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  • Port Benidorm FB group members reviews August 2022


    Sue Louise Harris 15th August
    Just leaving Port Benidorm what can I say I’ve had a fabulous week never gone platinum b4 in Benidorm doesn’t matter where you stay but this was special, food excellent drinks excellent facilities excellent weather excellent and big thank you for the great waiter MAGUEL very hard working guy

    Steve Diggins 7th August
    PORT BENIDORM. Just come back from a stay at this hotel . Negatives first lifts are terrible never seen anything like it you have to tap your door card on it and it will only take you to your floor or reception it tells you what lift to go in a,b,c,d if you can get one we had family staying on one of the higher floors and could not get lift to go to there room or any other floor . A couple of the staff were rude my sister is gluten free and was spoken to rudely when asking about what food she could eat. SAYING that 95% of the staff were really excellent one older guy on reception was so helpful. Sun beds it’s the same old problem we’re ever you go people putting towels down and not using the beds.

    Shower leaked over the floor through a gap in the shower door a common problem has quite a few people was saying they had the same problem. But u put a towel down and It sorted the problem out they changed your towels everyday .

    Food was good I found something to eat everyday my daughter is a fussy eater but found something also. The hotel is clean pool area is clean . The animation team were friendly and worked well on the budget they had didn’t look like a lot . Could of mixed things up a bit . Spa was lovely well worth going to. Room was cleaned everyday and are a very nice size . I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels over Benidorm and rate this one 8/10 great location would go there again I’d recommend a lower floor with sea view

    Angie Scothern
    Me and my daughter stayed there in June, I couldn’t fault anything ( well Sunbeds goes without saying) but I didn’t rate the food at all we ate out most days I paid for half board, but everything else for my experience was 100% plus, staff lovely we had top floor the sea view the breeze was amazing, once you get your head around the lifts I thought was a good idea stopped people pushing in xxx. But all feed back is good, as with our 2 posts not everyone's experiences the same thing, some tolerate things others wouldn’t, me and the hubby going to don pancho sept breakfast only .

    Janet Armstrong
    I’m gluten free and staff were great always asked when I went in if I require gluten free bread which was baguettes always warm and tasty

    Margaret Dolan
    We have spent 2 years for Christmas and New test. Lifts are strange at first, bur for me thought they were safer as no one could just walk in and take the lift Yes they could walk up the stairs At meal times they could be busy and it's better having a higher floor as it goes there first and often full when they opened to the lower floors. We found the staff really lovely. Once you get over the glass wall for bathroom, but have nothing to hide from my husband lol

    Kay Marsh
    Everyone's expectations differ ,I personally love it, there is a grumpy barman but he makes me smile (character). The lifts if used properly work well but some do struggle with them it doesn't help when people jump from lift to lift, having pressed for their floor already makes the lift go into meltdown. It can be busy at meal times but we just go earlier & have a drink. Location is brilliant for the beach /prom, lovely beach bars that are fab day & night, a 5 if that min walk to the bus stop 10/15 min walk to the old town stopped in lots but love my annual (more if lucky ) visits here.

    Cheryl Day Dockerty
    We always found staff nice and always plenty of sunbeds so never had to put towels down ..food wasn’t as good the 2nd time we went ..I did struggle at times to put a meal together but I never went hungry ..the lifts we never had a problem with, a lot of the delays were caused by people not knowing how to use them, it was amusing to watch …we did show a few people how to do them, they were a big improvement on what they were like before x
  • Kettles, Irons etc


    All rooms have a hairdryer and safe. No mention is made of kettles or irons.
  • Port Benidorm FB group members reviews July 2022


    Gemma Parry 18th July
    We are staying here now ... Food has been hit an miss, lifts can be a nightmare at times but everything else is spot on.

    Angela Fenton
    Just got back from there fantastic hotel deffo be going back there

    Mick Grebby
    Really nice hotel but in my opinion not great food

    Susan Standring
    Didn't like it food yuk and rooms have all glass bathrooms not private enough wouldn't go again

    Jen Foster

    Stayed there in June, back in September my third stay there beautiful hotel , beautiful pool and bar terrace out front lovely rooms lovely, very nice breakfast evening meal hit and Miss some nights but can always find something even if it’s cheese and biscuits

    Allen Madden
    Good hotel spotlessly clean close to beach not all rooms have frosted bathroom walls came back 2weeks ago had a sea view with frosted glass bathroom wall ,have had a pool view previously no frosted glass wall did not bother me and wife, but may bother families with children, but would imagine they would be put in room with normal wall,

    Joan Andrews
    It's a lovely clean hotel, Fab views if you get a high level room, great location 2 minutes to the beach, lovely spa and gym, lovely pool area.

    Cliff Blundell
    Lovely hotel very modern food was fabulous only snag is bathroom is all glass switch light on whole room lights up

    Drew Lawrie
    Yes, love it, foods great, returned several times, never disappoints, only downside is entertainment but the full Benidorm experience is only minutes away.

    Vicky Williams
    Food rubbish and only 1 lager tasted terrible can pay extra to have different lager rooms clean and tidy but it's a waste of money going all inclusive we eat out most of the time and drank out

    Beryl Reynolds
    Beautiful hotel .lovely staff, food not the best at all .but could always find something I liked.
    Entertainment was terrible, would go back again but would request a room that didn't have a window looking into the bathroom and toilet from the bedroom. pool are is gorgeous
    And it is situated ideally for beach and shops a little stroll to where the main entertainment strip is. I would hop into a taxi late at night back to hotel as part of the way back we encountered ladies of the night and they are robbers This was our first visit after renovations had a nice holiday but my account is an honest one imo.
  • Port Benidorm FB group members reviews May 2022


    Darren Stephenson 30th May
    Just stayed in port Benidorm and we thought it was a great hotel apart from the glass doors on the bathroom who ever came up with that Idea needs sacking and we only found the lifts a nightmare when it was meal time

    Diane Bromilow
    Port Benidorm
    View 10/10
    Food 8/10 not always hot
    Room 6/10 weird bathroom with a glass door! No coffee, only tea.
    Pool 8/ 10 looks lovely but it was. We Year, so unable to comment on the Summer vibe and seems a bit overlooked.
    Lifts 3/10 long waits

    Graham Goodger 18th May
    We are on the 17th floor as requested, hotel great, food not so clever but Pool area and everything else fantastic. Second time this year at this hotel would definitely recommend it to anyone

    Nicola Ashton 18th May
    Staying at port Benidorm. Got to say it’s absolutely amazing. They put us on the 16th floor when we arrived yesterday, view was beautiful but when your terrified of heights it’s not a good place to be. But the staff accommodated us and moved us 8 floors down. Can’t thank them enough.

    Kay Pain 18th May
    We are here now, we requested a sea view as high as possible ! We are on 17th floor with amazing sea view.
    Absolutely fantastic hotel, lovely pool area, love the food , have to agree the see through bathroom takes some getting used to.

    Jayne Chambers
    Just come back from port Benidorm & can honestly say it’s faultless.

    MIchael Prendergast
    Good hotel, great food, crap entertainment and very strange going to the toilet in a fish tank!!

    Caroline Thomas-Jones
    Love port Benidorm. food is lovely, also great snack bar by pool, rooms are nice & clean. some bathrooms are glass, ask if u don't fancy one of those there are closed bathrooms available. Pool is easy accessible it has a walk in ramp. Only thing was the lifts, you need your card on you at all times. Lovely views over the beach if your on the right side and it's a 2 mins walk to the beach. lovely hotel.

    Tony Smith
    Gone way down in ratings, food poor, entertainment poor, and cold in bar area , Don pancho for me in future

    Allison John
    Stayed at Port Benidorm in March and it wasn’t the best. The staff were very miserable with a really bad attitude. I wouldn’t go back there

    Jean Tebbutt
    Port Benidorm is a great hotel so clean, the food is good the staff are so friendly its 5mins from the beach. Book it & see for yourselves.

    Louise Wootton
    Just got back from Port Benidorm on Saturday. Lovely hotel. Our room was massive and spotless. Only thing that let it down for us was the food but it wasn’t awful. My other half is fussy so wasn’t much choice for him whereas I’ll eat anything.

    Dawn Lewis
    Food awful in Port Benidorm. Lovely hotel, but food definitely lets it down.

    Rob Ski Moore
    Port Benidorm all day long stayed there twice Deffoooooo would have no hesitation in staying again good location too super clean nice pool area lovely rooms canny fault it.

    Donna Jackson
    Port Benidorm Hotel & Spa is lovely I’ve just been a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to go back.

    Denise Short
    Port Benidorm is a fantastic hotel stayed at Easter , great food nice staff great location.

    Maxine Brewster
    Port Benidorm is fab, perfect location, hotel very clean, great staff, food is good too ( I’m gluten free and found it great )

    Helen King
    Port Benidorm in 2021 - loved the location near beach /shops/bars etc, the roof top solarium, the food, comfy beds - Normally go HB or FB as like to go out. Opted for AI this time as it was during covid but hated it, no happy waiter service, most bar staff made you feel as if you did not matter. They actually tried to ignore you when they see that band on your wrist. Never again. Why treat you differently when you have already paid circa 30e a head for your drinks per day. We always tip good service, but still they were not interested. Luckily the reception staff were pleasant or would not return. PS As we had hotel only ie no flights actually paid more than most so that did not help. Lesson learned!

    Natalie Eccles
    Didn't like Port Benidorm at all would not go back
    Food awful ate out
    Lifts a nightmare
    Staff ignore all inclusive
    Glass bathrooms ? No thanks
  • Mouldy gluten free bread


    We were at port Benidorm last week.I asked for some gluten free bread ,it takes about 10 minutes to cook in the bag.When the waiter brought it over I could tell by looking at the bag that it wasn’t right ,as the bag was all shrivelled up.When I opened the bag the bread was thick mould .I showed it to the waiter and he just through it in the bin.I wasn’t happy about this so I went and told the restaurant manager ,he went into the bin to look at it.He was very apologetic . I was never offered any more bread that week.I also told the rep.It was hard for me to find things to eat other than salad as I am gluten free,dairy and vegetarian.We have been to the hotel several times now and already have a holiday booked for January 2023,I am not looking forward to that at Port Benidorm.
    The entertainment was very bad.When we went before lock down it was good .Now there is hardly anything on .It wasn’t as clean in the lounge bar you just had to look at the floor.The bar staff didn’t clean the tables or move the dirty pots very often .The only nice bar staff was Jasus ,the staff couldn’t be bothered ,and the younger man was very rude to a lady that had forgotten to put her mask back on when she went up to the bar.
    If I hadn’t a holiday booked in January I wouldn’t be booking Port Benidorm again.
  • Popular Question - Is there a kettle in your room at port Benidorm Hotel and Spa?


    Popular Question - Is there a kettle in your room at port Benidorm Hotel and Spa?

    According to our members the answer is YES
  • I would stay anywhere except here!


    The food in this hotel is the worst ever IMO. We were here for 2 weeks and ate out every day.

    Small rooms - Staff weren’t helpful and lift system dreadful.

    I would stay anywhere except here!

    Having said that - the pool area is stunning, but in March??
    I can’t comment on the entertainment unfortunately as we were never there.

    It’s redeeming feature is the proximity to the sea front and the views
  • Excellent service


    Ok so after some long and thoughtful decision making we are here now staying at hotel port Benidorm can I fault it no! Yes times have changed and looking at the big picture I understand why masks have to be worn when moving in the hotel , as elsewhere in Benidorm food is excellent a quote from a parent tonight was that her child could not find anything to eat absolutely not true meat fish pork chicken salad fruit veg pasta with various sauces cheeses cakes soup potatoes chips along with various Spanish dishes gluten free dishes a selection of sugar free deserts cakes and biscuits various breads , if you cannot find something to eat I presume you eat cardboard boxes as for the work going on I have not heard a thing

    Yes since I was here last some things have changed no cut yourself bread in the morning , no cross contamination! Gloves to be worn when helping self at buffet should have happened before all this in my opinion, rooms spotless every room sprayed if you vacating for the next arrival witnessed today with a cloud coming out of a room in 1 hr last night the bar was wiped 10 times with what smelt like bleach.

    We are here for 28 nights and have never felt safer and more secure in the last two years .
  • Lovely clean modern hotel


    Staying there now it is a lovely hotel clean and modern. Food is a bit hit and miss but you always find something to eat. The only downer is the lifts they can be a pain. Id stay here again, we hope to come in June.
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