All about Relleu

All about Relleu - The mountain village of Relleu, located approx. 25 minutes from Benidorm.

The name Relleu, means "relief" in Valencian, and this village is known for its unique position, nestled among the mountains. Cabeçó d’Or (1,209 m), Sierra de la Grana (1,095 m), El Aguilar (895 m) and the famous Puig Campana can also be seen in the distance. 

The village itself, although quite small, is a maze of narrow streets, pretty stone houses and steep hills. Relleu is also well known for production of local olive oil.

Relleu has a long history, dating back at least four centuries, there was once a Iberian settlement in the parish boundaries, just outside today's village. 

During Roman times it would probably have been part of the Roman administration of Villajoyosa, and some important Roman remains have been found, including the burial stone of Marcus Paccius who was a Roman Gladiator who apparently escaped and found himself in Relleu.

The town itself is overlooked by the ruins of an 11th century castle, built by the Moors and beautiful rolling hillsides full of almond and olive tree

Getting to Relleu 

Due to its location you really need a car, drive along the CV-770 from Villajoyosa to Sella and then go left on the CV-775.  The drive from Benidorm itself would take about 30 minutes.  There is only one bus available, line 20 from Carrefour in Finestrat that goes there once a day.

Places to visit in Relleu.

If you love walking/hiking then a visit to the now famous Pasarela de Relleu is a must.

All about Relleu, Pasarela de Relleu, Camino del Pantano de Relleu

28th December 2023 - The new 150 metre section of the ravine walkway is now open for use. The total length of the walkway is now of 370 metres,  (previously only 212 metres long).

The footbridge is a route made up of wooden planks cantilevered over the wall of the canyon, it is 370 metres long (one way), at the end you reach a glass floored viewing platform which sits at 60 metre above the canyon (not for the faint hearted).

All about Relleu

There are two tour options, (walking time from the car park to the footbridge) - Route A,, approximately 1 hour 15 minutes 4.8 km (one way), or Route B - 1,5 km, approximately 25 minutes walk.

Route (A) of the Camino del Pantano de Relleu starts at the information panel next to the town hall. The route is signposted with green and white markings and with waymarking posts.

This route takes you to one of Relleu's best kept treasures: the 17th century reservoir, part of the route follows an old bridle path, the Camí de les Ripalmes or Camí del Fasamais.

All about Relleu

Along the route you will also find a lime kiln, old irrigation ponds, dams and irrigation ditches.

Route B - Drive to Relleu from La Vila Joiosa on the CV-770, then follow signs onto the CV-775, dont go through to the centre of the village but turn left just at the entrance at the sigen circumval lacio, then turn left at the sign for Vinyes, Margelets, Ripalmes, (Cam Amadorio) follow this road downhill for about 3 kilometers, until you see a tourist information board, this marks the start of the walk.

Start walking from the information board, following the coloured stones that mark the way to the payment booth and the entrance to the skywalk.

All about Relleu

Brochure of the route in 3 languages available in this link (PDF): Ruta del Pantà Brochure.

If you would feel happier doing this as a guided walk, contact the Famous Down Hill Bike Ride Their next trip here is 27th April and it includes transport to and from Benidorm.


Tickets can be purchased from the staff at the entrance gate of the footbridge (wooden house),

Payment can be made by cash or card at the entry point of the footbridge, you can only reserve the ticket by phone, the tickets will soon be available online.

You can  book by calling +34 865 759 650 or +34 613 033 336 during the following hours: Monday to Sunday to from 9.00 to 17,15

Price: 2,50 € for over 11 years old.  1,50 € for people 65 years of age or older and children up to 11 years of age (inclusive).  Free admission for registered residents of Relleu (with proof of address).

Mandatory rules of use for access to the Relleu Dam Footbridge.

It is necessary to buy a ticket to access the facility.  Preference for entry is given to people who have a prior reservation. If you come to the walkway without a reservation, you must respect your turn to enter.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, next to the wall and under their supervision.

It is possible to do the footbridge route with babies as long as they are in baby carriers and always under the responsibility of the parents (for security reasons it is not allowed to carry babies in your arms or in a pram).

It is essential to wear suitable footwear for the mountain environment. It is not allowed to wear high heels, flip-flops or sandals and the like due to the characteristics of the walkway.

Walking poles are not allowed on the footbridge.

Avoid littering, shouting and playing music. We are in a natural environment that we must take care of.

Users will respect the equipment of the facility.

Do the route without rushing, avoid running.

You may not eat or drink on the footbridge facilities.

Access is only on foot, bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, etc. are not allowed.

We recommend you check the weather forecast for the day of your visit.

In the event of rain, storms or adverse weather conditions, the facility may be closed for safety reasons.

It is forbidden to light fires or smoke any kind of substance.

Access and/or remain in the facility on days and times of closure or closure.

Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) car park (route option A). Just in front of Relleu Town Hall, about 5 km from the footbridge of the Relleu dam.

Carrer Evarist Manero Molla (Evarist Manero Molla Street) car park (route option A).  At the entrance to Relleu if you come from Aigües, about 5 km from the footbridge of the Relleu dam.

Polideportivo (sports centre) car park (route option A) Inside the sports centre, accessed by a slope from the CV 775.  About 5 km from the Relleu dam footbridge.

Access near the Relleu reservoir dam (route option B)  1,8 km from the footbridge of the Relleu dam.  There is no car park as such but for people who can't walk very far there is space for 5-10 cars, from here it takes about 20 minutes (1,5 km) to get to the footbridge of the Relleu dam.

There is a picnic area where motorhomes and campers can spend the night, this is located Calle del Molí, near the Municipal swimming pool.

Alll about Relleu, other places to visit

There are some good monuments worth visiting, such as the parish church of San Jaime, two defensive towers: Casa Balde and La Vallonga, the agricultural hacienda La Garrofera and the Hermitage of Sant Albert.  The Municipal Ethnological Museum, the Plaza of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the centre of the village, which serves as a meeting place for locals are also well worth visiting.

San Jaime Apóstol church

This is connected to Mare de Déu del Miracle chapel, which celebrates the patron saint of the village.

This church was first built in the 17th century on the site of a Moorish cemetery. It was demolished in the 19th century then re-built by 1931, 5 years later it was burned during the Civil War.

All about Relleu

The three church bells which date from 1790 - 1873 are famous, as they are the oldest in the province.  During the Civil War the bells were nearly taken away by the militia. If it wasn't for the Mayor of the time, Don Francisco Carbonell i Clement, who refused to hand over the bells, they would have been lost forever. 

Museo de Relleu - The Museum is in the old town hall which was designed during the reign of Carlos III and built in 1793, located just off Calle del Ajuntament.  This museum shows a fascinating trip to the past, where you can learn about the customs that were carried out not only in different trades but also in the homes of most Spaniards.

All about Relleu

Find out about the history and evolution of the town itself, and see remains of skeletons, tools, flint, and ancient arrowheads on display and various musical instruments and music books.

If you have any questions about price and reservation for visits call the Town Hall (966 856 041) or the Museum (645 128 315)

All about Relleu, Sant Albert chapel -  This is located on one of the hills near the town centre, and is accessible via Calvari street. The climb includes the Stations of the Cross and provides some of the best views of Relleu and the surrounding area.

All about Relleu

Although the exact age is unknown, based on documentary evidence it is thought to have been built around 1710 as a tribute to the local patron saint, a pilgrimage is celebrated every year around 7th of August.

Torre de les Cases Balde - This is of Cultural Interest and was built before the seventeenth century, it is located in an old farmhouse and once acted as a defence tower for town locals against attacks and raids from the Barbary pirates of North Africa that once ravaged the area.

All about Relleu Where to Park in Relleu

In Relleu there are several free car parks, weekends and public holidays tend to be busier. You can also park in the streets of Relleu where permitted, check street markings and signs.

All about Relleu  - Local Fiestas

January - La Matança. (slaughter). Is celebrated on the day of St. Anthony (closest weekend to Jan 17th) in memory of the date when, historically the locals slaughtered their pigs. At the end of the ceremony the public are invited to taste the meat, all accompanied by the town band.

April - The Mare de Déu del Miracle. In 1710 there was a severe drought with crops failing and many of the animals died. The men of Relleu, who never went to church, all agreed to attend services and pray for rain. Their prayers were answered and the drought ended. April 11 commemorates the miracle of the Mare de Déu del Miracle (Mother of God of the Miracle) with flowers, revetla (dancing outdoors at night) and processions.

August - Saint Albert Celebrated over 5 days closest to August 7th. The fiesta includes a pilgrimage to the shrine, parades, competitions and games.

September - The last weekend of September sees a five day fiesta in honour of the Virgin of Miracles and Saints Casme and Damian.

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