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Bars in Benidorm - Many of Benidorm's bars, like many of the Hotels fall under common ownership.  There are few, however, that can boast the quality of the Touch of Class Group.  With an outstanding collection of the towns top cabaret bars, there will always be one just perfect for you.

Jokers - OPEN

Bars in Benidorm Jokers

One of the liveliest Bars in town during the summer months.  Marta and her team will make you very welcome.  The evenings start with a fabulous section of the best of Benidorm's cabaret acts, peaking with Simon and Lesley's iconic portrayal of Meatloaf at his finest.  Live upbeat music will take the evening into the early hours, with Jokers famous Foam party often finishing off the evening while the weather still permits. 

The bar also has facilities for numerous other functions throughout the season, such as VIP areas for parties, large screen TVs for sport and bouncy castle for the kids.  Well worth a visit any time of year.


Bars in Benidorm Sinatras

One of Benidorm's oldest established Cabaret Bars.  Again with a selection of the strongest acts in town. Very popular early evenings with many of the more mature visitors to the town, but don´t be mistaken.  Sinatra's is still bouncing long after many of the other bars have closed for the evening. 

Sinatra's is also the centre for the famous Fancy Dress day, when Benidorm hosts Europe's biggest fancy dress parade. A local festival in the new town, that originated from Sinatra's bar and the rest of the town followed their lead. 

Bars in Benidorm The Touch of Class Group 

Tropical - Re opening 2nd September 

 Bars in Benidorm Tropical Sports Bar

If you love the Cabaret scene, but would prefer to be far from the maddening crowd, then Tropical have you covered.  If you don`t fancy facing the manic atmosphere of the main strip, but want to see the acts, look no further.  The Tropical bar will bring the acts to you.  Positioned on the Rincon area of the town and close to some of the most popular Hotels, you will find the Tropical Bar.  Stan and his team extend a warm welcome to everyone including children and the bar serves some of the best cocktails in town. Most of the top acts from the strip can also be found in Tropical, all major sporting events are also covered on large screens.

Sinatra's Premium - OPEN

Positioned "almost" next door to Tropical, you will find Sinatra's Premium.   A touch of Class like to offer alternative cabaret and just like the strip there is never a cover charge to get in.  This makes switching between the bars very easy if you prefer to see the entertainment in the bar next door. 

Like Tropical, Sinatra's premium offer the top acts from the strip, welcome children and are also one of the few bars who offer shisha pipes.  You can be confident there are no illegal substances used.  Tip of the day:  You will find one of Benidorm's best breakfasts here as well.

Red Dog

Serving two purposes, the Western themed bar is a major attraction for line dancers during the day, and a big attraction for the younger tourists at night.  With its close proximity to the famous Square, This can be a good place to start the evening.  There are also occasional shows, often with an adult theme and music from the modern era to suit the bars younger clientele.

Bars in Benidorm The Touch of Class Group

Chaplin's OPEN

With some early evening Cabaret, often aimed for the younger generation, building up to adult themed shows such as the midget stripper and ending the night with the best of the current dance hits, Chaplin's is another popular bar with the young. 

Positioned at the foot of the square, this can be another good place to start the night, never having to walk too far to stay with the action.   

They say Benidorm has something for everyone.  If its entertainment, live sport and a lively night you are after, regardless of your age.  A Touch of Class has you covered. 

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Our New Social Media Stream is finally here.

Over two years ago we announced our intention to create a new service within Benidorm Seriously to improve the standard of what we can offer our members. 

Facebook has often been very restrictive for us.  We always have to do things their way.  Believe it or not there have been days throughout the pandemic when we have had to withhold information until the next day, because Facebook decided we had told you enough for one day.  In fact one of our admin has been blocked from Facebook for one month due to excessive action on the group.   Their automated systems can not tell the difference between information and spam.  It seems we are a victim of our own success.

    We have often said within admin, "Wouldn't it be better if we could do it our way?".

Now we can.  

With our new Social Media Stream we can offer our members a much more comprehensive service to cater for your holiday in Benidorm, or to help with rules and regulations for those who live here.  Some of the new features we have included are

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Is this intended to replace the Facebook Group?

No it is intended as an alternative for those who are becoming disillusioned with Facebooks constant changes, that are not always for the better. However we do recommend all members make note that it is here should it ever become a problem contacting us on the group

Do I have to pay?

No, Just like the Facebook group it is free to use. In fact We may pay you, see our question below regarding the monthly draw. We do have one optional subscription service to join the VIP lounge, but that will offer a superior service including a 24/7 helpline for holiday makers for a very small annual fee. When logged into the site the Read More link will take you to the VIP Lounge.

Is it better than Facebook?

The admin team can offer a much faster service on this group without Facebook restrictions. We also enable you to have much more control of what you see or do not see. All posts are instantly approved and should your question be answered by a member who is not admin, you will have the ability to check their level of knowledge

Can I be a member of both Groups?

Yes of course. You also do not need to post questions twice to get answers from both groups. If you post first to the new social feed it is very easy to share your question to the Facebook group as well

Is this a Dating Site?

Yes, If you want it to be. It does have the facilities to find like minded people interested in love and romance in Benidorm or solo travellers just looking for company. When logged in the the site the Read more link will take you to this area

Can I create my own Group of Benidorm Friends?

Yes. We also hope to enable the ability to organise events and set up calendars etc for meet ups with friends within your group

How do I accumulate rank in the Group?

This group has automated pre approval, so your questions will reach the group instantly. When a member answers the question with correct information, the site records that. In that way the group is able to detect which members really know Benidorm and which don't. Your rank will therefore increase over time as we become confident you are able to answer a question for a member with the same degree of accuracy as the admin team

What are badges?

Badges are simply a fun way to show group activity. You can earn badges by uploading pictures or videos or voting on polls for example. Writing reviews in the Business Directory will not only accumulate Badges but will also increase your ranking within the group much faster as it demonstrates knowledge of Benidorm and is also extremely helpful to other members

Are there any members already?

When we first announced the intention to set this group up over two years ago, we invited people to sign up and follow our progress. There are already over 7,000 members signed up. You can sign up on the Read more link.

Is there a Monthly Draw?

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Bars in Benidorm - Eight of the Best

Bars in Benidorm - Benidorm has it all.  Something for everyone.  This can pose it s own problems, if you are only here for a short time.  There is simply too much choice.  So lets take a second and help to whittle it down a little for your night-time entertainment.  Here are our suggestions for eight of the best bars around town.  


The Town Cabaret (Talk of the Town). Re-Opens Friday 3rd September

Bars in Benidorm The Town Cabaret

One of Benidorm's longest established Cabaret Bars.  Many visitors to Benidorm will tell you this has been one of Benidorm's most popular cabaret bars, dating back to the early days of the cabaret boom in Benidorm.  Even the manager, Paco, is possibly the longest establish manager in any of the bars, and has become a good friend to many Benidorm regulars.  The nightly shows here, follow a popular format of a mixture of comedy and music, from Dave Keegan's opening Elvis Show to end of the night dancing with some of the best soul music to be found in town.  The exact line-up for to-night can be found on the what's on guide.

The Talk of the Coast - Open

Bars in Benidorm Talk of the Coast

Another one of the towns top cabaret bars, with a fabulous selection of shows each and every night.  Under the direction of Scott Selby. Many of you know Scott, who is no stranger to the Benidorm Cabaret scene, from his long career at Stardust.  With a Brit at the helm, Scott knows what the British want, and provides it night after night.  We would suggest you get there early, if you want to take in the complete evenings performances. 

The talk of the Coast have been know to provide up to seven shows some nights to meet the high demand, with a complete range of shows that transition from early performances for the more mature visitor, with acts such as Benidorm's Tom Jones through to music to suit the younger generation as the night progresses.  The night always ends in a party.  There is no need to wander the Town, if you start at the Talk of the Coast.  


Stardust - Opening soon

Bars in Benidorm Stardust

Once Benidorm's most popular cabaret bar, Stardust has been transformed in recent years to meet the rising demand from the younger generation.  Now with a great sun terrace, and a mixture of live acts and modern music (and the odd golden oldie threw in for good measure), Stardust remains one of the towns popular bars positioned on the main strip.  

Broadway - Open

Bars in Benidorm Broadway

One of the largest bars in Benidorm, with a fabulous open terrace for those hot summer months.  A great choice for sporting fans who would prefer to watch the match on the big screen before getting the night underway, and positioned at the foot of Benidorm's famous Square, you will be right in the heart of the action.  There is often a selection of shows periodically throughout the night and many with an adult theme.  Ask for Asa and tell him Benidorm Seriously sent you.  You might get a free shot.

Beachcomber - Open

Right in the Heart of the square, you will find Beachcomber.  A very popular bar with the young (or the young at heart).  An out and out Disco bar with the best of the current dance hits blasting out from some of the towns best DJs.  Many of the towns younger visitors make this bar their first port of call and for some of them there is only one bar in Benidorm.  

Queens Arms - Open

The Queens arms can be found across the road from Broadway.  With a selection of shows and music available, but a little easier to get to the bar, this can be a hot spot before hitting the square until the early hours.  Start your night here and you will never have too far to walk.  There is also a convenient Taxi Rank right outside the door.


Dublin House

One of Benidorm's newest Irish Themed bars.  With a massive terrace, and positioned just a few steps up off the main strip, this can be a great place to people watch, while listening to a great selection of music, often performed live at the doorway for the benefit of those enjoying the warm summer nights.  Competitive prices, compared to other Irish bars in the area, and a great large screen for the Sports lovers, make this a popular bar with many Benidorm regulars.  



The newest bar to be added to the group is Spearmint. This bar will have an adult theme and is strictly for over 18s.  Located next door to the town cabaret on the site once occupied by Idols bar.  

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2 Stroke Fashion
3D Diagnostics, Dental Care And Implant Centre
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69's Not just Burgers

Alarcon Bakery
AB Plumbing, Installation and Design
Agua Natura
Ali Baba 
Alicante Private Transfers
Aromas British Cafe
At yous Service Warehouse

Bahia Blanca Restaurant and Cafe
Bamboo Buffet Restaurant in the Rincon of Benidorm
Banana Beach Cocktail Bar
Bar 69
Bar Mallorca
Bar Sixty Seven
Bay City Rollers Tribute - The Roller Maniacs
Beer Garden (the)
Beatles Show Benidorm - Entertainer (Paco Pascual)
Beni Bus - Transfers
Benidorm Club Deportivo - Benidorm Football Club
Benidorm Joke Shop and Fancy Dress Hire - New Town
Benidorm Madonna - Entertainer
Benidorm Palace
Benidorm Trips by Segway
Benidorms British Barber.... Coming Soon
BB Balloons, Paulines Pick A Card
Beachcomber - Music Club/Disco
Best Benidorm Transfers
Birdcage Benidorm - Cabaret Bar
Blues Brothers Experience
Bob Floyd - Palanca y Cambio, 
Bollywood International Indian Restaurant

Brew Rock Albir

Brunch Box
Buddies Bar
Buddha Bar 

The C Sharp Project - Entertainers

Cabeytú Brothers - Entertainers Cristian Cabeytu, Diego Cabeytu
Café Delhi
Cameron James - Comedy Vocalist
Camping Benisol
Camping Villamar
Camping Villasol
Carnaby Street
Carolina Serrato Gaga Xpression
Caspers Albir
Caspers Bar
Castilla Hotel
Center Stage Productions
Chris Chronos - Entertainer
Christie Boylan - The Drummer
Church Irish Bar - Albir
Clark Productions Benidorm (Incorporating Mark Simon Ellis aka Ruby Rox)
CM Seguros
Clay Oven Indian Restaurant
Clinica Dental Alfaz del Pi
Cool Rentals
Corner Bar (The)
Costa Blanca Homes in Spain
Country Ribs
Crissy Rock - Comedienne
Crown (The)

Day Dreams Cafe & Bar
Dhrane Bar and Restaurant
Diplomatic Hotel
Don Pancho Hotel 
Dublin House - Irish Bar

Easy Hire
Engel & Völkers
Erae Crafts
Erasure Benidorm - Entertainer

Famous Downhill Bike Ride
Fincas Arena Benidorm
Flash Hotel
Free Time Benidorm
Fresh Radio Spain
The Fusion - Entertainer Flares, Jamaica Road

Gusto Benidorm - Old Town
Gwens Bar La Cala

Hair By James

Harrys at the Church
Harrys Bar La Cala
Heidi Eddie Galvin - Entertainer
Hepburns Hair, Nail, Barbers and Beauty Salon
Home and Pet Transport Services

Inked Tattoo Studio
Irish Tavern Albir

Jail Rock
Jax Cafe Bar Albir
Just Be with Beverleigh Clairvoyant Medium
Jokers Bar

Kellys Bar
Kohinoor Indian Restaurant

Lazy Cow (The)
LiL Bobs Beach Bar n Grill
London Bar
Lyndyloo - Travel Agents and wedding planner,

Mad Munk Bar
Mammoth Removals and Storage
Mandy Ridley Travel Counsellor
Marco Polo
Maremar Suites
Marianos Bar (Cafe)
Marina Hotel Resort - New Town
Med Playa Group Hotel Agir Springs, Flamingo Oasis, Hotel Regente, Hotel Rio Park and Hotel Riudor
Memories Karaoke and Sports Bar
Millers Bar, part of FK IT Parties
Mini Golf, The Bull
Moli Boutique Hotel - Alfaz del Pi
Monique Mitchell-Wood, She´s P!nk in Benidorm
My TIE card Spain

Nepali Tandoori House 
New Life
NHP Limited Natural Health Products
Nikki Miller - Entertainer
Northern Ireland Supports Bar
Nova 86 BenidormOld Tyme Photo Studio (For Sale)

One Bar Benidorm (the)

Pablo Aimi - Queen Tribute
Pablo Bloom

Paneils Restuarant
Paraiso 10 Apartments
Paws on the Prom
Peaky Blinders
Philip Aimure
Piano by Barbara
Plaza Vincents (the)
Palladium Bar
Perfume Bodega
Piccadilly Karaoke
Planet Benidorm
PoliFani Expats
Poseidon Playa Hotel
Prime Dental

Queens Arms

Rays 2 Fish and Chips - New Town
Red Dog
Reggae Brothers, UB40 Tribute - Entertainers Jody Fenton
Reggaefonics / Mykal Moziah
Rinconada Real 106 - Property available for holiday rental
Rock and Roll House
Rockerfellas Cabaret Bar
Rossall House Bed and Breakfast, Blackpool
Rovers Return - New Town
Royal Bar and Restaurant

Salon Benidorm (the) 
Scoobys Bar Benidorm
Shore Evamar
Showaddywaddy Gold
Showboat 21
Sinatras Bar
Sinatras Premium
Sizzler Steakhouse
Skad 4 Life, One Man Two Tone
Smokey Mo´s
Specsavers - Benidorm
Stephen John Scothern (Man with a Van)
Sunshine Beach Bar and Kitchen - New Town
Sunny Beach Bar
Sunny Heart Travel
Supermarcado Mitica
Stars Lounge Bar

Taberna Mitica 
Tads Holiday Lets
Take That Tribute
Taj Mahal
Talk of the Coast
Talleres Benidorm
Tattoo Central
Tenerife Telecom
Terra Natura
Tim Ames - Entertainer
TLC Home Care Spain
Tony´s Exchange and Travel Agency - Indoor Market
Tony Vincent
Torre Colon Apartments
Town Cabaret
Tracy Ann Photography
Transport For the Love of Dogs and Cats
Tropical Bar

Twisted Cocktail
Two Palms Restaurant - Old Town

UB40 Experience
Uncle Rons
Union Jack Golf Reservations Benidorm

Vagabond Restaurant - Old Town
Valentines Cabaret Bar
Venus Hotel

Vicki Wood (Hays Travel)
Vitality Travel

Why Not
Winning Post
Wooky Hollow 2

Yanni Street Magic
Yellow Submarine
Yorkshire Pride 1
Yorkshire Pride 2
Yorkshire Pride 3

Your Holiday Booking

Zodiac Cabaret Bar

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