Benidorm in March

Benidorm in March - Benidorm is a all year round holiday destination but find out what to expect from your holiday in Benidorm during the month of March.

This page covers - The weather, special events held during March, the clientele  to expect and first hand experiences from holiday makers.

March Tourism


Early March can still be fairly quiet, compared to some other months, but that all changes from mid March and the season really starts to kick off, and everywhere is open, with 100s of shows on each and every single night.

See who is on when and where by using the Benidorm Seriously Whats ON Guide.

In March the clientele visiting Benidorm can vary, but generally you'll find a mix of different types of travellers. Here are a few types of clientele commonly seen in Benidorm during March:

Retirees and Snowbirds: Benidorm has been a popular destination for retirees and snowbirds from Northern Europe. Many older individuals, especially from the UK, choose Benidorm as a winter escape to enjoy the milder climate and affordable long-term accommodations.

Couples and Solo Travelers: Couples and solo travellers seeking a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere take advantage of the pleasant weather and fewer crowds to explore the city's attractions and enjoy outdoor activities.

Family Vacationers: Whilst not as common as during the summer months, families with children still visit Benidorm in March, especially during school breaks. Families may take advantage of the more affordable prices and less crowded environment to enjoy the family-friendly attractions, beaches, and theme parks. Find more information of things to do in Benidorm for the family, HERE.

March is a popular month for stag and hen (bachelor and bachelorette) groups in Benidorm, It's important to remember that stag and hen groups can vary in behaviour and the way they interact with the local environment.

However, it's worth noting that Benidorm is a popular destination for stag and hen parties throughout the year due to its vibrant nightlife and wide range of entertainment options. 

Sport and Outdoor Enthusiasts: Benidorm's mild weather in March attracts sports enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities. You may find cyclists, hikers, and golfers taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures to explore the surrounding nature reserves, mountains, and golf courses.

Cultural and Historical Tourists: Benidorm also appeals to visitors interested in exploring the cultural and historical aspects of the region. The Old Town, with its narrow streets and traditional architecture, is a popular attraction for those seeking a glimpse into the city's heritage.

The city strives to cater to the needs and preferences of all its visitors, offering a variety of activities and attractions to suit different interests.

Accommodation: You can often find more affordable prices and deals on accommodations during March, as it is considered the shoulder season. 

Benidorm weather in March 

Benidorm enjoys comfortable and relatively high air temperatures in Spring. March in Benidorm is typically the 4th coldest month and the 6th wettest month of the year.

Daytime temperature 17.7°C.

Nightly temperature - 7.4°C.

Average temperature - 12.5°C.

Daily sunshine - 7.3 hrs.

Average rainfall - 34 mm.

Rainy days - 11 days.

Sea temperature - 14.4°C.

Humidity - 65%.

Windspeed - 11.9kph.

See the Weather Page for daily updates and all other average monthly temperatures


March is a fantastic month to visit due to the amount of events that take place.

Gastronomic Benidorm - Days of the Spoon 1st to 10th March 

This is a fantastic opportunity to try some of Benidorm's local stews, rice and fish dishes, all of which are prepared with products that are grown locally such as citrus fruits from the Valencian orchards, vegetables from the Segura and fish from the markets.
There are 12 restaurants participating this year, all offering a fabulous Menu del Dia for only 25€ find full details on the webpage link above.

March 7th - 20th Benidorm celebrates the Anniversary of Mare de Déu del Sofratge  (Our Lady of Suffering) 

One of the main events is on 16th March, when at 05.20 the carving of the patron saint goes to the doors of the church.

15th - 19th - The Fallas Fiesta

The traditional Valencian festival of Saint Joseph the carpenter. Originally a contest amongst carpenters to create an effigy of the Saint, it has escalated to become one of the most spectacular fiestas of the calendar year. Festivities include processions with participants wearing elaborate traditional costumes, street entertainment, fireworks and live music.  For more details on this fiesta click HERE

Benidorm in March

March 17th - St Partick´s Day - When Benidorm turns GREEN

Not a Spanish Fiesta but a popular event for many tourists.

Many people dress up for the day so bring something GREEN with you.   There is NO parade as such, just people enjoying the atmosphere around town.  More information HERE

Benidorm in March

Cheltenham Festival  - This is a highly regarded horse racing event that takes place annually in Cheltenham, England. It is a significant event in the horse racing calendar, featuring several prestigious races over the course of multiple days, many sports fans enjoy watching this event here in Benidorm in one of the many bars showing sporting events - why?...the sun is shinning and the drink cheap....

In addition to all of the above, Easter often falls during the month of March, and Semana Santa is a very busy week in Benidorm, especially in the Old Town, where all the parades take place.

Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group - Members' Personal Experiences of their March Holidays.

Linda Morris - March can be a great time to visit Benidorm. Weather can be variable, we have had some weeks where you can sit on the beach and other weeks sheltering from the rain, generally speaking we’ve had good weather.

We love March as a contrast to the summer months so we can walk around a lot easier than when it’s really hot and visit more neighbouring resorts.

Easter can fall in March and if it does there are parades and celebrations by locals which is lovely to see. You would find it hard to get a table for Sunday lunch anywhere on Easter Sunday as families congregate and celebrate in local restaurants. Easter is a very busy week in the resort and hotel prices can go up so these are all things to watch out for, but we’ve really enjoyed Easter week here.
We always book apartments and flights separately and March is often one of the cheapest months to visit, so if you’re on a budget and don’t mind variable weather, it’s a great choice.

PatandMike Fenna - We have been going around the 20th March for a number of years and 8 times out of 10 it’s been lovely during the day and a bit chilly at night … perfect for us

Margaret Edwards - Had a bad experience in March weather wasn't kind so put me off, but otherwise paddy's day was good and the burning of the fallas we went twice, first time beast from the east at home went to Europe and my god it was freezing 2nd time we had rain.

Harry Hobson - Personally I’m not worried about weather. Benidorm is amazing place to be the beaches the restaurants and bars the people, the surrounding areas. What ever the weather you’ll always find something to do.

Marie McKenna - Best time to be there in March is on the 17th

Caz Burnett - The Fallas are an amazing fiesta, something that shouldn't be missed.

Have you had a holiday in Benidorm in March, if so share your experiences below.

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  • With a good four weeks to go before the Easter celebrations kick off, the Spanish weather forecasters have just come up with their first long rangeWith a good four weeks to go before the Easter celebrations kick off, the Spanish weather forecasters have just come up with their first long range predictions. The forecasters have said that practically the whole month of March is going to see higher temperatures than normal. None of the forecasts give much rain in our area.  More ...
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