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Polls can be a fun way to have your say on your favourites, while at the same time help others who need guidance and recommendations.  Please note these polls are for guidance only.  In the majority of polls you can make up to five selections and add some ideas of your own.  All votes that are over one month old will be removed in the interest of keeping the poll up to date.  In the event your votes has been removed you will then be eligible to vote again.  

Again I stress these polls are for guidance and fun.  We have taken precautions to prevent cheating and fraud, but we have not integrated the same standard of security you may encounter at the Pentagon in Washington.  We trust our members to use the polls in the manner they are intended.  If someone appears to be manipulating the results, please treat the recommendation with caution.

The following polls are currently available.  Have fun and come back often (well once per month will be fine)

Who does the best Sunday Lunch in Benidorm?

Where do you recommend for that Special Meal?

Where is the best place to watch Sport?

Keeping up appearances. Where are the essential calls?

Who does the best Breakfast in Benidorm?

Who serves the Best Indian Food?

Which Venues do you recommend for Children?

When it comes to Karaoke. Which Bars?

Where do you recommend for Afternoon tea?

Where is your preferred choice of Venue for your Evenings Entertainment?

What do you think are the must see shows on a visit to Benidorm?

Who does the best Steak in Benidorm?

Cocktails In Benidorm

Getting a Tattoo in Benidorm

Have you an idea for a poll.  Complete the Form and we will create it.  

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