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Benidorm local bus prices and information

Benidorm Local Bus Prices and Information - Local transport links are very good here in Benidorm and many of the local towns and villages can easily be visited by bus.  Standard ticket price for local buses is 1.55pp for however many stops be it one or the full circuit.

All bus stops will have a list of the buses that stop at each one and a time table available.

You have to wave down a bus at the stop you are waiting at and press the stop button to ensure the bus stops at your desired stop.

The drivers prefer change; some have even refused to take notes, (even 5 euros)  take the ticket from the machine after the driver has printed it. The ticket will often not make much sense, either in time or details about the stop, but keep it with you just in case you need to produce it.

When you approach your destination, push one of the buttons located along the length of the bus and then exit using the middle doors.


Modification of schedules due to mobility restrictions from Sunday 31 January.

Benidorm Local Bus Information MODIFICATION OF LINES BY WORKS IN AVDA. MEDITERRANEO LINES 01-02-03-04-05-10-11-26

Modification of lines for works on Avda. Mediterráneo from Monday 25 January


Benidorm Local Bus information from 1st October - New winter timetable 

Lines 2 and 10 will operate on a reduced timetable for winter.  The last departure of the No 2 will be 22:15 from Albatros and 22:30 Media Markt.   The last departure of the No 10 will be 22:30 from both ends ie Benidorm and Altea. 

Avanza is taking care of its safety by disinfecting all buses, and remember that according to current legislation, the use of a mask is mandatory to use public transport.

Avanza is ensuring its safety by disinfecting all buses, and remember that according to current legislation, to use public transport it is mandatory to use a mask.

Benidorm local bus Information


Benidorm Local Bus Prices

Children up to the age of 4 are FREE

Sector 1 - Altea, Benidorm, Finestrat, Calpe, Villa Joyosa (All lines except 21, 22 and 23)

Single ticket (day) 1.55€,

Lines 21, 22 and 23 - 1.30€, night 1.70€

Sector 2 - La Nucia or Polop

Single ticket 2.70€

Sector 3 Guadalest, Algar Falls lines 16 and 18

From Sector 1 - € 3.90

From Sector 2 (La Nucia or Polop) - € 2.70

Special Lines (open top bus) lines 30 and 31

from 6.00€

24HCard (24 hours) (also for tourism or excursion buses to Guadalest, or Fuentes del Algar)

Card price: €11.00


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