Benidorm in February

Benidorm in February.  Benidorm is an all year round holiday destination, but find out exactly what to expect from a holiday here during the month of February. 

This page will cover the weather, special events held during February, the clientele and first hand experiences from holiday makers.

The nightlife in Benidorm may not be as vibrant in February, there are still plenty of bars and pubs that offer evening entertainment. You can enjoy live music, karaoke nights, and other forms of nightlife, albeit on a smaller scale.

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If you are not sure where the areas mentioned below are situated in Benidorm, find out here.

The "Square" experiences fewer crowds compared to the summer season, when it is bustling with tourists. This can be seen as an advantage for those seeking a more relaxed and intimate experience. You'll have more space to move around and enjoy the various establishments in the square without the overwhelming crowds.

Calle Gerona "The Strip", located in the heart of Benidorm's new town, is a bustling street known for its vibrant atmosphere, shops, bars, and restaurants.  While the winter season may result in some venues having adjusted operating hours or closures, you can still find a good selection of places still open for business.

Bars that are CLOSED during February

Jokers - Closed from 20th Nov until Early February.

Shamrock - Closed from 20th November until mid March

Valentines - Closed until 1st March

Buddies Bar - Closed until the beginning of March

Yorkshire Pride 1 - Re-opens 8th February

Average Age of Visitors in February - Benidorm caters to a diverse range of visitors, including families, couples, and groups of friends. In February, the average age of visitors tends to skew towards a more mature demographic. Many retirees from various European countries, especially the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, choose Benidorm as a winter getaway destination. The relaxed atmosphere, mild climate, and a multitude of amenities make it an appealing choice for those seeking a break from colder climates.

While Benidorm in February offers a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors, with pleasant weather, diverse activities, and a welcoming atmosphere, it is also an excellent destination for those looking to explore the region during the off-peak season.

Activities and Attractions - Beaches: While swimming and sunbathing might not be popular activities in February due to cooler water temperatures, the beaches of Benidorm still offer serene and picturesque landscapes. It's a great time for a leisurely stroll along the shore or to enjoy beachside cafes and restaurants.

Old Town - Benidorm's charming Old Town, locally known as "Casco Antiguo," is a must-visit. Wander through its narrow streets lined with shops, bars, and traditional Spanish restaurants. The Old Town exudes an authentic Spanish ambiance and offers a glimpse into the area's rich history.

Of course February is also Valentines Day, and that brings in more tourists wanting to celebrate somewhere special.  Most of the large stag and hen groups tend to visit for the weekend. 



Benidorm has less rain than many other Mediterranean areas in February, on average February is the 6th driest month of the year and is typically the 2nd coldest month.

Daytime temperature - 16.2°C.

Nightly temperature - 6.5°C.

Average temperature - 11.3°C.

Daily sunshine - 6.7 hrs.

Average rainfall - 33 mm.

Rainy days - 11 days.

Sea temperature - 14°C.

Humidity - 66%.

Windspeed - 12.2kph.

It’s usually too cold to swim at this time of year and visitors may be better off booking accommodation with a heated or indoor pool. 

See the Weather Page for daily updates and all other average monthly temperatures


The Carnival - This is an annual celebration and the date is dictated by when Easter falls.  The Parades always take place on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, with the main parades taking place on the Saturday: there are 2 - a children’s one in the morning around 11.00am and a main adult one in the evening about 9.30. The procession starts at the top end of Calle Ruzafa (nr Crystal Park Hotel) and ends up at the main Town Hall Square. There will be plenty of elaborate costumes.

The Carnival finishes on Shrove Tuesday with the ritual Burial of the Sardine. This signifies the beginning of Lent.

February in Benidorm

This is a solemn procession which again begins around 9.30 starting at Plaza Mayor, goes through the Old Town and ends up at Poniente Beach where the sardine is buried (times are subject to change).  Don’t forget to take your camera along… you’ll see some fantastic sights!

Benidorm Fiesta information

Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group - Members' Personal Experiences of their February Holidays.

Alyson Wassell - I love the month of Feb. Its 100x better than the UK. Bright sunny days around 12 to 15°c obviously you get the few days which are not as good, but they are spread out.  We have even been able to sun bathe as it was 21°c February 2020.

Personally prefer the out of season months as slightly quieter, loads still open and you can actually see the beauty of Benidorm. The wonderful beaches, promenade etc! Staying for the whole month of February next year.

Margaret Edwards - We were in Benidorm for 2 weeks February 2023.

It was a bit windy this year but we did have a couple of days where you could sunbath, we never needed coat just a warm cardigan or jacket, slight rain for one day when we went to the lighthouse but never bothered us.  Plenty going on around our hotel the Rio Park  and we will be returning again February 2024.

Alan Murray Edgar - Love Benidorm in February, always plenty open and none of the madness of paddy's day or summer, enjoy a walk along Levante beach to old town in the morning with a few stops for a refreshment, then back to eat & get changed & out again, wife finds some nights a little chilly so cardigan or hoody while I'm still normally in shorts and polo shirts.  Benidorm is great in February.

Anngelina Bell - I have stayed in February on two occasions. The weather was fantastic the first time. Plenty to do during the daytime. Walks to the old town, taxi to the Cross and walked down, spent time on the beach. A bit like UK summer weather. Most of the night time entertainment was available. Much quieter overall than the summer months. 

My second February week was much cooler weather wise, only 13°c a few days, but still out and about without a coat, better than the UK at the time. Still bright and sunny.

Robert Harrison - February. Benidorm lives on, not all the bars are open on the strip but there is enough to be entertained. The Old Town for me is the place to be.

During the day it's similar to a warm Spring in the UK but gets cold at night, and can be uncomfortable in doors if you rent a place with no heating as Spanish homes are built to keep the heat out not in

Diane Bowman - I've been in February, still plenty of bars open and the weather is nice during the day, though colder at night

Have you had a holiday in Benidorm in February? is so share your thoughts and photos in the comments section below.

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  • Figures in from state weather agency AEMET show that February 2024 was the third warmest on record since 1950, with the average temperature being aFigures in from state weather agency AEMET show that February 2024 was the third warmest on record since 1950, with the average temperature being a full 2.9c higher than normal for the month. The warmest day was the 22nd, with a shade temperature of 28c registered at the weather station in Alicante. There were no frosts recorded, the first time this has occurred since records began in 1944! Rainfall was just at 11.9 litres per m2, practically nothing, at 64% less than a normal average  More ...
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