where I am. Come and see my shows in Zona Guiri! I hope I will entertain you! :)

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  • Chris chronos


    After watching a YouTube video of Chris I decided on my next visit to Benidorm I would go and see Chris live and I was not disappointed, he’s got a fantastic voice and a really friendly guy, looking forward to seeing him again. I would recommend anyone to go and see him for a great night out in Benidorm you will not be disappointed x
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  • Brilliant


    <p>Chris is a very talented musician and has a lovely voice. Great shows either on his own or when playing as part of The C sharp project. Great entertainment. </p>
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