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Mobility Scooter Hire - Any users under the age of 55 will be required to show "proof" of disability or illness, not new rules, but they are being enforced more now. Also you may be asked to take a breathalyser test if you are driving erratically and could receive a fine or around 90€ - 200€.

All mobility scooter companies are now required to be listed on a council register, so check whoever you are renting from are a legal registered company, this protects you as well as them as they should have all the correct public liability insurance policies in place.

Update on the current position of Servigroup Hotels regarding mobility scooters. from May 2016

Article from 3rd August 2017

Members of Benidorm Seriously Admin met today with two ladies from the Servigroup Hotels Customer Relations dept regarding the new position the company has taken regarding Mobility Scooters.

We would first of all like to point out, the employees of Servigroup received us with courtesy and discussed this issue with us in depth, not only answering our questions but also taking time to listen to our suggestions.  The meeting was at no time rushed, they where patient and courteous with us at all times.

The first point we can confirm is that, just as most of us presumed, the problem has been caused by the use of mobility scooters by members of the public who do not need them.  This has been causing problems for the Hotels as other guests have been complaining regarding the problems of scooters around the entrance etc.  We felt the Hotel had a valid point when they said "How, if we have only 8 Disabled rooms, do we have 30 mobility scooters parked at the door?".

It seems while there are already laws in place to prevent the hire of these vehicles to those who don´t need them, these laws are being ignored by many hire companies and not enforced by the local council.  Servigroup Hotels it seems have decided they should not be the ones to deal with the problems these are causing and in making the decision they have they are passing the onus of responsibility back to both the Hire Companies and the Council.

Servigroup have insisted they are still committed to offering the best service possible to disabled people and have recently invested substantially in improving facilities for the disabled in their hotels. They have provided us with contact details listed below where our members can contact them to discuss individual cases, if they wish.

Please be aware that this does not mean disability scooters will be allowed for the select few.  In short people with disabilities will be allowed to enter the hotel using the same facilities with which they were able to travel ie wheelchairs.  Any further mobility hiring to ease transport throughout the resort will need to be arranged with the hire companies and not with the hotel.

Benidorm Seriously did suggest to the Hotel that they should consider allowing the use of the parking bays for scooters to guests with disability badges, or to those who are using rooms for the disabled.  This point was taken on board, but we received no clarification that it would be considered further.

Further Information may be obtained Direct from the Hotels.

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