Woman stabbed to death in Benidorm by her husband

who then allegedly committed suicide.

Woman stabbed to death by husband in Benidorm - National Police are investigating a sexist violence in Benidorm that occurred this Sunday (25th September).

Local Police officers located the body when they went to notify the woman that her 73-year-old husband had died in a traffic accident in La Vila Joiosa. The 67-year-old victim had two stab wounds to the chest. The accident in which the alleged aggressor died occurred when his vehicle invaded the opposite lane and collided with a crane truck for reasons that are being investigate.

Everything indicates that the man stabbed his wife during an argument and then fled the scene. It is possible that he decided to end his life when he drove his car into oncoming traffic, or it could have been an accident due to nerves and he lost control of the vehicle whilst escaping the scene of the crime.

Several neighbours saw the husband leave in the car at high speed, around 21.00.

The traffic accident occurred around 22.10 hours on Sunday at kilometre 140 on the N-332, just a short distance from the Marina Baixa Regional Hospital, the car collided head-on with a crane vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction. Due to the impact of the crash, members of the Benidorm Fire Station carried out a laborious task to try and release his body. Although a Samu ambulance attended the scene, nothing could be done for the driver and doctors could only certify his death. The 60-year-old crane driver had to be treated for an anxiety attack.

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Benidorm Local Police were summoned to notify the family of the death, upon arrival at the couples' residence, they found the door open and the woman's body, with two stab wounds in the living room.

The couple moved to their apartment in the Don Miguel II, Rincon de Loix, five years ago from the Gipuzkoan (municipality of Zarautz). They spent much of the year here, although occasionally during holiday periods they would return to the Basque Country. In the building, they barely related to their neighbours and kept to themselves.

Woman stabbed to death

According to police sources, there are no records on file of previous complaints, nor of other aggressions, although on one occasion, the woman who was the owner of the house came to ask the concierge to change the lock to prevent her husband from accessing it. However, two weeks later, he asked him to give him a copy, as if nothing had happened.

Agents of the Scientific Police were examining the scene of the crime during the morning, in search of indications that would allow to reconstruct what happened. While other officials were in charge of collecting the security cameras, in order to locate images of both the moment of the husband's escape, and the arrival of the couple to the house. The body was transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Institute for an autopsy.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English, so some detail may be lost in translation.  Read the original article here.

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