Benidorm Open top Buses - The perfect way to see the city and seafront without walking too far, there are two routes available making sure you get to see all the most scenic areas.

LINE 30 Benidorm

With line 30 you can explore the city of Benidorm, enjoying the panoramic views from the open-top double-decker bus.

Line 30 passes through emblematic places such as Rincón de Loix, Avenida. Mediterráneo, Centro, Parque de Elche and Paseo de Poniente until reaching Cala de Finestrat.

Benidorm Open Top Buses

Discover the allure of Levante Beach, a pivotal destination in Benidorm boasting over two kilometers of pristine coastline and vibrant promenade.

Explore the Park of l' Aigüera, a tranquil oasis nestled within a former ravine rejuvenated in the 90s into a picturesque promenade adorned with lush pines and swaying palm trees. Serving as a symbolic bridge between old and new Benidorm, this park offers a serene escape amidst the city's hustle and bustle.

Benidorm Open Top Buses

Find tranquility at Elche Park, a quaint urban sanctuary situated just before the Poniente Beach. Immerse yourself in its charming ambiance before venturing towards the expansive shores of Poniente Beach, Benidorm's largest stretch of coastline stretching over three kilometers. Offering a more serene atmosphere than its counterpart, Levante Beach, it's an ideal spot for water activities or a leisurely day by the sea with loved ones.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the iconic Balcón del Mediterráneo, conveniently located near your bus stop, adding an extra touch of charm to your Benidorm experience.

Main Stops - Rincon de Loix (Burger King), Avenida Mediterraneo No 3, Elche Park, Bali Hotel, Calla de Finestrat.

First bus 09.30

  Av. Mediterráneo, 55 (Casino) -BND 234 

  Av. Mediterráneo, 49 -BND 235 

  Av. Mediterráneo, 41 (H.Don Pancho)-BND 236 

  Av. Mediterráneo, 35 -BND 237 

  Av. Mediterráneo, 23 -BND 238 

  Av. Mediterráneo, 13 (H.Belroy) -BND 239 

  Av. Mediterráneo, 3 (Benidorm Centro) -BND 201 

  Pza. Dr. Fleming, 3AC (ayuntamiento) -BND 370 

  Av. L'Aiguera, fr. 5 -BND 371 

  Av. L'Aiguera, fr. 13 -BND 372 

  Av. Beniardá, 13 -BND 157 

  C/ Tomás Ortuño, 83 -BND 130 

  Av. Almendros, 21 -BND 131 

  Pº Such Ortega, (Parque Elche) -BND 101 

  Av. Armada Española, 2 -BND 103 

  Av. Armada Española, 13 -BND 104 

  Av. Armada Española, 17 -BND 105 

  Av. Armada Española, 23A -BND 106 

  Av. Villajoyosa, 4 -BND 107 

  Av. Villajoyosa, 22 AC -BND 161 

  Av. Villajoyosa, 28 (E.Lila) -BND 114 

  Av. de Finestrat, 23 -FIN 601 

  Av. Marina Baixa, 23 (H.Alone) -FIN 603 

  Av. Marina Baixa, 15 (H.Monika Holidays) -FIN 604 

  Av. de la Marina Baixa, 3 -FIN 634 

  Av. Marina Baixa, 1 -FIN 605 

  Av. Marina Baixa, 20 (Cala Finestrat) -FIN 608

Benidorm Open Top Buses

LINE 31 Altea

With line 31 you can visit the beautiful town of Altea, which is characterized by its white old town and its blue-domed church.

Open top bus to Altea

Line 31 starts from Rincón de Loix and runs along Avenida. Ametlla de Mar and Severo Ochoa to then heads to the beaches of Albir and Altea.  

En route, you'll skirt along a remarkable natural gem: the protected Natural Park of Serra Gelada. Nature enthusiasts will relish a morning or afternoon spent hiking through its trails, culminating in awe-inspiring panoramic views from its renowned viewpoint.

Next on your journey lies El Albir, a quaint enclave nestled within the neighbouring town of L'Alfàs del Pi. Be sure to explore its inviting beachfront and the unique "Promenade of the Stars," a tribute to the celebrated film festival that has graced this locale for over three decades.

Consider extending your stay in El Albir or venture onward to Altea, often hailed as the "Dome of the Mediterranean." The town's picturesque whitewashed center is crowned by a distinctive church adorned with vivid blue tiled domes, serving as a beacon amidst the scenic landscape.

Altea by Open top bus

First bus 10:15 

  Av. Ametlla de Mar, 3AC -BND 257 

  Av. Ametlla de Mar, 16 (H.Nereo) -BND 208 

  Av. Ametlla de Mar, 22 -BND 209 

  Av. Severo Ochoa, 2 -BND 210 

  Av. Severo Ochoa, 8 -BND 211 

  Av. Severo Ochoa, 16 (H.Mediterráneo) -BND 212 

  Av. Severo Ochoa, 34 (H.Deloix) -BND 213 

  Av. Severo Ochoa, 44 -BND 214 

  Av. Severo Ochoa, 47 (C.Benidorm) -BND 215 

  Av. Sant Pere, 29 (Albir Garden) -ALF 521 

  Cº Vell de l'Albir, 36 -ALF 547 

  Av. de l'Albir, 034-036 -ALF 517 

  Av. de l'Albir, 65 -ALF 510 

  Av. Oscar Esplá, 4 -ALF 512 

  C/ de l'Albir, fr.12 -ALT 402 

  Av. del Puerto, fr.21 -ALT 403 

  Av. del Puerto, fr.01 -ALT 404 

  C/ Sant Pere, 14 (Tourist Info) -ALT 471 

  Av. La Nucia, 2 -ALT 461 

  Av. La Nucia, 16 -ALT 444 

  C/ Benidorm (Palau) -ALT 463 

  C/ Cuesta Narices, 55 (Palau) -ALT 451 

For a complete list of bus times etc click here

You can also transfer between the panoramic buses in Rincón de Loix, where you can choose between the two lines according to your preference.

Benidorm Open Top Buses

Purchasing tickets and cards 

There is no advance reservation.  Tickets can only be purchased on the bus itself.

Children pay from the age of 4.

24-hour tourist card price €11.60

Complete lap 1:15h of travel.

Use it as many times as you like.

Tourist Cards - Purchased on the bus and are not rechargeable.

Temporary tourist cards for 24 hours (€11.60), 72 hours (€21.20) or 7 days (€40.40)

Cards for personal use (not valid for groups) for tourist purposes.

Valid for 24 hours, 72 hours or 7 days, counting from the first use and with the following advantages:

  • No limit on trips or destinations during the duration of the card.

  • Access to all the company's buses (urban and tourist).

  • Including double-decker panoramic buses (lines 30 and 31) with open roofs.

  • You can get on and off the bus as many times as you want.

  • You can also complete your visit to the region with the line 16, which will take you to the charming mountain top village of Guadalest and line 18 to the beautiful Algar Waterfalls (Fonts de Algar).

Benidorm Open Top Buses - Frequently asked questions.

Where can I wait for the bus?  You can take the bus at any of the stops on the route, although the route is circular, its main stops are Parque de Elche, Av. Mediterráneo and Rincón de Loix transfer stop (with a tourist card) for lines 30 and 31 HERE you can access the official website with all the available stops, click on any of them and the transit times will be displayed. 

Can I pay by card? Yes, cards and cash are accepted by the drivers.

How often do the buses run? Approximately every 45 minutes, line 30 passes through each of the stops, Line 31 will pass through the different stops every 1:30.  Please take into account that the routes pass through some of the main roads in the city, which can have an impact on travel times, especially in high season.

Can I hop on and off the Bus?  Yes, if you purchase a 24-hour tourist card or any of its variants, you can get on and off the bus as many times as you want (and on any of the same companies lines).

Are the buses suitable for the disabled? Yes, but those with disabilities will not be able to access the top floor of the bus and there is only space for one wheelchair.

What languages are available over the PA system? The route has a public address service throughout the entire route that will provide information at all the main points of the route, providing history and all relevant information about the city. This is currently available in Spanish, English, French and Russian.

Please note that times are subject to change.....

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