Spanish Road Trip 2022

Spanish Road Trips-  2022 Day 1 Benidorm to Murcia

Spanish Road Trips 2022 - Day 1 - 25th July Benidorm to Murcia. Journey time 2hrs 30 mins 144km

Leaving Benidorm behind, where the temperature was a hot 32ºc  we headed towards Murcia and the temperature began to steadily rise until reaching a whopping 46.5ºc, now it is hard to explain just how hot that feels but imagine stepping into a furnace, that just about sums it up, you can almost feel yourself sizzle.

Feeling peckish we stopped for a bite to eat at what must be one of the most expensive service stations in Spain (Cafestore), normally we enjoy the road side cafes and service stations as they are good value, but this was the exception to the rule, 2 cans of drink, one Russian salad, 1 tomato and cheese salad and 1 Flamenquín (which is an is an Andalusian dish made with slices of serrano jamon wrapped in pieces of pork loin, coated in batter, and deep-fried) which was served with a few potatoes cost 31€, in Benidorm we could have had a gourmet meal for that.

Spanish Road Trips, Benidorm to Murcia

Murcia is a city situated in the South East of Spain and has been the capital and most populous city of the autonomous community in the Region of Murcia since 1833, the city itself dates back to 825AD  Having lived in Benidorm for quite a few years and visited many places in this region, we have never actually visited the city itself.

The main things to see here seem to be the Cathedral de Santa Maria, the medieval bridge and the bull ring, although it was really too hot to wander around to much, we did manage to visit all of the above, but I am sure there is a lot more places to visit.


Venturing out in the evening, it was surprising how quiet everywhere was and even at 20.00, many places still seemed to be closed, we are not sure if this is normal or just that most sensible people choose not to venture out in the heat.

Cathedral de Santa Maria - Construction for this Baroque style cathedral began in 1394 over the remains of an old Arabic mosque. The construction of the tower was started in 1511 and continued until 1793, this is divided into five parts and stands 93 meters high and has twenty-five church bells all having their own names. The cathedral was declared a National Monument in in 1931.

Los Peligros Medieval Bridge - The first stone laid for this bridge was in 1718, and this is an important part of the city and is still used by many even after construction of the new iron bridge, its a great spot to enjoy views of the city and the famous "La Sardina"

Spanish Road Trip 2022, Murcia

La Sardina

Spanish Road Trip 2022, Murcia

Accommodation - Pacoche Murcia 3 star, 57.34€ including breakfast for 2, parking was available at the hotel for 12.50€

This hotel was described as a modern hotel, and it did look that from the outside, but once inside I am not quite sure what they class as modern, but the room was far from that, although it did have all we needed for our one night stay, and most importantly good working air conditioning. The accommodation was situated 100 m from the Floridablanca Gardens and Just 5 minutes’ walk from the city’s old bridge over the River Segura and the Cathedral was about 10 minutes’ walk away, so a good location to see the local sights.

Spanish Road Trip 2022, Murcia

Back to the heat Murcia made Spanish news headlines for "topping the list for the hottest place in Spain on Monday 25th July, with official weather stations registered 46ºc, although some official recordings registered temperatures in excess of 50ºc, the rear windscreen wiper on our car warped in the heat.

Dereks' Input:  Wow, what heat.  To use a Northern Ireland expression.  "Me shorts were sticking to the shucks of me arse"

Spanish Road Trip 2022

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