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We have been living in Spain since 2008. Although we will never be Spaniards with ancestral roots, we can say: we are from here!

Of course, this needed “years and routine”, whether it was about renting a property and buying, starting a company or even the solution of health insurance. We know everything those who wish here might need because we walked through the maze of bureaucracy and found their legal little gates.

With many years of experience behind us, we would like to help anyone who would just come to Spain on vacation or are already considering settling down. Our company's profile includes buying real estate, investing in real estate, property management, founding businesses, and full administration related to settlement, from medical care to auto insurance. Also the Accommodation, Transfer and Programming.

We were able to successfully fulfil the assignment of our clients from many countries of the world, using Spanish, English, German and the Hungarian language and professional translator offices and prepare the necessary documents. Regionally we specialise in Costa Blanca, including Benidorm and its attractions, because one of the most beautiful and most popular tourist centres in Europe attracts small and large investors,. 

For those who want to explore the beach in their retirement years and enjoy the Mediterranean feeling of life. We can help with that.

Noemi and Tamás


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