October in Benidorm

Benidorm is an all year round holiday destination but some consider October to be the perfect month for a vacation, find out what to expect from your holiday in Benidorm during October here.

October is considered a perfect month to have a holiday in Benidorm for several reasons:

During October, Benidorm experiences pleasant weather with milder temperatures compared to the scorching heat of the summer months, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing without feeling too hot. (See below for more weather information).

Nightlife: Benidorm has a thriving cabaret scene, and many entertainment venues host spectacular shows throughout the year. You can enjoy, comedy acts, drag performances, tribute shows and other variety shows.  The new town will be busy with all the entertainment venues being open. 

Find out who will be performing when and where by using the Benidorm Seriously Whats On Guide.

Water Activities: While the Mediterranean Sea might not be as warm as in the summer, October still allows for enjoyable water activities such as swimming and water sports. Additionally, with fewer tourists, you'll have more space on the beaches to relax and unwind.

Off-Peak Prices: You can often find better deals on flights, accommodation, and other services during October. It can be more budget-friendly compared to the peak summer months when prices tend to be higher due to high demand.

Booking your holiday, if you are planning a vacation in October it is still wise to book early to avoid disappointment and find competitive prices.

Nature and Scenery: October brings a beautiful change in the landscape with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The surrounding nature, such as the Sierra Helada Natural Park, offers pleasant hiking opportunities with milder temperatures and stunning views.

Excursions and Day Trips: October's milder weather is perfect for exploring the surrounding areas. You can take day trips to nearby attractions, such as Algar falls and Guadalest.

Eating out: Benidorm has a rich culinary scene, and visiting in October allows you to enjoy fresh local produce and seafood without the large summer crowds. You can explore the city's restaurants and tapas bars with greater ease.

Shopping: Benidorm has numerous shopping opportunities, from tourist-oriented souvenir shops to larger retail centers and markets. You can explore the Old Town for unique boutiques and artisanal crafts or visit the modern shopping mall for a wide range of products.

Tourists: October is a popular month here for British tourists and Benidorm attracts a diverse range of age groups due to the favourable conditions mentioned above.  While the city is known for its vibrant nightlife and bustling tourist scene during the peak summer months, the demographic mix in October tends to be different. Here are the main age groups that visit Benidorm in October:

Retirees and Seniors: Many retirees and older individuals choose to visit Benidorm during October. The pleasant weather, quieter atmosphere, and off-peak prices are appealing to this age group. They can enjoy the city's amenities, cultural events, and beautiful surroundings without the hustle and bustle.

Couples: October is also a popular time for couples of all ages to visit Benidorm. The comfortable weather and fewer crowds on the beaches, create a more romantic and relaxed ambiance, making it an attractive destination for a peaceful getaway.

Groups: Benidorm remains a favourite destination for groups, and n October, you'll find groups looking to have a good time, enjoying the city's nightlife, beaches, and various entertainment options.

Families: Some families with school-aged children also visit Benidorm in October, taking advantage of the mild weather and the relative affordability compared to the summer vacation period. While the city may not be as crowded with families as during the summer, there are still family-friendly activities and attractions available and of course spending Halloween here is a big attraction.

Special Events and red days (Bank Holidays) in October - Find detailed information about ALL local fiestas here.

END OF SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER - Moors and Christians Fiesta 

This festival is celebrated all over Spain as their history is deeply rooted in the battles which took place over control of Spain in the 13th to 15th century. 

Each fiesta is a theatrical performance with participants dressed in elaborate and expensive costumes depicting both sides of the battle. The music played by the live orchestras is especially composed for the fiesta and is very dramatic. Battles are re-enacted using replicas of the weapons used so it can become a little noisy.  For full details click HERE

9th  Regional fiesta celebrating the day of the constitution.

12th - Fiesta Nacional de Espana

31st October Halloween

Halloween in Benidorm can be a lively and fun experience, with the city embracing the spooky spirit of the holiday. While Halloween is not a traditional Spanish celebration, it has become more popular in recent years, especially in tourist destinations like Benidorm, where visitors from various countries bring their customs and traditions.

Here are some aspects of what Halloween might be like in Benidorm:

Themed Events and Parties: Many bars, clubs, and entertainment venues in Benidorm organize Halloween-themed events and parties. You can expect costume contests, spooky decorations, and themed entertainment. Some of the popular nightlife areas, such as the British Square, may have a particularly festive atmosphere during Halloween.

Themed Menus and Treats: Restaurants and cafes in Benidorm may offer special Halloween-themed menus or treats during this time. You might find spooky cocktails, themed desserts, or dishes with a Halloween twist.

Costume Shops and Stores: In the weeks leading up to Halloween, you can find temporary costume shops or stalls selling Halloween-themed items, costumes, and accessories. These are usually popular among tourists and expatriates looking to dress up for Halloween parties.

Benidorm in October, Halloween

Haunted Attractions: Some local attractions or theme parks might create haunted houses or special spooky experiences for visitors to enjoy during the Halloween season.

Average weather during the month of October

October in Benidorm is typically the 5th warmest month of the year, but Expect some heavier showers as on average October is the wettest month of the year.

Daytime temperature - 23.3°C.

Nightly temperature - 13.5°C.

Average temperature - 18.4°C.

Daily sunshine - 7.5 hrs.

Average rainfall - 76 mm.

Rainy days - 10 days.

Sea temperature - 21.8°C.

Humidity - 71%.

Windspeed - 10.1kph.

Check out the daily weather forecast here.

The data used in these monthly averages covers a period of over 100 years right up until last year, ALL temperatures are taken in the SHADE.

Have you had a holiday in Benidorm in OCTOBER?  If so comment below, descriptive and helpful comments may be added to this webpage.

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