Benidorm in August

Benidorm in August, what to expect from your holiday.   Benidorm is an all year round tourist destination but each month is slightly different with regards to tourism.

August is different to other months, in that it becomes one of the main holiday resorts on the Costa Blanca for the Spanish themselves, with 1000s travelling from even hotter inland areas, such as Madrid, to enjoy the city's coastline, with its clear waters and sea breeze.

August is VERY hot and as it's school holidays for a lot of countries, this makes it a more expensive month to visit, this can be a deterrent to some, but for many the weather is the major draw, especially those seeking a beach vacation, although the beaches are likely to be quite crowded.


Benidorm in August

Due to the fact there are many more Spanish holidaymakers here, some businesses aimed towards British tourists will take this opportunity to enjoy their own vacations, which means that some bars will be CLOSED - some for just a couple of weeks, others for the whole month of August.  Even with some of these bars and restaurants being closed, there will be plenty open for you to have a wonderful holiday here, and it also gives holidaymakers the opportunity to try some new venues.

To see which entertainers are on holiday,  check out the comments section at the very bottom of the Whats On Guide.

Families: August is a popular time for families due to the school holidays and it offers a variety of family-friendly attractions, theme parks, and entertainment options suitable for all ages.

Things to do for families in Benidorm

Partygoers: Benidorm is well-known for its vibrant nightlife and party scene, making it a favoured destination for young adults and party enthusiasts.  During August, the numerous bars, clubs, and beachfront venues attract those looking for a lively and fun-filled nightlife experience.

Use the Whats On Guide to find out when and where all the live entertainment takes place.

However, you will find the new town (The strip and the Square) quieter than some other months, this again is due to the amount of Spanish tourists here who do not frequent the cabaret bars as much as the British.

The old town area will be very busy and you will see Spanish families enjoying meals and children playing until late at night, when the daytime heat had dissipated somewhat. 

If you are travelling into Benidorm by car, you will find it quite difficult to park, but Benidorm council have helped by providing over 7,000 FREE parking spaces dotted round the city.  Find more information here.

Booking your holiday, if you are planning a vacation in August it is wise to book early to avoid disappointment and find competitive prices.

Average Weather conditions in August 

August in Benidorm is typically the hottest and 2nd driest month of the year, weather alerts are quite often in place for extremely high temperatures.

The data used in these monthly averages covers a period of over 100 years right up until last year, ALL temperatures are taken in the SHADE.

Daytime temperature - 29.7°C.

Nightly temperature - 19.8°C.

Average temperature - 24.7°C.

Daily sunshine - 10.2 hrs.

Average rainfall - 18 mm.

Rainy days - 4 days.

Sea temperature - 25.9°C.

Humidity - 69%.

Windspeed - 11.2kph.

Keep up to date with daily and weekly weather forecasts here.

Events and red days (bank holidays) during August

Due to the high temperatures There are NO fiestas in August, but an incredible amount of cultural and artistic events. There are live concerts most nights in the Aiguera Park auditoriums, including ballet, opera, theatre and performances by leading popular international and Spanish groups and singers.

Late July/early August - Low Festival - A 3 day event when Benidorm becomes a rock and indie hotspot.

15th August - Red Day, Assumption of Mary.  This is a public holiday in Spain and a major religious festival across the country. It is the most important Marian feast day on the calendar, and is celebrated every 15 August.  Banks, offices and some shops will be CLOSED.

Find information on local fiestas here.

Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group - Members' Personal Experiences of their AUGUST Holidays.

Neil David Collins - It is family season. Many more Spanish and the flight prices for short break party people are high. The Spanish areas are buzzing until late.

Kyle Stanic - I love Benidorm in August and have no problem finding entertainment or having a good time and the Spanish people are friendly.

Have you had a holiday in Benidorm in AUGUST?  If so comment below, descriptive and helpful comments may be added to this webpage

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  • Out of the 50 provinces in Spain, the Alicante province (which includes Benidorm) was destination "numero uno" for Spanish tourists last August 2023!
    Out of the 50 provinces in Spain, the Alicante province (which includes Benidorm) was destination "numero uno" for Spanish tourists last August 2023!

    The national institute of statistics has revealed that 1.243.149 Spanish tourists chose our province for their "staycations", ahead of other favourite places like Madrid, Cadiz and Malaga.
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