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  • Levante Club and Spa Hotel - FB group members reviews June 2022


    Matthew Hughes 14th June
    Just back from a Friday to Monday stay at BCL Levante Hotel and Spa up by the Corner Bar.

    Hotel good, rooms huge, staff really nice nothing too much trouble situated in a good area lots going on very close by and ten minute walk to indoor market. Bars across the road Tropical, Rock and Roll Bar and Sinatras all fantastic.

    Only negative was the breakfast. If you want an English style breakfast be prepared to pop in the microwave for a minute or so
  • Levante club & spa Hotel FB group members reviews May 2022


    Anna MN
    I have just returned from the Levante it's a lovely hotel, rooms are a great size, food is really good and staff are really polite. It is a 10/15 min walk into the square, or 6 euro's in a taxi.

    Dawn Heslin
    Levante club is a lovely hotel rooms are lovely staff polite and food is good
  • Holiday


    I stayed at this hotel in march 2022 and I must say it was brilliant. The rooms are spotless and large, I went all inclusive and the food was excellent and the alcohol was branded, I'm heading there again in June
  • Too many negatives


    A couple of plus points... but loads of negatives!!!
    It's the longest review I've ever written, but definitely felt it was much needed!!!

    CHECK IN. Not the best experience ever. Woman on reception chatting away to somebody else in Spanish while checking us in, not paying attention to what she was doing. Thought this was quite rude. When we asked about the room safe she charged us €21 for the week. After checking in and reading the paperwork, we discovered that the safe should be free with a premium room which is what we had. Went to ask about this at reception (different person) she was quite rude and said she will look into it. The money appeared not to be linked to our room? Anyway got it back eventually 2 days later. But why wasn't it linked in the first place???

    THE ROOM, we received a complementary bottle of red. Had a look, it was an already open half drank bottle. Told them on reception, they sent us a bottle of sparkling (unopened) wine instead to compensate. Hotel also states that we get bath robes and slippers. We didn't get the bath robes not that we were bothered but that's not the point.
    We requested a high floor corner room which we got. Room 1710 (floor 17 of 19) Although I do think the corner rooms are premium anyway. They did hear are request for a high floor. Love the wrap around balcony (despite the glass being filthy and looking like it's not been cleaned for months) great views and plenty of space. The rooms are nothing special. They have decent facilities but considering this hotel had a recent refurb, I think it's badly in need of another. Or at least one that's done properly. Lots of rusty / dirty pipes in the bathroom and same for the rails holding the glass. Vent in the ceiling filthy. Also the hairdryer didn't work unless you pushed it back together while holding it. The shower had a mind of its own and was dangerous. After setting the temperature and starting to wash It would then go up and down in temperature on its own. Cold, obviously nothing more than a shock, but when it suddenly changed to boiling hot that's not on. The bed is very big and comfortable, has a memory foam mattress. Room has a mini fridge, and I mean mini. Hotel did state that it had a mini bar in the room, no mini bar provided. They make you buy a full upfront package if you want a mini bar. Room is self has decent cupboard space and more than enough room. It's easy to connect a tablet or laptop to the TV to mirror and play anything you might want to watch as the room only has a very small selection of English channels. BBC1/2, CBBC, ITV/2/3/4/Be. Worth nothing though that the channels kept losing signal. Room has a kettle (included in premium only) Room also has air con, only used it once and it appeared very weak, don't know if it's because it's chargeable? We just didn't need it on our holiday.

    THE FOOD, in the canteen (can't call it a restaurant) options are very limited and not good at all. Sorry, but if anyone has anything positive to say about the food here, they are simply very easily pleased. We weren't expecting the Ritz, in fact our expectations were already low prior to arriving. Yet we still managed to be massively disappointed. The food here is absolutely shocking. Freezing cold pizza & pasta, pasta sauce with a thick skin on top, lots of pork dishes, dishes in pots simply labelled beef, lamb or chicken without even telling you what the dish actually is. Many items labelled up wrong. Red velvet cake labelled as carrot cake and vise versa. All very repetitive. Breakfast not a great deal better. Even simple things such as baked beans were absolutely awful. Something undescribable that was called bacon I didn't dare try. Then discovered a cooking station that did English bacon which was better. Although try getting the staff to make well done bacon and eggs that aren't snotty. That's a mission. Like trying to get blood out of a stone. Coffee wasn't bad. Orange juice wasn't orange juice, it was orange cordial. Also noticed daily several dirty cups, plates and cutlery. They are definitely not getting washed properly. We even had a dirty napkin on our table one day. Not one someone had just left, but a freshly set up table. Napkin had brown stains on it. Overall all the food is bland and tasteless. We really struggled to eat anything and had to start eating out.

    THE POOL BAR was closed so you had to go inside to get drinks. Again, none attentive staff. Young lad ignoring me while on Facebook in his phone. Asked me what I wanted, I told him while he was still on his phone. He then put his phone down and has to ask me again because he clearly wasn't listening the first time. The bar wasn't even manned most of the time. On several occasions I had to go to reception and get them to phone staff to come and serve me. Nice 15 minute wait. No options anywhere for poolside snacks.

    LOCATION wise, don't feel it's great. Feels like quite a long walk wherever you go really. Beach 20 minutes, strip approx 20 minutes too, Although it does have a few bars right opposite. A couple of supermarkets and an indian. Guess it's ok if you don't want to stay in the hustle and bustle but want to walk to it.

    THE SPA. You get a free spa voucher with the premium room. After enquiring we decided not to bother using it. All your entitled to is a short circuit and that's it, everything else you've to pay for. Including latex shoes that are compulsory. All seemed a bit of a rip off really to get you in and get you to part with more cash. Why would you be forced to purchase latex shoes for so called safety reasons when your allowed in the public pool without them? Makes no sense at all.

    THE HOTEL has 4 lifts that seem to take forever to come, and even longer for the doors to open after the lift has fully stopped. Not a big deal to begin with but I gets on your nerves as time goes on.
    The whole place quite shabby, lots of carpet stains throughout the hallways. When it rained water leaked through the windows also. The hotel appears to be semi functioning on absolutely minimal staffing levels. Regardless of the time or day you only see the same handful of staff around the building.
    The hotel didn't have any atmosphere to it. All fairly dull, boring and quiet. Not even any background music around the pool until the last 2 days. The hotel seemed to attract quite a few large stag parties (although it states they don't accept them) Seems they go mainly for the AI alcohol option which they clearly took full advantage of. Can't blame them really, I'm not against that at all but this isn't supposed to be that sort of hotel. We moved away from them around the pool a couple of times as did other guests as they did appear to take over the pool area and take away your relax time.

    In less than an hour of being here we both knew we would never stay here again. I've never thought that before so quickly in anywhere I've ever stayed. This place is definitely not 4*. It's a very generous 3 at best.
    We wouldn't ever recommend this hotel to anyone, nor would we ever return. We were only half board, we'd of been devastated if we'd booked AI.

    On our final day when checking out I went to use the toilets by reception. Found a pair of discarded boxer shorts in the cubicle covered in human feces, it was also smeared all over the pot, the floor and the walls. Absolutely disgusting.
    Review response


    Thank you very much for such a detailed review x

  • Excellent July weekend stay


    We went to Lavante Club for 2 nights in July and loved it so much we stayed an extra night. Rooms are big with large beds, bathroom lovely, large with a bath and shower. It also has a large pool facing balcony. Very clean and felt very relaxing throughout. I would and have already recommended this hotel.
  • Hotel BCL Levante Club & SPA


    General Information - Please note this hotel is no longer ADULT ONLY but is now suitable for FAMILES.

    The Hotel BCL Levante Club & SPA has a total of 186, of which 159 are CLUB rooms, 25 CLUB PREMIUM rooms and 2 SUITES. All our rooms are double, with a maximum capacity of three people. To offer you maximum comfort in your stay, all our rooms have an approximate size of 30m2, a large bathroom fully equipped with bathtub and separate shower cabin, next to a splendid terrace overlooking the hotel pool. Enjoy our charging station for electric vehicles.
  • Brilliant Hotel


    My favourite hotel... rooms big bathroom big... spotless, staff lovely outside terrace at the front with waiter service, food nice with a good choice for all diets. entertainment area at the pool in the evenings too
  • Enjoyable


    Very basic but we liked the location and staff were friendly. Stayed here twice now and Would definitely go back!

  • Members reviews


    Anne Hepburn Went to the Levante Beach Hotel - not the apartments these are not adjacent to the hotel - the hotel was very good food and drinks good quality and plenty choice entertainment in the evening if you wanted to make full use of the A.I if you want to upgrade to premium brand drinks it was 8€ per day but we were happy with the drinks/wine on offer. The rooms were very comfortable clean and a good size staff very nice would return to this hotel - bars over the road if you don't want to walk into town I would give this hotel 8 out of 10 taking into account what we paid etc only one little gripe we had an early flight and couldn't get a drink /toast before we left at 7am, 8/10

    Leanne Phillips Fitzgerald We stayed here last year all inclusive awful Hotel we all had bad stomachs stuff took from our room entertainment was dreadful the drinks were rubbish and pop machine never worked would only give this hotel 0/10!

    Colin Hand Stayed there many many times, fab hotel, lovely staff, food not the best but always some thing to eat, away from the crowds and safe. 8 out of 10

    Mike Fox Great place to stay,staff are friendly the rooms are spacious and clean, .plenty of nice little bars and restaurants near by, recommended. Baffles me why some would go all inclusive to anywhere in Benidorm, cheap prices and quality food to be had nearly everywhere

    Deborah Tim Barnatt we stayed in Levante club and spa hotel at the top of Rincon last august. Absolutely perfect. the apartments are just up from the triangle pubs stayed in 2012 and they were really good. nice and friendly.

    Geordie Jock We. Are in. Levante Club. Hotel just. Now. Great Hotel. Hotel. Is. Adult. Only. Hotel. 1010

    Ann Fitzgerald We stayed there 3 years ago ,did not like ,food poor all inclusive rubbish entertainment ,only good thing is rooms ,they lovely ,with walk in showers 4/10

    Julie Ferns Another fab hotel, possibly the most spacious room I've ever stayed in Benidorm. Although the food was not good and had to eat out all the time. 8/10

    John Dean was there two week when it was new, food was mainly Spanish poor choice of English food there was a cockroach in the bathroom that my wife sprayed with hairspray and was still there when we left, would never go back again too many choices elsewhere also a good way to walk back to at 2 or 3 in the morning 6/10

    Geordie Jock Great hotel go twice a year lovely staff we never had any complaints. thinks some people are getting confused with levante beach apts further down road, dont have Spanish food a lot . always something to eat. entertainment good, usually. entertainment are great work very hard to try to accommodate people needs. bar staff best in benidorm. cant fault hotel at all. 10/10

    Martin Weavers We always stay here, Yes the food is a bit repetitive but we find that in all hotels,we think the hotel is nice and lets face it for the extra bit for all inclusive you might as well pay it for the drink only.We love the location and the Rock n Roll house across the road. We are trying the apartments in February and then back to the Levante in May our score would be 8/10

    Sandra M Hanks - First trip to Benidorm in November 2014 and a stay at this all inclusive hotel. We upgraded to a premium room and sent the hotel an email requesting a high room before our stay. We were given a room on the 13th floor and as the premium rooms are located at the ends of each floor, you are well away from the noise of the lifts. During busy times, the lifts can take some time, especially when there are only 3 lifts working out of 4.

    ROOM: The premium room is spacious with 2 twin beds, a plasma tv (and for the first 2 days was not working - lots of complaints to reception!), a safe is included (but reception gave no details on how to use), finally figured it out though, a key to the mini bar (which does not get very cold and not much room to put anything in), 2 loungers on the balcony (sun disappears around the hotels in front at approx 3.30pm), kettle with tea and coffee facilities (maid often forgot to replenish and give us spoons on a daily basis), robes and slippers (pay €60 deposit and get money back the day before check out when you hand back the robes), a pass to the spa for 2 - see note below. The room and bathroom need updating and it was so hot in the room, no a/c working and all wording had disappeared through wear and tear on the temperature gauge, information on how to use would be helpful in the guest information book in the room. Just a top sheet and light bed cover on the beds. I was okay, but OH was cold during the night, so put his robe on the bed to act as a blanket. Positive note is that the views are great and the higher up you are, the noise is not so bad from outside. Mind you, you can hear all the bottles being thrown into the bottle banks from hotel opposite from early morning to late at night!

    STAFF: No problems with staff, just understanding us was rather difficult as we were from southern England!

    FOOD & DRINK: During our weeks stay, cannot complain about the food at all. We ate at different times during the day, food always being filled as it was getting low. Loved the salads, loads to choose from and changed daily. Coffee not available during lunch times and dinner in the restaurant which was a disappointment. The machines are there, but turned off. Always like a coffee after dinner and you have to go downstairs to the lobby bar for this. Alcoholic drinks were okay and not worth upgrading and paying the extra €8 each per day. 2 drinks allowed per serving, but I did see guests getting more. Plastic cups to take drinks outside or into your rooms, pain if you are getting a coffee or hot chocolate!

    SPA: As we had a spa day included in our room, went and booked a massage each (which we had to pay extra for). The spa day is for an hour and not the day,but to be honest after 30 minutes we had had enough. The plunge pool is cold, the jacuzzi is barely warm and turkish bath (sauna is okay). No staff around on the spa side to ask questions or get clean towels, so just served myself. You have to pay €3 for the spa socks. The massage was okay, but nothing to shout about - 1 hour for €50. Have had better.

    Did not use the entertainment so cannot comment.

    The hotel, I thought was in a good location for us as we did not want to be in the heart of Benidorm with all the noise. It was nice to walk to the beach everyday, a good half hour return journey to walk off the food and booze! I would go back to this hotel if they spent some money on refurbishment and the lobby bar certainly needs some ambiance. A little music maybe and more comfortable sofas?

    On a non positive note, the Saturday brought a large bunch of foul mouthed and loud men to the hotel which ruined our last couple of days where we retreated to our room to drink and sunbathe and not sitting outside on the pool terrace as I could not tolerate the language and the noise.

    Room Tip: Higher rooms, quieter and get more sun.

    Malc Cartwright (Benidorm Seriously Group Member)

    My wife and I enjoy at least three holidays a year at the beautiful Levante Club Hotel, our last say in January 2016 was our 12th, we love the place especially the fact that its adults only.

    One point at the moment is they are suffering from really bad entertainment people who are young Spanish who have no idea what the older British clientele like myself like.

    Ross Hogarth - Best hotel we've stayed in in Benidorm. Can't remember if the room had a kettle or iron though. Ask to be higher up the views are amazing.

    Sarah Walker - We stayed there last year fab hotel food was lovely very clean there is a hairdryer in the bathroom not as powerful as what you'd have at home but will dry your hair either way and you can request a iron from reception we didn't have a kettle in our room we took our own however our friends had a kettle and a fridge in there's so I'd ask we all paid the same for our rooms we didn't bother to question it as we wasn't really planning on spending great lengths of time in our rooms anyways xx

    Jacqueline Dickie - Been there a good few times, you can even get an ironing board just ask at the reception, if you are going to superior rooms you get your tea ,coffee and milk replenished daily, kettle provided, you also get the tv remote, fridge and safe included x

    Carol Harm - We were there in May if you want a kettle its 10 euros per week, tea/coffee etc provided.asked for iron and board but never appeared! Hairdryer was in bathroom. Rooms could do with an update but ok. Food ok pool lovely, be there early if you want a lounger cos lots of them are broken!

    Jane Stanhope - We stayed in this hotel this year....was a good hotel....nice food, plenty of it....clean rooms..shower is brilliant...really powerful!.....don't know about the entertainment..didn't see any of it... just over the road from the tropical...the new sinatras and just down the road is the rock and roll bar..and of course the benidorm palace is up the road.

    Sheena Mitchell McIntyre -

    We stayed there in August this year couldn't fault it food was good and rooms very clean also champagne left in room for other half's birthday didn't have to ask for that and entertainment wasn't bad but Rock n Roll House across the road is brilliant.

    Christine Beard - Food nice hotel nice

    Entertainment not for me

    But then when I'm in Benidorm there's so much choice

    And I know it's all inc drinks but Benidorm has so much to offer

    I prefer to go out

    My opinion only.

    Millie Lester - Stayed here January 2017, food very good plenty of choice at every meal and entertainment very good, bingo or a quiz before show every night, they keep you entertained all night no need to leave the hotel

    Beverley Harris Was Fraser - Have stayed here 3 times now & have not been disappointed plenty of choice of food all staff very lovely & best of all adults only?lovely walk to the beach too, hope you enjoy your stay there xx

    John Lowry - I wasn't impressed with it at all, they make you queue for the pool in the mornings the choice of food is ok but quality isn't great the rooms are just ok.

    Tracy Hague - I stayed here Christmas 2015 hotel was Nice entertainment one good night when singer Ben Ashley was on could hardly understand a word entertainment bloke was saying room was nice food was lovely just find overall to be a cold & impersonal hotel but that's just my opinion.

    Christine Frost Was Beaken - I stayed there last August & loved it staff friendly room was spacious & clean food was good overall lovely place I was really impressed.

    Beverley Tolley -

    We are staying at the levante hotel and Spa, (April 2017) and I would just like to say what a nice hotel this is , can not fault it at all, we up graded our all inclusive so we got branded drinks and it is well worth 8 euro a day , you get huge measures .

    Today one of our party had a medical emergency and the staff were excellent just superb also Liam the Thomson rep was just fab and so helpful and he wasn't even our rep, anyway glad to say the person who was taken ill is back and all ok so thank you all at levante hotel and Spa.

    Sam Smith - Been there 6 years off the belt now.great hotel friendly staff very clean rooms food is great.my only criticism is the entertainment on a night is poor.but the showboat is great and have good entertainment on as well as bars opposite.

    Beverley Harris Was Fraser - Lovely choice of hotel?the hubby & I love it in the levante food & staff are lovely been there 3 times & we'll be going back there too x

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