Selomar Hotel Benidorm Updates

Selomar Hotel Benidorm Updates

19th February 2023

The Selomar Hotel will be given a new name the Barceló Benidorm Beach, although most of us will still fondly remember it as the Selomar.  The façade of green canvas that stood out on the skyline of Levante beach is no longer and the building is already showing its new face to the world and awaiting the final touches.

The new hotel is finally getting closer to reopening after more than five years since its acquisition from the Almodóbar family, there is still no confirmation of an official opening date, just "Summer 2023".  Watch this space...

The Barceló Benidorm Beach, will have 265 rooms and a "spectacular" roof terrace for its customers, they also promise "different gastronomic spaces". All this under the premise of hotel which will be "recommended for adults".. 

The interior design of the hotel is being kept secret, but the first indications suggest that the rooms will be of pastel colours and light wood, with the colour blue being predominate.

The owners of the building are Hotel Investment Partners (HIP), and the managers of the new hotel are the Barceló Group.

16th May 2022

Finally after after years of stagnating building works due to problems with permits, Hotel Investment Partners (HIP) have all the permits in place and phase 2 of the building work which covers the interiors and the façade will begin.  The famous Selomar´s intention is to be open for the 2023 season.

23rd May 2021

The renovation of the Selomar Hotel, which has over time remained as a ghost building in one of the most privileged areas of the city, could be resumed in a few months.

The reason work was stopped: The 2015 coastal deslinde forced the work to be paralyzed as part of the balconies came within the coastal protection zone, this restriction has now been lifted.

Benidorm City Council accepted in mid-April the transfer of 320 square meters on the beachfront that were left outside the public maritime-terrestrial domain, those areas will now be municipal, both on the seafront of Paseo de Colón and Virgen del Sufragio Avenue where the Selomar hotel is located

Selomar History - A 1970s hotel that closed its doors in 2007

The Selomar opened in the early 70s when Benidorm began to be the tourist city that is now and is in one of the most privileged areas of the city, situated on the Promenade de Levante and just a few meters from the old town. 

The owners decided to close the doors in 2007, although the decision was to be temporary and was intended to serve to carry out reforms, sadly it never opened its doors again. During the following years a fire affected the structure and forced the eviction of neighbours and squatters from inside and vandalism made it a ghost building on the front line. A canvas has been covering its facade for years.

1st March

Images of what the all new Selomar hotel should look like after work is complete hopefully some time in 2023.  Building renovations have not started as yet but after meetings held on February 15th, the Provincial Coast Service in Alicante signed the act of disaffection of the land on which the establishment is located.

The hotel is located in one of the best positions for tourism in Benidorm. In front row of the promenade of Levante beach, the busiest in the city.  After refurbishment, it will become a four stars plus hotel with 245 rooms.

The property is owned by the listed real estate investment company (socimi) Hispania and is expected to be managed by the Barceló Group. Although they have not yet started the works, they already have the project underway and already show the definitive image that it will have, which recalls what it looked like before its closure for more than a decade.

4th December 

The Barceló Group, manager of the Asia Gardens of Benidorm and Occidental of Alicante will begin the reform of the Selomar (272 rooms), in Benidorm, with the intention of opening in 2023. re-modelling works will start next year. They will also manage from spring 2021 two new 5-star hotels in La Nucía

31st July 

The Selomar hotel, on the beachfront of Levante beach, has been closed for more than a decade and during this time fire and vandalism have taken its toll on the building, leaving it in bad repair and an eyesore in a prominent position.

Now, after two years since the reform began back in 2018, the City of Benidorm has completed the long administrative process for the general management of Costas to approve and reactivate the license of works that will allow to convert it into a modern accommodation.

Selomar Hotel Updates

In yesterday's plenary, the PP Government carried a motion ratifying the 2016 and 2019 agreements for the free transfer to the City Council of the front-line strips of land of Paseo de Colón and Mare de Déu del Sofratge Avenue that the Directorate General of Costas considers unnecessary for the maritime-terrestrial public domain. That second is where the Selomar hotel is framed who needs this deslinde to reactivate its construction license and that the reform can be carried out to turn it into a new hotel.

The Selomar hotel was acquired in 2017 by Hispania, through its subsidiary Bay Hotels & Leisure, for 15.6 million euros and an investment of between 15 and 17 million is planned for its rehabilitation to be a 4-star superior hotel.

The new property began with improvement work in June 2018 after years of deterioration, squatters and a fire in 2015 that affected the structure. But it all stopped soon after because of a problem with the delined being within the line of the land maritime public domain. The City Council and Costas disaffected that plot, but a judgment paralyzed the whole process and an agreement had to be reached to "save" the Selomar (and keep its balconies) and other buildings that are in the same situation both in this street and in Colón. 

Yesterday, the procedure was carried out again to achieve it. The Council council of Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles, explained that at the request of the delegate of Economy and Finance of the Ministry in Alicante are now referred to "the certifications" in which the provision of the City Council is recorded to assume this free transfer of land and to comply with the commitments derived therefrom, so that this land is intended for roads or public spaces. Now the agency will have to answer again and it seems that this time it will be the final. Once you have this deslinde, the company will be able to reactivate its construction license to eliminate its footprint of the old Selomar on Levante beach and make way for a new accommodation.

Please note this story has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in translation, read the original here in Diarioinformacion

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