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Taxis in Benidorm - It goes without saying that you should only use legally licensed taxis, not only are these subject to regulation regarding pricing and other aspects, you are also protected both regarding your consumer rights and in the unfortunate case of an accident. The local taxi company here is Radio Taxi Telephone number : 965 86 26 26.

You can also book online with Coin Taxi (they also use Radio Taxi in Benidorm and are a sponsored project from the Spanish Radio Taxi Association). You can download the app and order your taxi on the app or online on their website.

There are various taxi ranks all over Benidorm, far too many to mention, you can also flag a taxi down if it is showing a green light.

All taxis must have current tariffs and supplements clearly visible, often stuck to the rear windows or behind the front seats. Additionally, the taximeter must be in view of the passengers and not hidden away. When you request a receipt, some taxis are able to provide a printed receipt whilst others will have to fill a blank receipt in by hand. Either way you have a legal right to request a receipt, and this is what you will need in case of any claim for overcharging. Remember that on the receipt the license number must be shown.  Also, all taxi drivers must carry official claims forms – Before you leave the taxi make sure you note down the taxi license number, date, time of day and the route taken.

Passengers have a right to choose the route they wish to take, but the local taxis will have more knowledge of traffic, ongoing road works and one-way systems.

NEWS - 2nd April - The Valencian government has looked favourably on a request from Benidorm taxi operators for price rises, that are more or less in line with inflation.

The maximum rise across the categories of transport will be 6.67%, with many different lower variations on this increase depending on the services given.

One thing to be aware of is a proposed "minimum fare"..... regardless of distance travelled. This will be 5€ during daytime shifts, and 6€ during nigh times.

The proposed rises have to be approved by the town hall, but that seems just a formality, given that Valencia has already given it the "thumbs up".

Transport for people with disabilities - Radio Taxi have taxis for people with reduced mobility with wheelchair and scooters of all kinds, request an adapted taxi when booking.

Taxis for 7/9 people - If you need to make trips to the airport or Renfe station of Alicante? Contact Radio Taxi for a quote.

Pets - Radio Taxi can transport your pet safely. You just have to call them a few minutes in advance to advise what the animal is and how you take it to be transported. Radio Taxi are Pet Friendly!!!

Taxis in Benidorm, The Cost - General Information

The meter moves according to distance, not speed, however the meter also ticks over during traffic jams, traffic lights and drivers are allowed to charge for waiting time – if you book a taxi to pick you up at home make sure you don’t keep the driver waiting! Many regions include a basic price just for taking a taxi and some also fix a minimum fare regardless of how far you travel. Night tariffs will be more expensive.

If you want to make a longer journey, for example between two towns, then the price isn’t covered by the meter but is fixed by the regional authorities and covers the whole cost of the trip for the taxi driver (in other words, outbound and return).

Going to or coming from the airport (or train station or similar destination) is sometimes subject to a supplement, depending on the city. This can be confusing as it can result in different costs depending on where the trip originates, once again these supplements must be indicated in the tariffs shown inside the taxi.

A GUIDE price to some local destinations - Obviously these prices will vary depending upon your exact location and are only a guide, the prices quoted below are from the centre of the new town (opposite Zodiac Cabaret Bar), Sundays and Fiesta days will be the higher price.

Mundomar/Aqualandia - 7.00€ - 10.00€

Old Town - 6.00€ - 8.00€

Rincon del Loix & The Cross - 5.00€ - 7.00€

Hotel Gran Bali, La Cala - 11.00€ - 14.00€

Terra Mitica/Natura - 11.00€ - 14.00€

Altea - 18.00€ - 23.00€

Albir Playa - 12.00€ - 15.00€

Calpe - 35.00€ - 40.00€

Estacion Autobus -6.00€ - 8.00€

VillaJoyosa Hosptial - 18.00€ - 23.00€

Alicante Airport - 75.00€ - 90.00€

Renfe Train Station 58.00€ - 68.00

The final amount to be paid is what the taximeter marks and includes tax.


Don’t forget that wearing of seat belts is mandatory for all taxi passengers, if you get stopped and you’re not wearing your seat belt you could be fined.

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