Altea Castell de l'Olla Fireworks

Altea Castell de l'Olla Fireworks

Altea Castell de l'Olla Fireworks - 13th May Updates - Cancelled for 2020

The Board of Directors of the Castell de l'Olla de Altea Brotherhood has decided to cancel the 34th edition of the pyrotechnic show on water, which was to be held on August 8, as a result of the Covid-19 health crisis.

The Castell de l'Olla firework display is held in honour of San Lorenzo Fiesta, on the second Saturday in August every year. This year it will take place on Saturday 8th August 2020. The event is ecologically safe for the environment.

More information on Altea in general can be found HERE

This FREE event is one of the largest firework displays in Europe and has had over 50,000 people attend from all over the world every year since 1986! - Altea's Castell de la l´Olla has been a tradition for over thirty years; a festival of light and gunpowder, which is unique in being the only festival in the world with a firework display at sea, with the pyrotechnics launched from 8 platforms each weighing 15 tonnes.

This year, in addition, the small plastic rafts that support the pyrotechnic elements that create the famous "peacock tails", the best known feature of the "Castell", have been replaced by cork housings instead of cardboard plastic, hemp ends will be used instead of nylon, and chemical substances in the powder containing lead such as perchlorate or dichromate are removed . All for the sake of respect for the environment 

Altea Castell de l'Olla Fireworks

The setting for the event is the pebbled 1.4 kilometre long beach of L´Olla situated just on the outskirts of Altea (Altea Hills end). Through out the evening the atmosphere builds until midnight, when the show begins! The fireworks are set off from floating platforms and accompanied by a live orchestra.

The firework display starts at 23.55 but many people make a whole afternoon/night of the event and you do need to get there early to find your spot on the beach, this is a real family event, so take a picnic.  The display lasts for around 30-40 minutes.  Every year more than three thousand kilos of gunpowder are used in this event. The party goes on long after the fireworks have finished with plenty of music and dancing.

All the surrounding roads are closed for this event so if you are planning to drive get there early as parking is a problem, you need to park in the village and walk to the event, don´t know where you are going don´t worry just follow the crowds, there are also police and event organisers that will help you find your way.

Altea Castell de l'Olla Fireworks

Extra trams will also be running for this event, with a special service between 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and 02:00 a.m. on Sunday every 40 minutes.or catch the No 10 bus from Benidorm.

There are two chiringuitos on the beach that will be serving drinks and tapas, but these will get very very busy so be prepared to queue ore take your own provisions.

Video from the 30th anniversary in 2016



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