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The place to find the music of your favourite Benidorm Artists. Browse the playlists and request what you would like to hear.

Tip for browsing the playlists:  While searching for your favourite artist or song, you will receive a shorter list by simply searching one word.  For example if you search for "Neil Diamond"  You will receive a list of every track that contains the words "NEIL" or the word "Diamond".  Just searching the word "Diamond" will remove all of the other Neils that would otherwise appear.   Therefore search on the most uncommon word used in the Artists name or song title.  

If your device cannot use the player, you can Listen Here to Benidorm Music


Please note we do not own the rights to most of this music.  For more information refer use the home or information links to refer to the artists own website.  Any Artist who would like their music (or comedy soundtrack) added to the playlists please contact a member of admin.  We do not restrict the playlists to Benidorm Music  If you require a downloadable file for your own device, please contact admin.  

Many of the tracks available here can also be purchased by download for our shop

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