Traffic and parking fines

 How to check for Traffic and parking fines in Spain

Many here will get traffic fines for speeding or parking incorrectly or even have their car towed away by the Grua.  This page will help explain how to deal with general traffic fines, roadside parking fines and what to do if your car has been taken away by the Grua.

Did you know that there are occasions when if stopped by a Guardia Civil for a traffic offence, that you will be required to pay the fine on the spot? This particularly applies to drivers of foreign origin who are not resident in Spain...(Including tourists) Payments can be made in cash, or by card, as Guardia vehicles carry card machines for this very purpose! In all cases full receipts are given, and of course the discount for early payment would apply!..

How to check for traffic fines 

Many people may still not be aware that since 2014 the DGT/Trafico across Spain don't have to send out written notifications of traffic fines for speeding etc by post any longer (although I believe that some offices still do). The onus is now on the owner to check whether they have got any fines recorded against them.

Even if they do send a notification by post, it'll be addressed to the owners address on their computer records (which may not be up to date).

If you have committed a traffic violation, you will normally receive notifications derived from the sanctioning procedure at your address. However, if you have not been notified at your address because you are absent or due to a change of address, or at the  Electronic Road Address  or its regional equivalents, an edict will be published on an electronic edicts board, the so-called Unique Edictal Board ( TEU), from where you can consult them.


You should also know that if you have not registered in the so-called Excluded List, any citizen will be able to view the personal data included in the edicts published on the board.

You can consult the bulletin board whenever you want, in order to keep abreast of the sanctions that may come to you when you violate the traffic regulations.

Check for fines on line here 

You can also register your email address and phone number with them to get notification of future fines.
It is not sure how accurate/up to date their database is; although they say it is constantly updated with fines announced daily in the Spanish BOE (a sort of Spanish State announcements daily record).

If you are unfortunate enough to incur a fine then there are several ways in which you can pay it:

  • By telephone calling 060
  • On the DGT website at
  • In any local post office
  • At any branch of Santander Bank  You will need to take with you the penalty notice and your passport.

You can be fined for a number of infractions, just as you can anywhere. For example, speeding, parking illegally, carrying the wrong documentation, not wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile whilst driving. You should be aware that as a foreigner living in Spain you must carry a national identity card or passport with you all the time.

You are prohibited in Spain from parking on a yellow line. If you do you run the risk of having your vehicle towed away. If this happens to you, you will find a sticker in place of your vehicle when you return including a number to call and the address of the car pound. You can expect both a fine and towing costs to pay

Traffic and parking fines

ORA PARKING FINES, Road side ticket machines.

To avoid getting fines use the Moviltik App to pay for your parking

If you have received a Parking ticket on your car from ORA in Benidorm for overstaying or parking without a ticket then you can either pay the excess on the machine (within 30mins of the ticket being issued) or in office details HERE

C/ Roldán, 9.
965 86 55 23 / 608 11 25 88
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parking in a limited place and controlled by O.R.A., lacking a ticket (90 euros)

Parking in a limited place and controlled by O.R.A., over the time set on the ticket (50 euros)

Parking in a limited place and controlled by O.R.A., over three times the time set on the ticket (90 euros)

Do not place the O.R.A. ticket or badge (50 euros) in a visible place on the vehicle dashboard

Use counterfeit or manipulated O.R.A. tickets (50 euros)

Park motorcycles or mopeds in O.R.A. area, during the time of use of the same (50 euros)

Traffic and parking fines


Have you ever come back to your car only to find a yellow sticker on the pavement where it should be?  If so this will be down to the Grua. 

These are Municipal Towing Services  that are involved in improving the efficiency of road networks by controlling parking in-disciplines. To achieve this, they move any vehicles parked in areas where maintenance works or special events are taking place, vehicles illegally parked which can cause obstruction, they also remove vehicles that are not roadworthy (accident, alcohol, etcetera) or have been abandoned on public roads.

Traffic and parking fines, Benidorm, Grua

How to locate your vehicle

If your vehicle has been removed from the street, the Municipal Towing Services leave a sticker on the tarmac, indicating the car pound to which it has been transferred, as well as the requested documents to release your vehicle (in Spanish of course).

You can also get more information about your vehicle By calling 966 83 11 61 or 618 221 403

You can also use an online system to help you locate your vehicle just enter your vehicle registration number (no dashes or spaces) on the form.

How to get your car released.

Below are the documents required for different services

Removal of Vehicle 

Call municipal car pound for information on 966 83 11 61 to be advised on the condition of your vehicle.

Fine or Complaint

If it is about a vehicle removed due to a fine or traffic complaint you can go the corresponding pound and release the vehicle, by presenting your ID or Driving License..

– ID or Driving Licence

Clamping or Theft

If the removal is due to clamping, you must first obtain the removal authorization from the competent authority. In case of a theft, you must first remove the theft diligence. In both cases, you must show proof of identity (ID or Driving License) and submit the authorization to release the vehicle..

– ID or Licence
– Authorization


If it is a displaced vehicle, you will be advised as to its whereabouts.

Assignment of Vehicle

You will need to fill in the authorization form for Assignment of Vehicle which can be: “downloaded” and submit the following:


– Photocopy of owner’s ID: DNI/NIE


– Photocopy of ID: DNI/NIE of the person who gives the vehicle, which will be the person authorized to do so (administrator, guardian …) and who must sign the assignment
– Photocopy of powers of attorney


In either of the above cases, provided the person who gives the vehicle is acting on behalf of the owner:

– Specific authorization duly signed by the owner
– Photocopy of ID: DNI/NIE of both the legal agent and the represented


– Photocopy of owner’s ID: DNI/NIE
– Photocopy of documents proving vehicle ownership


The recovery fees for the service of removal of vehicles from the public highway and their subsequent custody vary from 38.00 for a motorcycle up to around 150€, there is also a daily fee from 5 - 19€ depending on the vehicle.  Find up to date prices here

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