Transport to and from Alicante Airport

Transport to and from Alicante Airport - You have booked your holiday to the Costa Blanca and are now wondering how to get to and from your chosen airport.... there are quite a few options which we will go into detail about below.

Alicante Airport is Spain's 5th busiest so it can seem a bit daunting if this is your first visit.


From 8th February, it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks on Public Transport. 

Transport to and from Alicante Airport

What is the difference between a taxi and a transfer company? A taxi is metered and has a limited jurisdiction for pick up, hence the reason that taxis at the airport are Radio Taxi Elche, (Alicante airport is located in the Elche region).  A transfer company is only licenced to transfer customers to and from the airport, they are not licenced to transport passengers round towns etc.  They run on set prices not meters.

1.  RADIO TAXI - Radio Taxi Benidorm are only permitted to take you to ALICANTE Airport, they cannot bring you from the Airport to Benidorm.

Pre-book your taxi HERE

Taxis at the airport for your onward journey

Using taxis to get from the Airport to Benidorm - There are always plenty of taxis at the airport, (Radio Taxi Elche) as you the exit the terminal you will find a Taxi stop.  A taxi that will take about 45 minutes into Benidorm. A standard legal registered taxi will cost between 75-90€ depending upon the time of the day/night, ask the driver to confirm the price before departing. 


One of the most popular ways of getting to and from the airport is via a specialist Transfer Company and these will have various options, a transfer can take anything between 45 mins - 2.5 hours depending on the type of transfer booked, i.e., speedy, shuttle or private transfer.

Standard Shuttle/bus 

These you will share with others and may have to wait for other flights to arrive but will deliver you door to door providing road access is available.

Speedy/fast track Shuttle

These generally will have a maximum number of stops (4 on average), which cuts down on the transfer time.

Private Transfers

This means that you are the only passengers, so no waiting around and door to door service.

Recommended Companies 

BENICONNECT Shared and private transfers 

Awarded by the Spanish Government “Best Transfer Company in Spain 2018”.

Beniconnect Transport to and from Alicante Airport

Beniconnect Travel Agency provides a low-cost Alicante airport shuttle or private transfers serving all the resorts in the Costa Blanca such as Benidorm, Altea, Denia, Albir.

"Since its formation a few years ago, Beniconnect continue to focus upon the achievements of our goals to enhance, value and improve the quality of our products and services. Travel to broaden the mind and build bridges between people. We have built our reputation on reliability, efficiency and by offering a professional and friendly service. Our express connect shuttle service is testament to that, with customers returning year after year, regularly using their service. Our Express Connect is a speedy, economical and efficient form of transport from the airport to your resort, with no need to wait for extended periods of time at the airport and a minimum of stops and drop-offs that it has proved a great success and is available year-round. This service operates from Benidorm, Villajoyosa, La Cala and Albir with a maximum of 4 stops!"

"We also offer Private Transfers in Murcia and Valencia airports and private services to railway stations and ports."

Beniconnect is a registered Travel Agent and moreover has obtained the best possible license here in Spain ensuring its customers have complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that all legalities regarding health and safety are adhered to under local law. Their drivers, have between them, a wealth of experience with years behind the wheel. All are uniformed and adhere to strict company policies with regards to health & safety and of course customer care.

"Beniconnect is the only company offering late bookings on request with a contact centre open every day from 9.00 hours until 20.00 hours. Please mention Benidorm Seriously you may receive a discount.

Phone Numbers:
ES: +34 965 850 790
UK: 012 730 379 52

Beniconnect offers first class transfer services at incredibly low prices".
Please note: We would like to inform you that we do not operate any services on Christmas Day - 25th December.


ABAS - Standard shuttle service - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE on our website.

Abas Shuttle, Transport to and from Alicante Airport

Abas Costa Blanca SL are the local handling agents and transfer suppliers for many leading companies.

They are proud of their reputation of offering a professional reliable service and are continually working with our partners to offer the best customer experience possible.


Alicante Private Transfers, Transport to and from Alicante Airport

"At Alicante Private Transfers we have over 15 years' experience assisting people with their airport transfer arrangements to and from Alicante airport to all areas of the Costa Blanca. Alicante Private Transfers ensures you travel in comfort, as soon as you arrive at Alicante airport your vehicle will be waiting to take you quickly and safely to your holiday accommodation."

  • Transfers available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • 24-hour English-speaking contact telephone number
  • First class professional service where all vehicles are fully licensed and insured


BEST BENIDORM TRANSFER S.L For last minute transfers please call 0034 630468325

A company of discretionary transport of travellers, formed by professionals that operate in the sector from the year 1987, our beginnings were in the sector of the taxi, and after 25 years of experience, we specialized in the private transfer




Provide high quality airport transfer services. We have served the Costa Blanca area for over 16 years (We provided vehicles and drivers through partners) We have decided to create our own Branded service with new branded vehicles.

Transport for Stags and Hens

Looking for Special transport for Stags and Hens Contact - Extreme transfers from Fk It and Wildstyle Travel 


Extreme transfers

Transport to and from Alicante Airport


Rules for travelling in a taxi - Children are permitted to travel in the rear of a taxi without a child seat as long as the taxi is only driving around urban areas, so driving from the airport a child seat would be required, you can order these when booking your transfer.

In a vehicle with more than 9 seats - If a vehicle has more than 9 passenger seats the driver is required to inform those travelling that it is a legal requirement to fasten your seat belt. Child seats are not normally required as they do not fit on the coach seats with over the lap seat belts.

When booking your transfers quite often it will ask for the ages of the children or if there is no separate box use the "Special Requirements" box normally available to state children´s ages.


Transport to and from Alicante Airport

BIG cut down on Illegal Pirate Taxis

Police forces across the Costa’s are increasing the number of cars being stopped leaving the Airports. Many unlicensed operators are using the Costa Blanca (Alicante worst hit) as a way to make fast cash and exposing you (the customer) to unnecessary risks.

Why Pay €50 for an illegal Transfer with risk of been fined & dumped at the roadside & missing your flights (if return leg)


The laws for all taxi/private hire companies in Spain are extremely strict. Please be aware that there are numerous illegal companies with websites and advertising on Facebook as legitimate taxi/transfer businesses. There are also apartment owners & letting agencies offering cheap transfers, these are also illegal.

Alicante Airport, Pirates in Arrivals?

Alicante Airport strictly controls the arrivals area to weed out illegal transport pirates. Only legal companies are permitted into the airport arrivals area. Your driver will be visibly holding an AENA card which will have the name of the lead passenger on. This is a mandatory procedure highlighted by AENA, which is the Spain’s Airport Governing body. As the article opposite highlights, Spanish police have begun clamping down on illegal transport companies so please don’t fall into this trap. Vehicles will now regularly checked for Tarjeta de Transporte and if your driver cannot produce this documentation, the vehicle will be impounded, you will be out of pocket and could receive a fine for allowing yourself to be carried in an uninsured vehicle, we come across this story all too frequently so please avoid this horror story and book with a professional licensed company such as the ones listed above.

Alicante Airport is patrolled continuously by the Guardia Civil (Police) & government inspectors looking for illegal touts. If a transfer company asks to meet you anywhere apart from the designated area in the arrival's terminal, they will be illegal, (even if they use the excuse that this is due to building work), their vehicles will also not be insured for passenger liability cover. You should remember that if stopped by the Guardia Civil (Police) the vehicle would be confiscated immediately leaving you stranded. A vehicle that is licensed will be SP (ServicioPublico) plated by the Spanish.

1. Without a permit, it is illegal to offer a taxi service in Spain. If in doubt before booking ask to see the companies - Tourist number which is required for shuttle services and also Agencia de Viajes Mayorista / Minorista (Travel agency number) both of these should be readily available, if in doubt do not book.

2. Insurance is another important factor as you cannot obtain cover for the transportation of passengers without a legal permit.
If they say they paid or if the owner or Villa’s give free transport, this is still illegal.

3. Without the necessary insurance cover a passenger is also running the risk in the case of an accident as they could not hope to be compensated or have Hospital bills paid for,

4. Any unfortunate passengers caught up in the process can find themselves dumped on the road with their luggage if the police stop and seize the vehicle along with a €300 Fine.


ALSA BUS - This does not run 24/7 - The first bus currently leaves the airport at 08.00 and the last at 23.55 - 9.80 one way, sometimes there are discounts available for online purchases. 

Tickets can be purchased at Self services ticket machines, laCaixa cashpoint machines, ALSA sales points - On board the bus, online. 

Timetable, prices and online booking HERE

Where to find the bus at the airport?  Top Level, directions are clearly visible in the airport.

What number bus do I need to Benidorm? - Buses are NOT numbered but clearly state their destination on the front.

Where are the Alsa bus stops in Benidorm? There are only 2 drop off points the Bus Station (45 minutes) and El Centro at the bottom of the Avenida Europa (55 minutes), you would then have to walk or take a further taxi to your destination.

Transport to and from Alicante Airport


If you prefer to have a vehicle for the duration of your stay, you can rent a car to get from the airport to Benidorm and then you will have independence to go where and when you wish, it also gives you the opportunity to visit the surrounding area something we highly recommend.  You will find lots of information of places to visit in this section of our website - THE SURROUNDING AREA.

At your arrival you will find counters of the main rental companies, although they usually offer better offers for reservations in advance on the Internet.


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  • The 24 hour bus connection between Alicante airport and the city of Alicante itself has finally been re established, after its covid causedThe 24 hour bus connection between Alicante airport and the city of Alicante itself has finally been re established, after its covid caused suspension in 2020. After demands from the airport and users, the night bus will start running at 23,20, and continue through the night at hourly intervals. up to 06.20, when the service will be reverting to every 20 minutes, until 22,20.

    The cost of the transport from the airport to the city (or vice versa) will be just 3.85€, and a "book" of 10 trips will cost just 20€.
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  • Complaints are rolling in again about the severe lack of taxis at certain peak times at Alicante airport. The shortage is nothing to do with theComplaints are rolling in again about the severe lack of taxis at certain peak times at Alicante airport. The shortage is nothing to do with the airport directly, the taxis are authorised and controlled by the town hall of Elche, which is the municipality in which the airport is situated. Up to 200 people have been pictured queueing on occasions, and the national airport authority AENA is now sending weekly reports to Elche town hall asking for action to resolve the problem.

    In the meantime its a good idea to book (in advance) a transfer company, to avoid the lengthy wait.
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