Coronavirus Updates Spain

Coronavirus (Covid19) Updates Spain

Coronavirus updates Spain  - This page will be continually updated with general information. 

COVID 19 VALENCIA REGION - DATA UPDATED TO MARCH 30th - Valencian hospitals currently have 451 people admitted, 33 of them in the ICU

Data by provinces:
137 in the province of Alicante, (which includes Benidorm)12 in ICU
52 in the province of Castellon, 2 in ICU
262 in the province of Valencia, 19 in ICU

General information

Rules for the Valencian Community

23rd March - Ten things that are going to change with covid and that you should know

The Ministry of Health finalizes a new protocol that will enter into force on Monday 28th March

From next Monday changes the way in which Health will control cases of coronavirus. The new protocol that is being developed by the ministry brings important changes that will be maintained as long as the current situation does not change. These are the main changes are:-

PCR and antigens

Goodbye to PCR and antigen tests for everyone. Diagnostic tests will focus on people with vulnerabilities (over 60 years, immunosuppressed and pregnant), vulnerable areas (health and social care) and severe cases. For the rest of the cases, the diagnosis will be made based on the symptoms that the patient.


Mild and asymptomatic confirmed cases will not perform isolation. It therefore ends with the need for all patients, regardless of their state of health, to stay at home for a week.


End of quarantines for close contacts. Those who have been in contact with a coronavirus patient without adequate protective measures, regardless of their vaccination status, will not have to isolate themselves.

Mild Covid

For people who are mildly ill with covid and for close contacts, recommendations will be issued aimed at preventive measures such as the use of a mask in all areas and avoiding contact with vulnerable people.

Hospital occupancy

The occupation of hospitals is taken as a reference. The accumulated incidence ceases to be valid as an indicator of the situation of the pandemic and Health will be fixed in how hospitals and Intensive Care Units are to vary the measures. The reference is that the ordinary beds of the hospitals are not more than 5% of their capacity with covid patients and the ICUs do not exceed 10% with these patients.

Vulnerable areas

In vulnerable areas, such as health care or social care centers, specific isolation and control measures may be implemented.


The strategy maintains a five-day isolation in residences, which will be lifted if the fifth passes without symptoms, although workers must also have a negative antigen test.

Sentinel network

Health provides for the creation of a sentinel network of family doctors, emergency physicians and hospitals that will be responsible for notifying the cases that are detected of covid to monitor the pandemic. That data is extrapolated and calculated how many infections there actually are. This network will start operating at the beginning of next year.

Indoor mask

The use of masks indoors is maintained.

Vulnerable people

The focus of the pandemic is on the control of vulnerable people and is no longer aimed at diagnosing all covid patients


coronavirus updates Spain


The Ministry of Health and the Colleges of Pharmacists of the three provinces have enabled the telephone number 900 36 22 36 so that those in a  more vulnerable situation can request home deliveries. This phone collects the patient's personal data, along with the number of his health card (SIP card). The information is sent to the College of Pharmacists of the corresponding province. From there it is sent to the nearest pharmacy to the patient's home so that the medicines can be delivered within 24 or 48 hours.

coronavirus updates Spain




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