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Chipirones Fried Squid Recipe

Chipirones Fried Squid Recipe - Chipirones these are are baby squid or very small cuttlefish which are lightly floured and fried in oil and a favourite tapas for many they are quick and easy to make yourself. 

In some areas Chipirones are baby calamari, whereas puntillitas are made from baby squid.

Squid is a food that is really healthy as it provides very quite high amounts of good quality proteins (being ideal, for example, for athletes and for all those who wish to develop their muscles), they are low in fat and therefore in calories.  Obviously not quit so healthy if battering and frying such as the recipe below.


500g of baby squid


120g of corn or chickpea flour

100g of regular (wheat) Flour (gluten-free, you just have to change the flour for the same amount of cornstarch).

Extra virgin olive oil

Chipirones Fried Squid Recipe


The first step to start with this recipe is very simple, you just have to wash and clean your baby squids. But do this carefully, since some of them might have some sand or dust on their inside and you don’t want to find that when you bite into it!

After that let them dry, you can speed this process by drying them with a clean kitchen towel.

In a large bowl mix the wheat flour and the corn or chickpea flour. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of them, you can use just one type, but by using both you will get a more crunch and a more powerful flavour. 

Once that you mixed your flours, toss your baby squids into that bowl and make sure they get entirely covered by the flour, this way you will ensure getting a really crispy result. In the meantime preheat your extra virgin olive oil in a deep and large pan.

When your oil is hot, it is time to start frying your puntillitas! You can drop and deep fry one by one if you don’t feel comfortable cooking with hot oil, but if you are already used to it you can drop as much as you can but making sure that they have enough room.

Remove the excess oil from the squids, put a little bit more of salt on top of them and that’s it! They are ready to be served.  

Serve with a dipping sauce, such as aioli sauce or sour cream with chopped chives.

Tip - if you want to spice things up, you can add some paprika or pepper into the flour.

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