Alfaz del Pi

Alfaz del Pi - Town and Municipality

Alfaz del Pi or L’Alfàs del Pi is a town located in the province of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca North. The town nestles in the foothills of the Sierra Helada, in the district of the Marina Baixa.

It is situated 47 kilometres north of Alicante and just 6km from Benidorm and is easily reached by car, the number 10 bus or by the local train/tram, although the train station is situated out of the town itself.

The town centre is situated 3 km inland and was built there to protect the town from attacks from Barbary Pirates, but the area stretches to the coast where you can find the beaches of El Albir.

Albir is actually classed as part of Alfaz del Pi area and boasts a wonderful beachfront with spectacular views to the huge rock Peñon de Ifach at Calpe.

L´Alfas is one of Spain´s most international towns with more than 90 nationalities living/visiting here but British, Scandinavians, Dutch and Belgians are the largest groups.



Where does the name come from?

The name L’Alfàs part means fertile land and PI is the Valencian word for Pine.  In the middle of the 16th century Alfaz was a hamlet or settlement, dependant on the Barony of Polop and was known as Alfaz de Polop but on 24th April 1836 Alfaz became independent from Polop and became Alfaz del Pi, the local residents planted a large pine tree in the main square to symbolise this independence.

The Town of Alfaz del Pi

In the town you will find everything you need either as a tourist or a resident with various shops, bars and restaurants.

The town boasts its own small cinema and theatre, the Casa de la Cultura situated on Plaza Juan Carlos which is renowned for the yearly Alfaz del Pí Film Festival

Just behind the busy main street, you can discover the ‘old town’ a neighbourhood with traditional townhouses, San José parish church by the small main square the Plaza Mayor, Town Hall, and the Church of San José. and various street cafés.

Also visit the Parish Church of Cristo del Buen Acierto. Constructed in 1784 by the first patron of the town, San Jose. Today it is dedicated to the “Cristo del Buen Acierto” or Christ of Good Decisions.

The Famous Pine Tree - The first pine tree was planted in 1786, since then, there have been seven trees placed in this same spot, each tree lasts on average of around 80 years and the latest tree was planted in April 2019 which replace the previous pine from 1949.

Market Day - The large street market is held every Friday.

Alfaz sports centre (situated beside the Casa de la Cultura)

Many elite athletes come, especially during the winter, to practice in the magnificent facilities of the sports centre.  The excellent athletics track has been recently renovated with the same surface used in several Olympic stadiums such as Beijing, Berlin and Barcelona. It also has several football fields with natural and artificial turf, an indoor pavilion and a golf and cricket driving range. L'Alfs del Pi is the ideal place for sports lovers, whether elite or amateur.

Municipal swimming pool. For residents of Alfas del Pi (including Albir), the entrance is just 1.50 Euros, and 2.50 Euros for non residents, although they don't ask you for proof of address.

The opening hours for this summer are 12.00 til 20.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00 til 20.00 at weekends and on public holidays. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult and to keep the area clean, no picnics are allowed.

The pool is part of the sports ground, directly behind the Casa de Cultura in the centre of Alfas del PI. There is a large, free car park, which usually has plenty of spaces.

Places to visit 

Don Quijote Rastro, Situated just outside Alfaz del Pi, every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am.

Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden - Situated just past Don Quijote Rastro, lovely gardens and sculptures, open Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 - 14.00.  There are over 30 permanent sculptures with the addition of extra exhibitions throughout the year.

Alfaz del Pi, Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Gardens

The Molí de Munec

The history of this last remaining flour mill dates back to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Free guided visits are organised or a regular basis (generally once a month). During the visit, it explains how the mill was organized, with an upper floor intended for the house of the miller and his family, and a lower floor, where the machinery and other elements necessary for grinding the grain were located.  Booking is required and guides are done at separate times in Spanish and English. 

Register for the next available tour by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 96 588 94 24 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a WhatsApp message to number 629816197.

Alfaz del Pi, The Molí de Munec

The meeting point is the don Quixote car park. Comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended, because the 20 minute trip to the mill is done on foot.

Bodegas Enrique Mendoza - Situated just outside Alfaz

Enjoy a guided tour of the Bodega, try some wine and enjoy local tapas, booking required.

The tour currently costs 16€pp and includes - Guided tour of the winery. Tasting of 6 wines of different varieties (Blanco Chardonnay, Rosado Monastrell, Monastrell- Merlot, Petit Verdot, Las Quebradas, Santa Rosa). Tasting of extra virgin olive oil (AOVE) Barranco Tagarina. Tasting of Spanish sausages and Brie's Toast. Cheese table with Designation of Origin (DOs Vall de Catí, Dehesa de los Llanos and Boffard). Tasting of 1 Premium sweet wine (Dolo de Mendoza) paired with Chocolates Valor

Scandinavia Park

This spacious park is situated just outside the town, it's a great place for children as there is a playground. The park is an excellent sunny site with beautiful trees that offer shade, where you and your family can spend part of the day. 

Local Fiestas 

Celebrations of the Cross. Held on the 1st of May and lasting three days to honour the cross. 

International Film Festival.  Held at the beginning of July, the awards are known as the Silver Lighthouse.

Local fiestas of Albir. Held the weekend after 15th August, with recreational events for residents and tourists.

Jubilee Celebrations in honour of the Holy Christ of Good Decisions. This fiesta takes place from the 31st of October until the 10th of November and is the most important local fiestas of Alfaz del Pi in honour of their patron.

November 6th - 10th
Fiestas in honour of the Patron Saint Crist del Bon Encert. - Each town has its Patron Saint, and a fiesta is held in their honour which usually last one week. During this time the towns commercial activity virtually shuts down as celebrations go on practically 24 hours a day. Festivities include processions, dancing in the streets, live music, sporting events and firework displays.

Celebrations in honour of the Immaculate. Coinciding with the bank holiday of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on the 8th of December, a holy day of obligation, the fiestas are held from the 6th to the 8th of December. The fiestas are also known as the Fiestas of the Immaculate One.

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