Tragic accident as British woman dies on her way from the Cross

25th August - British woman dies in Benidorm  - Latest updates on this tragic story.  The 8-year-old boy who was on the same "scooter" as the victim remains in the Pediatric ICU at the General of Alicante after suffering injuries.

Local Police are trying to understand the cause of the accident, at this point in time nothing is being ruled out from possible brake failure on the mobility scooter to the woman having some medical issue which lead her to crash sharply into the fence. 

24th August - A 58 year old British woman died in a tragic accident on Wednesday 24th August.

The events took place just after 16.15hrs when the family were on their way down from visiting the Cross (La Cruz)  when the vehicle the woman was driving at quite high speed hit against the wooden fence, causing the woman to fall over the fence and fall down the steep hillside.  .

The victim was on holiday in Benidorm with her husband and 8 year old grandson.

Sources state that the rented mobility scooter the victim was driving, left the road and plunged down the cliff, in an area that was very difficult for emergency services to access.  She was reportedly carrying her 8 year old grandchild on the scooter at the time, who was also injured in the fall.

British woman dies in Benidorm

After observing how the woman rushed down the hillside, her husband, who was driving another motorized scooter, stopped his vehicle to assist, but whilst trying to help also suffered injuries.  

Local and National Police, Benidorm fire services and Sanitary SAMU ambulance teams attended the scene, SAMU staff performed resuscitation techniques on the 58 year old woman, but, sadly were not able to revive her.  The rescue attempt lasted approximately 2 hours.

The reason for the accident is being investigated, sources indicate that the Police have opened an investigation to clarify the causes of the accident and to determine if the rented vehicle complied with all the requirements set by the regulations.

Benidorm has been on a crusade for years to regularise the use of this type of vehicle, given the multiple breaches that occur by drivers. In addition to many other requirements, the municipal ordinance states that only people over 55 years old or with mobility problems can rent mobility scooters, but in this case  regulations were followed since she was over 55 years old.

Please note the above has been translated from Spanish to English, so some details may be lost in translation.  Read the original article HERE

Our sincere condolences go out to the victims family and friends.

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