May 2019 -  The blue flag has once again been awarded to Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas de beaches here in Benidorm. The  award is a distinctive quality  award and  is awarded annually by the Foundation of Environmental Education to the sandy areas and ports that meet the most stringent conditions of water quality, information, environmental education, safety, services and facilities.

The Valencian Community is the Autonomy with the greatest number of blue flags, with a total of 135. The province of Alicante itself hold almost half of these flags with 71 awarded.

LEVANTE BEACH also know as Sunrise Beach  LIVE WEBCAM

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Running for almost 2km from Punta Pinet to Punta Canfali, Levante Beach in Benidorm is one of the best known beaches in Europe, the beach is south facing, so enjoys the sun all day and is classed as a Blue Flag Beach.  This is the busiest beach in Benidorm.  There are hundreds of bars and restaurants along the promenade offering everything from just ice creams to live music and everything in-between.

Length - 2,084 metres,  average width - 55 metres, sand area - 125,785m square.

Beach Facilities

Life Guards,

sun loungers (11 months): 4,600 in 10 areas

foot showers, 19


beach library and childrens playgrounds.

Litter bins - 115 (beach), Promenade 49

Parasols - (11 months): 1,400 in 10 areas

Floating Platforms (July - Sept)

First Aid Stations (Easter - Oct)

Life Guard Stations - 5

Play Grounds - 3

Sports Areas - 2

Security Flags - 6

Boarded Walkways - 19

Ecological Toilets - 2

Disabled accessible points - 1



At more than 3km long Poniente Beach is the longest beach in Benidorm, making it an ideal place to stroll along during the day or evening, it is usually much quieter and features a new modern promenade designed by the architect Carlos Ferrater, there are a wide selection of restaurants, bars and clubs.Poniente has a full range of services and leisure facilities including floating platforms, a beach library, childrens playgrounds, recreational games, sports and shaded areas and is an accessible beach for the disabled.

Length - 3.100 metres, average width - 74 metres, Sand Area - 146,239m square

Beach Facilities

Foot Showers - 89

Litter bins - 145

Parasols - 440

Sun Loungers - 1,700

Floating Platforms (July - Sep)

First Aid Stations - (Easter . Oct)

Playgrounds - 6

Sports Areas - 12

Security Flags - 5

Boarded Walkway Access - 45

Ecological Toilets - 15

Beach Library - 1

Disabled Accessible points - 2


This is the name given to the small cove that separates the two main beaches in Benidorm it is situated between Punta Canfali and the port, and at only 120 metres long with fine golden sand offers a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere.  Opposite Cala Mal pas is the "I´lla de Benidorm" or Benidorm Island, which houses a submerged platform know as La Llosa, which is an important marine reserve and treat for scuba divers.

Length - 120 metres, Average Width - 20 metres, Sand area - 2,400m square

Beach Facilities 

Foot showers - 4

Litter Bins - 5

Parasols - one area

Sun Loungers - 1 area

First Aid Station (Easter to Oct) - 1

Security Flags - 1

Boarded Walkway access - 1


Cala Tio Ximo is situated at the base of steep cliffs off the Sierra Helada, to the North of Benidorm. The road goes down to this beach with road side parking.This is a small cove where visitors can escape from the hustle and bustle of the busier beaches and is used by locals as a nudist beach out of season. Combining fine sand and rock, this cove is ideal for snorkeling, as it has crystal clear waters, where you can view the beautiful rocky seabed.

Length - 60 metres

Beach Facilities

Parasols - 16

Sun Loungers - 47

Life Guard (summer only)

Security Flags - 1


Cala Almadrave again lies at the foot of the Sierra Helada mountains, where its calm, clear waters, along with its rock seabed and abundant marine life have made it a popular place for snorkeling and swimming.  This beach is not accessible by road, there are quite steep steps down the cliff face.  This again is used as a nudist beach out of the main season.

Length - 100 metres

Beach Facilities

Sun Loungers - 47

Security Flags - 1


Beach Fines - 2018

• Entering beach between midnight and 7am – FINE: 750 euros

• Placing parasols and towels to reserve space – FINE: 150 euros

• Playing ball games outside designated areas – FINE: 120 euros

• Swimming when the red flag is flying – FINE: 1,000 euros

• Urinating in the sea – FINE: 150 euros

• Building sandcastles – FINE: 150 euros

• Fishing with a rod or net – FINE: 750 euros

• Fishing with a harpoon – FINE: 1,100 euros

• Drinking alcohol on the beach – FINE: 750 euros - DO NOT use the beach vendors, they are all illegal.

• Sex on the beach – FINE: 750 euros

Sunbed and Parasol Prices for 2019

Photo courtesy of Julie Logan, Benidorm Seriously Member

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0 # Alexandra Guilfoyle 2019-03-02 16:02
Poniente beach is fabulous - more room than on the crowded Levante and lots of little bars on the promenade road, both English and Spanish. Much more diverse than in new town. You could even imagine you are in Spain!
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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-06-23 14:34
Cleaner than ever for 2019 - 40% more resources in high season
Tourists, tourists and more tourists ... The beaches of Benidorm, when the high season arrives (from June 1 to September 31), are overflowing. So that the sand, the shore, as well as the facilities or services are in the best possible state, the City Council, logically, has reinforced the cleaning, specifically, 40%. A brigade of 16 people deals daily with the collection of waste by hand from 6 to 12 hours, while from 13 to 19 the emptying of wastebaskets is carried out. In addition, from 9 to 14 hours, cleaning is done with 4 tractors and ten people. At night, and until three in the morning, the cleaning is resumed with machinery to remove and sanitize the sand. All this so that the beaches look perfect on the big days of summer.
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0 # Tracy Ann 2019-08-16 15:52
The City of Benidorm has launched a campaign to prevent the presence of cigarette butts on beaches and distribute 20,000 reusable ashtrays and 'flyers' to raise awareness about the environmental damage of this waste and to "try to keep beaches free of cigarette butts." This was announced yesterday by the Councilor for Beaches and Environment, Monica Gomez,.

The campaign "The beach is not an ashtray" 20,000 reusable ashtrays will be distributed so that smokers deposit their cigarette butts during their stay at the beach and subsequently dispose of them in wastebaskets.

These ashtrays will be available at points such as biblioplayas, aid stations, hammock areas, free zones and the tourist office.
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